14:00:38 <rsalveti> #startmeeting
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14:00:43 <rsalveti> #chair fabo dzin
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14:00:50 <rsalveti> #link https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/DevPlatform/Meetings/2012-05-17
14:01:24 <rsalveti> #topic Announcements
14:01:56 <rsalveti> we got a few changes on the jira/card review process
14:02:12 <hrw> we have Jira?
14:02:21 <rsalveti> and we'll be now reviewing quickly the card status, based on the blueprints covering the work that's part of the cards
14:02:27 <rsalveti> cards.linaro.org
14:02:46 <rsalveti> that's just to avoid yet another report to get status back for the cards
14:02:54 <rsalveti> and get them automatically done by the weekly meeting
14:03:40 <rsalveti> UDS-Q was quite good last week, with a bunch of interesting sessions related with ARM
14:04:07 <rsalveti> ARM is now finally a primary architecture for the Ubuntu folks, so we're looking for the same level of enablement and support as we have for x86
14:04:34 <rsalveti> which includes GLES support for the 3D based components, ARM support on the Server side and a few other things
14:04:49 <rsalveti> I posted one quick summary at http://rsalveti.wordpress.com/2012/05/10/great-start-at-ubuntu-developer-summit-q-or-12-10-for-arm/ last week
14:05:00 <rsalveti> still need to update with the sessions from thursday and friday
14:05:11 <wookey_> don't suppose they are going to fix the archive/ports split too?
14:05:15 <rsalveti> also, ARMv8 might be coming strong this cycle
14:05:30 <rsalveti> wookey_: not so soon, because of the mirroring issues
14:05:39 <rsalveti> it'll increase a few GBs for every mirror
14:06:07 <wookey_> that ought to be a good thing for a 'primary arch', but yeah, not just yet...
14:06:21 <rsalveti> it is, it's just that's a pain to follow that up
14:06:57 <rsalveti> and as a result of the ARMv8 work, they will be supporting even more the multi-arch and cross related work we did over the previous cycles
14:07:03 <rsalveti> which is a quite nice thing :-)
14:07:16 <wookey_> or a scary thing....
14:07:21 <rsalveti> well ;-)
14:07:33 <wookey_> (people might actually want stuff working...)
14:07:33 <rsalveti> weekly QA started for our images this week
14:07:34 <hrw> aargh64-gnu-linux ;)
14:07:49 <hrw> or how it was...
14:08:07 <rsalveti> plars's team is covering the QA for our images daily and weekly, but covering the weekly ones with manual testing and validation
14:08:51 <rsalveti> we're about to fix the daily runs/tests at LAVA, so should have all the LEBs running there soon, with the list of tests we pre-defined yesterday
14:09:43 <rsalveti> moving on...
14:09:53 <rsalveti> #topic Goals for Connect 2012.Q2
14:10:04 <rsalveti> that's something that asac requested which was added by dzin
14:10:10 <dzin> :)
14:10:29 <rsalveti> we should have a list of pre-defined goals for this connect, just to help guiding what we want to get during connect
14:10:57 <dzin> these include individual goals
14:11:16 <rsalveti> that's basically what we done last time informally, but this time it'd be good to have it better described, which can also help us making sure we get the right people together trying to solve our issues
14:11:45 <wookey_> OK - where do you want to write them down?
14:12:00 <rsalveti> as I still need to follow up with the proper list for connect (it's part of a spreadsheet atm), we should get this done during next week
14:12:06 <rsalveti> wookey_: I'll create a wiki page for it
14:12:29 <rsalveti> #action rsalveti to create a wiki page for dev plat goals for connect, and discuss/email it with the team
14:12:41 <hrw> and can we handle that before/to Wed?
14:13:09 <rsalveti> yup, I'm planning on sending the email with the list of sessions and goals we have today, need to get that sorted asap
14:13:17 <wookey_> BTW summit has no way to un-attend a meeting. Who do I moan at?
