03:08:25 <tgall_foo> #startmeeting
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03:08:41 <liuyq> yes, we did here several days
03:08:45 <yspan> hi
03:08:49 <tgall_foo> don't want to break a trend!
03:08:52 <tgall_foo> hi yspan
03:08:55 <sunao> hi all
03:09:00 <tgall_foo> hi sunao
03:09:15 <tgall_foo> luther, Bill-QUAN ?
03:10:22 <tgall_foo> hi zhizhoutian_  going to join us ?
03:11:37 * tgall_foo doesn't see xavier
03:11:52 <tgall_foo> well let's get going
03:12:02 <yspan> xavier asked a leave today for his wedding picture :p
03:12:05 <tgall_foo> #topic accomplishments
03:12:13 <tgall_foo> yspan, ahhh that is important!
03:12:22 <tgall_foo> so let's go in the following order
03:12:56 <tgall_foo> yspan,  sunao liuyq   and then Bill-QUAN zhizhoutian_  luther   if they wake up
03:13:01 <tgall_foo> yspan, you're first
03:13:11 <yspan> yes
03:13:42 <yspan> This week, I completed replacing all the encoding functions with stub functions
03:14:17 <yspan> The stub functions loads the 'real' encoding lib and look up the 'real' encoding function
03:14:49 <yspan> compilation OK, booting to shell OK, but has some segfaults during starting Android
03:15:36 <yspan> I will keep hunting the segfaults
03:15:40 <yspan> that's all
03:15:47 <tgall_foo> thanks yspan
03:15:49 <Qian_> seems tom here
03:15:53 <tgall_foo> sunao,
03:16:00 <sunao> OK
03:16:01 <tgall_foo> hi Qian_  ... welcome
03:16:05 <sunao> thing(s) you're happy with accomplishing this week
03:16:06 <sunao> 1. finish LMG-913, optimize libopus, upload patch for review.
03:16:08 <sunao> 2. help local team to port the libjpeg_turbo.
03:16:09 <sunao> anything you're stuck on
03:16:11 <sunao> 1. None.
03:16:15 <sunao> that's all
03:16:58 <tgall_foo> sunao, did you see how much the size for default libopus now is ?
03:17:06 <tgall_foo> liuyq,
03:17:38 <sunao> instead of split it , i remove it from the libstagefright, it won't be loaded to memory
03:17:47 <tgall_foo> I see
03:18:01 <tgall_foo> how much did libstagefright decrease ?
03:18:17 <sunao> code + ro data + rw data about 200KB
03:18:25 <tgall_foo> not bad
03:18:30 <tgall_foo> liuyq, ?
03:18:52 <liuyq> What did you do?
03:18:52 <liuyq> Finished release notes  for 15.10. there is still one problem on the release site need Koen help to fix.
03:18:52 <liuyq> Reproduced the multimedia problem with Nexus9 and Nexsu7 for Bug 795  on Marshmallow
03:18:52 <liuyq> What are you going to do?
03:18:52 <liuyq> Following up the update on release.l.o
03:18:54 <liuyq> Continue to check the Bug 795
03:18:56 <liuyq> What problems do you have?
03:18:58 <liuyq> None
03:19:18 <liuyq> this week finished 15.10 release task
03:19:27 <tgall_foo> big task, thanks liuyq
03:19:39 <liuyq> now starting to investigate on the bugs for masrhmallow builds
03:20:02 <liuyq> will restart the chromium_org work from next week
03:20:12 <tgall_foo> ok!
03:20:30 <tgall_foo> Qian_
03:20:31 <liuyq> tgall_foo, that's all from  my side
03:20:56 <Qian_> I have investigate LMG-915 and LMG-916
03:21:30 <Qian_> find some java bin whether can be replaces by c/C++
03:22:19 <tgall_foo> yes, do you have some thoughts in this area ?
03:22:51 <Qian_> and tested the performance about libjpeg-turbo on MX5 and pro 5
03:23:17 <Qian_> i have listed them by table, bero said he would review them
03:23:33 <tgall_foo> ok
03:24:36 <Qian_> i think lots of things  we can do
03:25:03 <tgall_foo> Qian_do you have a list somewhere ?
03:25:26 <Qian_> it hard to see, you can see the comment of LMG-916
03:25:54 <tgall_foo> ahh ok I see now
03:26:56 <tgall_foo> nice list
03:26:59 <tgall_foo> thanks Qian_
03:27:02 <tgall_foo> anything else ?
03:27:08 <Qian_> next week , i will investigate about LMG-893, about cpu sepc2006 cross-compiled on arm
03:27:15 <tgall_foo> ok
03:27:31 <Qian_> ok, that's all
03:27:49 <tgall_foo> ok so for me,  I readied both of my intel build boxes for working with Marshmallow
03:28:11 <tgall_foo> in doing so and while making test builds for my nexus 9 I ran across a bug with fastboot
03:29:10 <tgall_foo> it turns out with the fast boot that comes with ubuntu it doesn't handle zip files well so if you are doing a fast boot  -w update blahblah.zip  if the system.img is getting large it will mysteriously fail saying the img is too big when in fact it isn't
03:29:29 <tgall_foo> so past that ..  with just a little bit of time today I started looking at sqlite
03:29:55 <tgall_foo> introduced constexpr in a few spots and tested to see if it resulted in a smaller binary
03:29:59 <tgall_foo> (It didn't)
03:30:30 <Qian_> sqlite, that's what my companymates asked about
03:30:36 <Qian_> tgall, thanks
03:30:37 <tgall_foo> looking at the uses of the functions that I marked as such tho I can see why since they were all using variables instead of values that the compiler could then pre-compute and optimize away the function
03:30:57 <tgall_foo> Qian_ I've worked a bit with it in the past
03:31:11 <tgall_foo> actually I did some very experimental acceleration of sqlite using OpenCL
03:31:17 <sunao> imporve the performance of sqlite?
03:31:24 <Qian_> tgall, that's very nice!
03:31:52 <tgall_foo> if you're dealing with database query of over ~2000 rows you can speed it up between 4x (software with neon) to about 40x using a GPU presuming you have an OpenCL driver
03:31:59 <tgall_foo> sunao, yeah
03:32:19 <sunao> sounds interesting!
03:32:26 <tgall_foo> this is a sight probably with android since OpenCL support isn't standard
03:32:38 <Qian_> tgall, that's so valuealbe!
03:32:41 <tgall_foo> so depending on what your GPU is and who makes the driver
03:33:25 <tgall_foo> Qian_ any idea what your average database size is ?
03:34:20 <Qian_> i don't know much, but it seems access too much will cause problem
03:34:43 <tgall_foo> Qian_ well let's talk more about it and understand your problem
03:35:04 <Qian_> i will ask them about the database size
03:35:10 <tgall_foo> I do have my code and while it is experimental ... with some effort it could be finished and not be experimental
03:35:19 <tgall_foo> Qian_ what GPU do you have by the way ?
03:36:12 <Qian_> seems both mali and mtk6795 xx , i don't know about mtk6795
03:36:20 <tgall_foo> ok
03:36:24 <tgall_foo> we can talk more
03:36:32 <tgall_foo> anyway that's all from me, let's close the meeting
03:36:36 <tgall_foo> thanks everyone for participating
03:36:40 <tgall_foo> #endmeeting