08:31:36 <xruxa> #startmeeting
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08:31:40 <xruxa> #chair bero
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08:31:49 <Qian_> OK
08:32:42 <xruxa> I see there was no time to update the status on the doc?
08:32:57 <xruxa> Qian_, - would you go first with your status?
08:33:02 <Qian_> What did you do?
08:33:03 <Qian_> investigate framework/* about LMG-916 and LMG-915, update the table.
08:33:03 <Qian_> I think we may look into VTK-XML, zxing, zopfil, squashfs-tools, protobuf, libutf.
08:33:04 <Qian_> What are you going to do?
08:33:06 <Qian_> check the folder system, hardware, libcore
08:33:08 <Qian_> What problems do you have?
08:33:10 <Qian_> none except please help me review.
08:33:30 <Qian_> that's all
08:33:39 <bero> will take a look when the next toolchain build is running
08:33:48 <xruxa> bero - do you agree with Qian_ we could start looking into few subsystems already?
08:33:56 <bero> yes, sure
08:34:07 <Qian_> bero ,oK
08:34:15 <xruxa> Qian_, thanks. bero will have a look.
08:34:31 <xruxa> sunao, would you go next?
08:34:39 <sunao> What did you do?
08:34:40 <sunao> take a look at the preload of system fonts. But it is just mmap, no use actual memory.
08:34:42 <sunao> It seems that we can finish LMG-913 split libopus. just remove it from the shared lib list of libstagefright.
08:34:43 <sunao> what are you going to do?
08:34:45 <sunao> continue look at the preload of system fonts or other task assigned to me.
08:34:46 <sunao> what problems do you have?
08:34:48 <sunao> None
08:34:49 <sunao> that's all
08:35:37 <xruxa> sunao, bero - how does android cache rendered glyphs? Is that shared (like XFT) or local at app level? Or shared through zygote?
08:36:03 <bero> good question... never looked at the code doing that
08:36:11 <bero> freetype and harfbuzz are involved for sure
08:36:12 <xruxa> sunao, do we have patches for the removal of libopus from libstagefrights?
08:36:16 <bero> but not sure what it does beyond that
08:36:31 <sunao> I will try to make a patch
08:37:00 <xruxa> sunao, ok, before closing that libopus, make a patch for bero to include in his low-mem patchset.
08:37:13 <sunao> OK
08:37:34 <xruxa> bero, do we want sunao to continue looking into more detail on font/rendered glyph caching?
08:39:20 <bero> yes, can't hurt to figure out a bit more on how it works
08:39:37 <xruxa> #info Peter missing from meeting
08:40:00 <xruxa> #info new item to look into - font and rendered glyph caching in Android
08:40:11 <xruxa> sunao, thanks.
08:40:16 <bero> Probably won't help much for alphabetized users with some 60 characters to cache, but we may be able to make a difference for China, Japan and Korea there...
08:40:27 <xruxa> luther, would you go next?
08:40:41 * luther What did you do?
08:40:42 <luther> 1. Look libcore/luni/src/main/java/libcore/io/BlockGuardOs.java
08:40:42 * luther What are you going to do?
08:40:42 <luther> 1. Look libcore/luni/src/main/java/libcore/io/BlockGuardOs.java
08:40:42 * luther What problems do you have?
08:40:42 <luther> 1. None till now
08:42:47 <xruxa> luther, tell us more, that is not self-explanatory :)
08:44:16 <luther> xruxa, i just started to read this BlockGuardOs.java file, so no more info can share, because under libcore/luni/src/main/java there are so many java files, so i just chose one to start this code reading work :-)
08:44:27 <luther> today
08:44:51 <xruxa> bero, you do not happen to have some insight on where to get started for luther ?
08:45:38 <bero> well, we need to build up some understanding of how it all works
08:46:01 <luther> bero, any doc to describe all these?