14:13:19 <rsalveti> then we can move the discussion there
14:13:29 <hrw> wookey_: define 'unattend'
14:13:34 <rsalveti> wookey_: haha, that's interesting
14:13:37 <hrw> wookey_: you can unsubscribe session
14:13:39 <wookey_> register to attend, then change maind
14:13:42 <rsalveti> cjohnston might be able to help
14:13:44 <hrw> ah
14:13:52 <hrw> wookey_: you can change dates iirc
14:13:59 <rsalveti> oh, on launchpad then
14:14:10 <rsalveti> or maybe at the connect registration system
14:14:37 <fabo> wookey_: "skip this meeting"
14:14:40 <rsalveti> wookey_: guess arwen shold know what to do there
14:15:09 <wookey_> rsalveti: not the whole thing, just one session - like fabo said - but I didn't see that - will check
14:15:15 <cjohnston> wookey_: it does
14:15:23 <rsalveti> oh, ok, then that's probably part of summit
14:15:27 <cjohnston> skip this meeting as fabo said
14:15:51 <cjohnston> unless you subscribed to a BP, in which case, unsubscribe from the bp
14:16:14 <rsalveti> but I believe this time we're not using blueprints for more of the sessions
14:16:24 <cjohnston> rsalveti: there are some that I have seen
14:16:27 <wookey_> cjohnston: right got it. I wasn't seeing that at UDS lasat week. presumably my mistake. sorry for noise
14:16:39 <cjohnston> np
14:17:47 <rsalveti> alright, moving
14:17:53 <rsalveti> #topic Actions from last meeting
14:18:04 <rsalveti> #info jcrigby to add work items to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-linux-baseline/+spec/ubuntu-sauce-review-topic-branch: DONE
14:18:24 <rsalveti> #info dzin to follow up with ibiris and michael hope regarding https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+spec/platform-enablement-kvm-fast-models and https://linaro.papyrs.com/TCWG2011-A15-KVM: INPROGRESS
14:18:30 <rsalveti> dzin: any news on that?
14:18:32 <dzin> sec....
14:18:58 <rsalveti> #info dzin to sync with wookey_ on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+spec/bootstrap-analysis-for-aarch64: DONE
14:18:58 <dzin> is this the new card: http://cards.linaro.org/browse/CARD-127
14:19:08 <rsalveti> #info dzin to ask danilos to include more information for connect meeting pages: DONE
14:19:18 <rsalveti> oh, we got a new one
14:19:52 <dzin> rsalveti: it's scheduled for Q1
14:20:18 <dzin> rsalveti: and it's under review
14:20:18 <rsalveti> Q1? I'm confused
14:20:21 <wookey_> dzin: info doesn;t seem to have got any clearer yet
14:20:25 <dzin> rsalveti: so am I.
14:20:59 <rsalveti> how can we add a card one week before we close the Q?
14:21:44 <dzin> rsalveti: it was discussed by the TSC : https://wiki.linaro.org/TSC/2012-05-16
14:23:45 <rsalveti> dzin: ok, just weird still
14:23:59 <rsalveti> seems we're just doing it for paperwork purposes
14:24:15 <dzin> rsalveti: let's take it offline and discuss later.
14:24:19 <rsalveti> dzin: anyway, guess this can close your action?
14:24:31 <dzin> rsalveti: yeah, I'll follow up.
14:24:38 <rsalveti> ok, thanks
14:24:53 <rsalveti> let's move then
14:25:01 <rsalveti> #topic Roadmap card status
14:25:10 <rsalveti> #link #link http://cards.linaro.org/browse/CARD-80
14:25:14 <rsalveti> #link http://cards.linaro.org/browse/CARD-80
14:25:38 <rsalveti> no blocker ahead, just needs to be completed, planned to be done at the beginning of next week
14:25:45 <dzin> yay
14:25:47 <rsalveti> #link http://cards.linaro.org/browse/CARD-82
14:26:16 <rsalveti> for this card we just need to agree with the CI and testing for linux-linaro
14:26:42 <dzin> rsalveti: who is actioned for that?
