08:31:52 <bero2> #startmeeting
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08:32:00 <bero2> #chair xruxa
08:32:00 <linarobot> Current chairs: bero2 xruxa
08:32:53 <bero2> No big news from me... Just a quick one: we have GCC 5.3 based toolchains now.
08:33:28 <bero2> I don't think they'll make a huge difference, it's mostly a bugfix release
08:33:36 <bero2> but we'll see...
08:33:49 <Qian> bero2: thanks
08:34:02 <bero2> #topic release status
08:34:19 <bero2> liuyq: how is the release coming along?
08:35:39 <Qian> maybe he is not here now
08:35:50 <liuyq> bero2, juno member builds seems OK, hikey jobs are all failed because of lava-lab problem, will resubmit hikey jobs after problem fixed
08:36:16 <davepigott> liuyq: And I’m looking into it.
08:36:23 <bero2> OK... Chances are hikey will work as soon as lab is back up
08:36:45 <liuyq> bero2, the reference Hikey build just updated to 6.0.0_r26,  need time to check the job status
08:37:12 <liuyq> davepigott, thanks for the help
08:37:28 <davepigott> liuyq: Offlining the boards so we can re-flash them
08:37:41 <bero2> I've done some tests with 6.0.1_r3 - that looks good too
08:38:01 <bero2> but won't make the release because art has had too little testing
08:38:15 <bero2> do we have anything else on the release?
08:39:24 <xruxa> bero2, today will be busy getting all the needed changes tested for the release. Builds are there, but not all test results. And I'm not sure we got all the ART patches or not.
08:42:12 <bero2> OK, let's make sure we have all art bits today
08:42:33 <bero2> #topic status updates
08:42:57 <bero2> sunao: do you want to go first?
08:43:12 <sunao> What did you do?
08:43:14 <sunao> 1。 porting ptmalloc to Android. Some functions are not implemented in ptmalloc3 (etc, mallinfo), so turn to ptmalloc2. Finish the build of libc, fixing other errors.
08:43:15 <sunao> what are you going to do?
08:43:17 <sunao> 1.  port ptmalloc to Android.
08:43:18 <sunao> what problems do you have?.
08:43:20 <sunao> 1.  None.
08:44:26 <bero2> Qian: next?
08:44:34 <Qian> What did you do?
08:44:35 <Qian> Prepare to investigate LMG-966
08:44:35 <Qian> What are you going to do?
08:44:36 <Qian> Investigate android processes
08:44:38 <Qian> How to collect  the usage of each app (process)
08:44:40 <Qian> How to collect the information of each app
08:44:42 <Qian> Identify tasks that are always running, but not called on frequently
08:44:44 <Qian> What problems do you have?
08:44:46 <Qian> none
08:45:00 <Qian> bero2: please check lmg-914
08:45:31 <sunao> ptmalloc3 have a full copy of dlmalloc, make some re-definition errors, and mallinfo not implemented, so turn to ptmalloc2. the website said ptmalloc2 is little more memory efficient than ptmalloc3
08:45:34 <Qian> bero2: do you see the output on the github? i think it's clear now
08:46:33 <bero2> yes
08:47:00 <bero2> looks good
08:47:31 <bero2> no signs of luther...
08:47:33 <Qian> bero2: we can pick the biggest prefix xxstatic to dp
08:47:54 <bero2> xavoerhsu1: next?
08:48:16 <xavierhsu1> ok
08:48:28 <xavierhsu1> What did you do?I modify the source code.
08:48:32 <bero2> Qian: yes, that's what I'm thinking too
08:48:38 <xavierhsu1> What are you going to do?I add some conditions to get rid of redundant dlopen and dlclose.
08:48:47 <xavierhsu1> What problems do you have?Compiling now.
08:50:23 <bero2> yspan: next?
08:51:57 <bero2> not around...
08:52:09 <bero2> liuyq: next?
08:52:54 <liuyq> What did you do?