08:46:02 <bero> I'd probably start with stuff that is used very commonly like the java.lang.String implementation
08:46:13 <bero> but there's other places too
08:46:39 <bero> essentially that stuff is the standard java class library, so there should be some documentation in OpenJDK and on java.net and the likes
08:47:02 <bero> I think BlockGuardOs is an Android specific extension, so that may be a bit harder to find
08:49:01 <xruxa> luther, thanks. Lets move on with the status round (and please do not let that stop you from discussing with bero :)
08:49:07 <xruxa> xavierhsu, you are next
08:49:20 <luther> xruxa, got it :-)
08:50:20 <xruxa> xavierhsu ?
08:50:43 <xruxa> If not here , lets have Qian_ go next please
08:51:08 <bero> xruxa: Qian_ already went first
08:51:14 <xruxa> oh dear :)
08:51:16 <Qian_> xruxa,  i have done yet
08:51:19 <xruxa> more tea
08:51:35 <xruxa> so no xavierhsu and no Peter.
08:51:47 <xruxa> lets have liuyq go next please
08:52:11 <liuyq> xruxa, mainly focus on release things.
08:52:12 <liuyq> What did you do?
08:52:12 <liuyq> Finished part of CTS test for FVP member builds, last part of 32bit  android.app package is running.
08:52:12 <liuyq> Rerun focused1 test plan for marshmallow TC2 builds on LAVA with a workaround.
08:52:12 <liuyq> Finished the draft version of Annual Review.
08:52:13 <liuyq> What are you going to do?
08:52:15 <liuyq> Continue the FVP CTS test to finish it.
08:52:17 <liuyq> Updated release notes for 15.10
08:52:19 <liuyq> What problems do you have?
08:52:23 <liuyq> Very little time for 15.10 release.
08:52:31 <bero> probably need to ping people about daylight saving -- they may have missed the fact that the meeting moved by an hour for their timezone
08:53:01 <xruxa> liuyq, ack that too much work and too little time.
08:53:08 <xruxa> liuyq, thanks.
08:53:16 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, and your status?
08:53:35 <xruxa> #info xavierhsu missing from meeting
08:53:58 * zhizhoutian_ What did you do? * Spreadtrum devices install in LAVA  - TShark devices have been installed successfully - we can close this card now * Ready code for Tinno and LMG  - Investigate how to push TShark code into LMG * Investigate does shared library has demand paging somebody said yes, it is provided by Linux. But i need more tests. /me What are you going to
08:53:58 * zhizhoutian_ do? * Ready code for Tinno and LMG * Linaro AOSP build fix  - Report toolchain bug with C-Reduce /me What problems do you have? none
08:54:21 <zhizhoutian_> What did you do?
08:54:21 <zhizhoutian_> * Spreadtrum devices install in LAVA
08:54:21 <zhizhoutian_> - TShark devices have been installed successfully - we can close this card now
08:54:21 <zhizhoutian_> * Ready code for Tinno and LMG
08:54:21 <zhizhoutian_> - Investigate how to push TShark code into LMG
08:54:21 <zhizhoutian_> * Investigate does shared library has demand paging
08:54:21 <zhizhoutian_> somebody said yes, it is provided by Linux. But i need more tests.
08:54:22 <zhizhoutian_> What are you going to do?
08:54:22 <zhizhoutian_> * Ready code for Tinno and LMG
08:54:23 <zhizhoutian_> * Linaro AOSP build fix
08:54:23 <zhizhoutian_> - Report toolchain bug with C-Reduce
08:54:24 <zhizhoutian_> What problems do you have?
08:54:24 <zhizhoutian_> none
08:54:44 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, how many T-sharks? Last time I checked there was one
08:54:56 <zhizhoutian_> five
08:55:12 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, nice.
08:55:20 <zhizhoutian_> five tshark hd and two tshark qhd
08:55:42 <xruxa> bero, - did you plan to use that tshark instead of Tinno phones at some point, of did the L->M switch change plans again?
08:56:03 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, about your C-reduce tasks - did that get resolveD?
08:56:07 <bero> L-M is still undecided
08:56:18 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: not yet.
08:56:38 <bero> and we should start using the tsharks given we have some available in lava, we only have 1 phone
08:56:43 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, and ninja.mk for master builds?