14:26:43 <rsalveti> we have CI jobs for the flavors, and deepti enabled them at the CI view and such
14:26:57 <rsalveti> we just need to agree at the test list and test plan for it
14:26:59 <rsalveti> I'll take it
14:27:13 <rsalveti> #action rsalveti to discuss with andrey_konovalov and deepti about the CI testing coverage for linux-linaro
14:27:27 <rsalveti> should also be simple to solve, and to be done before the end of this Q
14:27:31 <dzin> thanks
14:27:36 <rsalveti> #link http://cards.linaro.org/browse/CARD-100
14:27:59 <rsalveti> dzin: this one is in sync already, after you discussed with hrw
14:28:14 <dzin> rsalveti: yup, card and comments have been updated
14:28:18 <rsalveti> not much to add, no blocker as well
14:28:20 <rsalveti> great
14:28:27 <rsalveti> dzin: anything else we're missing?
14:28:30 <rsalveti> for the cards
14:29:04 * dzin checks
14:29:24 <wookey_> btw why are we using EC2 for thing like CI? Surely the whole point is that for heavy loads real machines are cheaper?
14:29:25 <dzin> http://cards.linaro.org/browse/CARD-79 has been updated.
14:30:04 <rsalveti> wookey_: and I believe the money we spent would be enough to buy real machines already ;-)
14:30:07 <wookey_> EC2 good for highly variable unpredicatable loads
14:30:13 <dzin> http://cards.linaro.org/browse/CARD-83 has close out section and should be closed
14:30:26 <rsalveti> wookey_: I know folks are working on enabling a local cloud at lava
14:30:36 <rsalveti> which could later be used to remove some of the ec2 work load
14:30:43 <wookey_> virtual real machine is £120-300/yr
14:30:46 <dzin> rsalveti: need more info for http://cards.linaro.org/browse/CARD-81
14:30:47 <rsalveti> joey is working on that now
14:31:19 <suihkulokki> isn't our load quite variable? atm we have two idling slaves and nothing else
14:31:25 <rsalveti> dzin: no progress, as discussed with ilias before, this should be moved to q2
14:31:37 <suihkulokki> while during release we'd like to have as much build power as possible
14:31:41 <dzin> rsalveti: ok, thanks
14:32:15 <rsalveti> moving on
14:32:19 <wookey_> suihkulokki: I don't actually know - but assumed we were doing builds/tests every day
14:32:19 <rsalveti> #topic Blueprint status/progress
14:32:32 <rsalveti> #link https://launchpad.net/linaro-dev-platform/+milestone/12.05
14:32:35 <wookey_> I see there is session to argue about this at connect :-)
14:32:55 <rsalveti> $ echo $(shuf -e hrw jcrigby wookey aviksil suihkulokki rsalveti andrey_konovalov fabo doanac)fabo hrw suihkulokki doanac wookey aviksil rsalveti andrey_konovalov jcrigby
14:33:00 <rsalveti> let's go quickly over the list :-)
14:33:19 <dzin> time is running short in the cycle
14:33:28 <rsalveti> fabo: I think the only one you got, about the EULAv3, should probably be moved to next cycle
14:33:43 <rsalveti> as the definition is still not yet done, based on the discussions we had over email
14:34:00 <dzin> fabo is out today
14:34:03 <rsalveti> seems we need to get https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-license-protection/+spec/build-info-definition done first
14:34:06 <hrw> o/
14:34:15 <fabo> rsalveti: yes, I doubt it will be completed this cycle
14:34:18 <rsalveti> alright, moving then :-)
14:34:22 <rsalveti> well, there he is
14:34:29 <dzin> oh, hi fabo :)
14:34:33 <fabo> probably WIs here and there
14:34:34 <suihkulokki> fabo doesn't seem quite "out" today :)
14:34:48 <fabo> I'm relaxing in front of ...irc
14:34:52 <dzin> heh
14:34:58 <rsalveti> dzin: related with the bp for fabo, we got it to be done for this cycle but then we got a whole new thread discussing the EULA format and such
14:35:04 <fabo> suihkulokki: you are here as well ;)
14:35:07 <rsalveti> dzin: and as a result we have this new blueprint
14:35:18 <dzin> rsalveti: which one?