08:52:54 <liuyq> Merged patches for TShark user build into marshmallow-ram-patchset and marshmallow-gcc5-patchset
08:52:54 <liuyq> Merged changes to use gcc5.3 for member HiKey and Juno boards
08:52:54 <liuyq> Disabled the triggers for fvp and tc2 builds
08:52:54 <liuyq> updated reference LCR HiKey build to use the 6.0.0_r26
08:52:54 <liuyq> HiKey jobs failed on LAVA because of lava-lab problem.
08:52:58 <liuyq> What are you going to do?
08:53:00 <liuyq> Check jobs status of RCs Builds
08:53:02 <liuyq> Send out mail about how to collect bootchart data to request help from QA.
08:53:04 <liuyq> Try to revert one SELinux change for hikey.
08:53:06 <liuyq> What problems do you have?
08:53:08 <liuyq> None
08:53:19 <liuyq> bero2, that's all from my side today
08:53:37 <bero2> zhizhoutian__: next?
08:53:46 <zhizhoutian__> What did you do?
08:54:00 <zhizhoutian__> amost on Merged patches for TShark
08:54:24 <zhizhoutian__> talk with fengwei.yin on swaping to emmc
08:54:38 <zhizhoutian__> What are you going to do?
08:54:50 <zhizhoutian__> go on investigating zramfs and swap to emmc
08:55:01 <zhizhoutian__> bero2: that is all.
08:55:43 <bero2> eric____: next?
08:55:47 <zhizhoutian__> bero2: we are talking about swapping to emmc.
08:55:49 <Qian> zhizhoutian__: could give me some info if you get any way swap memory?
08:55:51 <eric____> What did you do?
08:55:56 <eric____> Fetch chromium code form SPRD, and try to rebuild with system lib;
08:55:56 <eric____> What are you going to do?
08:55:56 <eric____> Fix build problems;
08:55:56 <eric____> What problems do you have?
08:55:56 <eric____> I can’t get code from official website, and have already applied the access right of hackbox & expressVPN
08:56:06 <zhizhoutian__> Qian: what info?
08:56:25 <eric____> I just got the code from SPRD, and this code was not a clean one
08:56:46 <bero2> I've tarred up the current code, but it's 14 GB
08:56:58 <Qian> zhizhoutian__: email is perfect, do you have some idea on swap memory?
08:57:08 <bero2> so the upload from here takes forever
08:57:37 <eric____> So when I compiling it, it has some problems, after I got the clean code , I will merge it immediately
08:57:39 <zhizhoutian__> Qian: ok
08:57:41 <liuyq> bero2, I suggests eric____ to download the coder on hackbox
08:57:56 <bero2> wuhai: next?
08:58:00 <liuyq> bero2, that would be better for both I think
08:58:09 <eric____> bero2: Yes, I know, it's very large, so I have to get the access right from officail website
08:58:16 <wuhai> What did you do?
08:58:16 <wuhai> 1.Review the linaro patch with sprd engineers and fengwei.
08:58:16 <wuhai> 2.Learning LAVA how to use with yongqin.
08:58:16 <wuhai> what are you going to do?
08:58:16 <wuhai> 1.Verify GCC5.3 effect on T-Shark baseline.
08:58:16 <wuhai> what problems do you have?
08:58:16 <wuhai> None until right now
08:58:17 <bero2> liuyq: yes, good point
08:58:50 <bero2> wangjian: next?
08:59:12 <wangjian> What did you do?
08:59:12 <wangjian> 1.Has compared the memory usage on user version on T-Shark device with/without dlmalloc patch,and gave the report to SPRD and linaro.
08:59:12 <wangjian> 2.Building the T-Shark code with gcc 5.3,it seems succeed in build system.img and boot.img.
08:59:12 <wangjian> What are you going to do?
08:59:12 <wangjian> 1.Compared the memory usage on user version on T-Shark device whith built by gcc 5.3
08:59:13 <wangjian> 2.Learning the the details of the patches in marshmallow-gcc5-patchset
08:59:13 <wangjian> What problems do you have?
08:59:14 <wangjian> none.
08:59:49 <bero2> OK...
09:00:12 <bero2> xruxa: did you have anything else?
09:00:50 <xruxa> nope
09:01:12 <bero2> #endmeeting