14:35:21 <rsalveti> dzin: so that's why I believe we should move it to next cycle, until this is actually done
14:35:32 <dzin> rsalveti: which new BP?
14:35:35 <fabo> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+spec/eula-checking-per-hwpack
14:35:40 <suihkulokki> fabo: ..they promised better weather for tomorrow so :)
14:35:40 <rsalveti> dzin: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-license-protection/+spec/build-info-definition
14:35:40 <fabo> new -> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-license-protection/+spec/build-info-definition
14:36:45 <rsalveti> hrw: you then :-)
14:36:51 <hrw> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+spec/cross-toolchain-update-4.7-quantal is progressing fine. I just got gcc-linaro/4.7/cross built and will add it into LP today. Need to reupload arm*-cross-toolchain-base to make use of fixed dpkg-cross to get fixed libc6-dev-arm*-cross packages. binutils are separate source package now. gcc-4.7-arm*-cross waits for fixed a-c-t-b. Patches will be merged after LC.
14:36:54 <dzin> ok, so dependencies.....
14:37:21 <dzin> fabo: rsalveti: leave it for now, we'll deal with them both at the postmortem
14:37:30 <rsalveti> dzin: ok
14:37:35 <rsalveti> hrw: cool
14:37:46 <hrw> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+spec/ci-cross-linaro-gcc-lava-test-enablement-part2 - have to add to jenkins and then results to lava. waiting for gcc-linaro/4.7/cross from LP
14:38:17 <hrw> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+spec/sysroot-updates-12.05 may slip
14:38:22 <rsalveti> hrw: cool
14:38:53 <rsalveti> hrw: yeah, that's fine, it's the lowest one at the priority list
14:39:01 <hrw> thats all about bugs/blueprints
14:39:03 <dzin> hrw: will the BPs be complete by release?
14:39:21 <rsalveti> dzin: the sysroot one may slip
14:39:22 <dzin> hrw: I see the last one
14:39:24 <hrw> dzin: first two ones for sure, sysroots one may not
14:40:01 <dzin> hrw: ok, thanks.
14:40:07 <rsalveti> hrw: let me know in case you get blocked by lava or launchpad during this week
14:40:12 <hrw> sure
14:40:19 <dzin> hrw: there is a blocked item in the first one
14:40:31 <dzin> hrw: Merge gcc and binutils changes from cross toolchain into ubuntu: BLOCKED
14:40:58 <hrw> dzin: ok, this one will slip but does not affects results as packages
14:41:27 <rsalveti> ok, then it can be postponed it not done in time
14:41:41 <rsalveti> hrw: great, thanks!
14:41:44 <dzin> ok, thanks
14:42:21 <rsalveti> suihkulokki: seems you got everything in place, would just like to check with the bp related with the image creation for big.little
14:42:31 <rsalveti> but it seems you're planning already to get that done in the following days
14:42:40 <rsalveti> and from your issues list:
14:42:49 <rsalveti> - core tests CI job not operating yet (big-little-switcher bot user not operating yet - asac, fabo?)
14:42:57 <rsalveti> fabo: is this something you might be able to help?
14:43:07 <suihkulokki> hi
14:43:09 <fabo> rsalveti: I've updated the wiki page
14:43:24 <rsalveti> fabo: great, in progress :-)
14:43:26 <rsalveti> fabo: thanks a lot
14:43:33 <rsalveti> suihkulokki: anything else to add?
14:43:52 <suihkulokki> nope, great that things are moving :)
14:44:03 <rsalveti> yeah :-)
14:44:05 <rsalveti> thanks!
14:44:07 <suihkulokki> oh one
14:44:16 <rsalveti> sure
14:44:18 <suihkulokki> rsalveti: once I have created hwpacks, how do get them to autobuild
14:44:40 <hrw> suihkulokki: add them to ci.linaro.org?
14:44:59 <rsalveti> suihkulokki: just need to check if they are private or not, but generally you just need to publish the definition file at a bzr branch, and copy it from one job already at ci.linaro.org
14:45:12 <rsalveti> it's quite simple to add, you just need to change the name and the bzr branch to use
14:45:31 <rsalveti> suihkulokki: just need to make sure you have access to do that, just ping me or fabo once you're able to create it locally
14:45:35 <rsalveti> and we can follow that up
14:45:48 <suihkulokki> it were awesome if there were instructions in the wiki (hint, hint)
14:45:56 <fabo> suihkulokki: copy an existing job like precise-armhf-integrated-big.little-fastmodels
14:46:09 <fabo> suihkulokki: or just give me the bzr branch
14:46:12 <rsalveti> suihkulokki: yeah, we're missing that
14:46:31 <suihkulokki> fabo: I'm tempted but I'd like not to overload you :)
14:46:44 <fabo> it's a 5 minutes job ;)
14:46:54 <rsalveti> :-)
14:47:12 <fabo> at least, access to private bzr is already setup
14:47:26 <suihkulokki> ok, let's see.
14:47:27 <rsalveti> doanac: checking your blueprint, seems we got most of the things discussed yesterday, so I believe it's just a matter of enabling the test cases and publishing at the right bundle
14:47:43 <rsalveti> doanac: is there any other issue for getting the pre-build images tested at lava?
14:48:43 <rsalveti> let me ping wookey_ meanwhile :-)
14:48:53 <rsalveti> wookey_: seems things are looking good on your side
14:49:18 <rsalveti> we just need to have a meeting to discuss the follow up on the armv8 side, afaik lool was about to schedule that
14:49:28 <wookey_> yep, geneally, although quantal and unstable buildds both show 'nothing much works' currently
14:49:39 <rsalveti> wookey_: but from the cycle perspective it seems it's all fine from your side
14:49:45 <wookey_> due to uninstallable libcs for different reasons
14:49:51 <wookey_> yes, good
14:50:12 <wookey_> Useful progress on pushing bootstrapping into dpkg. NMUing mulitarch things.
14:50:19 <wookey_> I think blueprints should done, although I'm waiting on others to arrange next aarch64 meeting.
14:50:29 <wookey_> Determined that one rebuildd can't do ubuntu and debian on same machine, and it would spoil it's simplicity to try - setting up a chroot (today) to manage that.
14:50:37 <rsalveti> yeah, let's make sure we get this moved no more than next week
14:51:07 <wookey_> right you mean finish off the rebuildd stuff and call that blueprint tickedoff?
14:51:30 <rsalveti> sorry, was saying about the armv8 kickoff, but yeah, we need to close that down as well
14:52:19 <wookey_> ah I see. yes. I'll prod here to find out what's happening
14:52:28 <rsalveti> wookey_: any blocker or other issues from your side?
14:52:32 <rsalveti> great
14:52:47 <wookey_> I'd like someone to fix apt and libc-dev in debian...
14:53:17 <wookey_> then we'd have a better idea where we were really at...
14:53:20 <suihkulokki> libc maintainer is overloaded I think
14:53:25 <wookey_> but there is loads eles to do so not a blocker
14:53:38 <rsalveti> yeah, ok
14:53:45 <wookey_> suihkulokki: do you know if there is an actual problem or work just needs doing?
14:53:55 <wookey_> I can help with the latter...
14:54:15 <suihkulokki> wookey_: probably just needs doing
14:54:28 <wookey_> OK, I'll follow up
14:54:45 <rsalveti> great
14:55:11 <rsalveti> aviksil: seems it's all going well on your side as well, any blocker or issues from your side?
14:55:22 <aviksil> rsalveti: nothing much
14:55:40 <aviksil> rsalveti: today I tried booting panda with Ubuntu omap config
14:55:48 <aviksil> with linaro kernel
14:55:58 <aviksil> but it failed to boot
14:56:15 <rsalveti> hm, that's weird
14:56:21 <aviksil> looking at the diff with working configs
14:56:37 <rsalveti> from the omap 3 or ti-omap4 branch?
14:56:50 <rsalveti> omap 3 one might be missing a few options for panda
14:56:52 <aviksil> no the config you pasted yesterday
14:57:05 <aviksil> it's generic omap config
14:57:21 <aviksil> THUMB2_KERNEL is not enabled
14:57:22 <rsalveti> ok, need to check then if we're missing any panda related configs
14:57:39 <aviksil> and ARCH_OMAP4 too
14:58:03 <rsalveti> yeah, guess that's the one then used for omap 3
14:58:12 <aviksil> oh ok
14:58:20 <rsalveti> might be missing a few options, let's follow that up after the meeting
14:58:25 <aviksil> rsalveti: are there separate config for omap3 & 4?
14:58:32 <aviksil> ok
14:58:39 <rsalveti> yeah, because they are separated branches
14:58:46 <rsalveti> aviksil: anything else?
14:58:53 <aviksil> rsalveti: thats it
14:59:01 <rsalveti> aviksil: great, thanks :-)
14:59:11 <aviksil> rsalveti: will be away after the meeting
14:59:14 <rsalveti> andrey_konovalov: hey!
14:59:22 <aviksil> rsalveti: will sync with you later
14:59:22 <rsalveti> aviksil: ok, ping me tomorrow morning then
14:59:26 <aviksil> sure
14:59:27 <rsalveti> I should be on-line still
14:59:36 <rsalveti> long day today
15:00:03 <andrey_konovalov> rsalveti: not too much from me today
15:00:39 <rsalveti> andrey_konovalov: seems it's just busy as usual
15:01:00 <rsalveti> andrey_konovalov: any issue or blocker?
15:01:29 <rsalveti> let me know in case of issues with jenkins/lava
15:01:43 <rsalveti> once you start using it to validate the tree
15:01:46 <andrey_konovalov> There were some changes to the linux-linaro maintenance procedure (pinned manifests and related features). So it turned out that I just need to rewrite the current script. Though most of its parts can be reused (in a bit different way)
15:02:30 <andrey_konovalov> No blockers
15:03:30 <rsalveti> andrey_konovalov: ok, and are you still running it by hand once you update the tree?
15:03:45 <rsalveti> seems that know we should know enough to start automating it
15:05:26 <rsalveti> jcrigby: and you're the last one :-)
15:05:28 <jcrigby> it's all good, jenkins is perfect test for my anger management issues.  Have not killed anyone yet.
15:05:48 <rsalveti> jcrigby: lol
15:06:09 <jcrigby> but things are ok
15:06:32 <rsalveti> jcrigby: are the issues related with the cross build and validation?
15:06:33 <andrey_konovalov> rsalveti: Still run manually. Guess doing the llct tree can be done as cron job now (== by tomorrow). I just stalled for a while figuring out how to make 'mail' to work without setting up a mail server. But emailing the results can be ignored for the moment
15:06:55 <rsalveti> andrey_konovalov: oh, ok
15:07:07 <wookey_> can people stop using 'cross build' to mean 'cross-install' - it's very confusing
15:07:27 <rsalveti> haha, yeah
15:07:28 <jcrigby> rsalveti, no just slow progress.  A side issue is my methodology and deepti's are different so I need to make some changes so an integration can happen easier later.
15:07:31 <wookey_> There are two sessions at connect called 'cross-build' which I don;t think have anything to do with cross-building
15:07:41 <wookey_> but it's very hard to tell...
15:07:50 <rsalveti> I'll add the description today
15:08:02 <rsalveti> then we can review, but afaik they were related with cross-build
15:08:15 <rsalveti> jcrigby: hm, ok
15:08:24 <rsalveti> jcrigby: and any news about the topic branch for ubuntu sauce?
15:08:34 <rsalveti> jcrigby: seems we got a minimum ubuntu sauce this time
15:08:41 <jcrigby> that bp is going to solve all my current issues
15:08:49 <rsalveti> jcrigby: just need to make sure we hit the deadline from andrey_konovalov for this cycle
15:08:58 <rsalveti> jcrigby: yeah :-)
15:09:06 <rsalveti> linux-linaro + packaging
15:09:08 <wookey_> (you know there is famous anti-spam package called 'sauce'? I assume this is different)
15:09:09 <dzin> jcrigby: that BP is not started yet
15:09:13 <rsalveti> even the config will be managed by linux-linaro
15:09:33 <jcrigby> dzin, sorry bad status
15:09:38 <jcrigby> I'll change that
15:09:41 <dzin> jcrigby: thanks
15:10:18 <rsalveti> jcrigby: anything else from your side?
15:10:31 <jcrigby> not really
15:11:27 <rsalveti> jcrigby: great, let's get it all done at linux-linaro and then we cna start pushing people to use it
15:11:30 <dzin> rsalveti: I think the term Ubuntu Sauce needs to be defined in the BP
15:12:15 <rsalveti> dzin: yeah, might be a good thing :-)
15:12:28 <rsalveti> jcrigby: would you mind adding a better description for it at the bp?
15:12:37 <jcrigby> will do
15:13:35 <hrw> dzin: or s/Ubuntu Sauce/Ubuntu Kernel Addons/
15:13:44 <rsalveti> ok, let's move :-)
15:13:49 <rsalveti> #topic AOB
15:13:52 <rsalveti> anything from anyone?
15:14:10 <wookey_> I can't tell if there are any cross-build sessions at connect
15:14:39 <wookey_> two with that in title, but not enough info to judge what they are actually about.
15:14:46 <hrw> list of sessions is on LP?
15:15:16 <hrw> is https://launchpad.net/sprints/lcq2-12 one valid?
15:16:11 <rsalveti> yeah, not yet
15:16:15 <doanac> rsalveti: sorry for slow response. i think testing of pre-builts is in good shape. they'll probably include all tests and be in private stream for today's run, if not tomorrow
15:16:17 <hrw> o. I see list at summit.linaro.org - will take a look during builds
15:16:18 <rsalveti> I got an action to move tha tforward today
15:16:22 <wookey_> I didn't see a public aarch64 bootstrap sessions either, which is a bit daft, as UDS had one.. and so will debconf
15:17:04 <rsalveti> wookey_: yeah, will check what happen to those as well
15:18:47 <hrw> as devplatform we still have some slots free
15:19:25 <hrw> I would like to get session "tools we made and why they are not in Debian/Ubuntu yet"
15:19:51 <hrw> to get something !toolchain for 12.06/07
15:20:08 <wookey_> good idea
15:20:46 <hrw> ok, have to connect webcam and check - hangout in 40min
15:21:38 <rsalveti> hrw: yeah, let's have this there
15:21:48 <rsalveti> let me move that forward and then you cna reply with your suggestions
15:21:54 <rsalveti> anything else?
15:22:35 <rsalveti> if not, closing in 3
15:22:37 <rsalveti> 2..
15:22:38 <rsalveti> 1..
15:22:41 <rsalveti> #endmeeting