08:56:45 <xruxa> bero, +1
08:57:17 <xruxa> bero, how to do it officially? Nominate zhizhoutian_ to setup a build according to your instructions for t-sharks? Or something else?
08:57:40 <bero> xruxa: sounds like a good plan, I don't think anyone else has a t-shark locally
08:58:13 <luther> zhizhoutian_, can we share more tshark phone?
08:58:20 <xruxa> #info we would like to see if we can use T-sharks in LAVA instead of the Tinno phone now that we have 5x tshark hd and 2x tshark qhd in LAVA
08:58:31 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: ok
08:58:35 <xruxa> luther, you want the board locally?
08:59:51 <luther> not only me, share tshark to our team 7 guys
09:00:00 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, let me make you item in JIRA for those tshark builds. You said "Investigate how to push TShark code into LMG" - this is the way - you will make a build based on the thark codebase and bero will be maintainer for the add-on patches for low memory work
09:00:21 <xruxa> I dunno, can one buy those board in the open?
09:00:49 <xruxa> ARMv7 is not THE key platform I guess, we will want to focus on 96board in general. what do you think bero
09:00:50 <xruxa> ?
09:00:53 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: but those code can be accessed by employee only?
09:01:19 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: there is a proposal:
09:01:23 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, you say the thsark codebase is somewhat secret? We can discuss that with you and bero (and bhoj_) on another channel
09:01:39 <luther> xruxa, this is company local reference phone, so can't bought in the open market
09:01:43 <zhizhoutian_> This is my proposal for pushing Spreadtrum code into Linaro LMG:
09:01:43 <zhizhoutian_> 1.       Provide all needed images except system.img by Spreadtrum
09:01:43 <zhizhoutian_> -          Spreadtrum will update those images period
09:01:43 <zhizhoutian_> 2.       Provide patches between AOSP and Spreadtrum code without hal
09:01:43 <zhizhoutian_> -          LMG guarantee those patches can be accessed by Linaro employee only
09:01:43 <zhizhoutian_> -       Spreadtrum will provide hal.bin
09:01:43 <zhizhoutian_> 
09:01:44 <zhizhoutian_> Those code should be used for:
09:01:44 <zhizhoutian_> 1.       Add Spreadtrum code and devices into Linaro CI loop
09:01:45 <zhizhoutian_> 2.       Provide tshark device’s code for Linaro on Tinno project
09:01:45 <zhizhoutian_> 
09:01:46 <zhizhoutian_> Question:
09:02:17 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: ok
09:02:35 <xruxa> Ok, lets wrap-up the meeting (bero status missing) and we can have discussion about this on another channel.
09:02:46 <xruxa> bero, where are things with your work?
09:02:57 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: ok
09:03:21 <bero> zhizhoutian_: we have a repository for employees only, already contains the previous Tinno phone code drop -- but we need to figure out how assignees for other companies can contributre
09:03:49 <xruxa> #action bero xruxa and zhizhoutian_ to figure out how to use thark
09:03:54 <zhizhoutian_> bero: i see.
09:04:34 <bero> What did you do?
09:04:34 <bero> More toolchain bisection
09:04:34 <bero> Tried to get AOSP’s toolchain to build from source (not sure what they released actually matches the binaries in prebuilts/)
09:04:34 <bero> Handled NDK release
09:04:34 <bero> LMG-SC meeting
09:04:35 <bero> What are you going to do?
09:04:35 <bero> More toolchain bisection, examine Linker scripts that are modified in AOSP’s toolchains
09:04:36 <bero> What problems do you have?
09:04:36 <bero> none
09:05:16 <xruxa> bero, LTO not started yet? Did you finish the DragonBoard bring-up?
09:07:07 <bero> LTO is started but kind of depending on the toolchain bisection because 4.9's LTO doesn't work well -- so we need stuff that actually boots with newer toolchains to make real progress there, so we need to figure out what they did to break all toolchains other than their prebuilt one
09:07:13 <xruxa> bero, thanks!
09:07:24 <xruxa> ok, lets wrap the meeting up.
09:07:31 <bero> DragonBoard is also on hold until we have a good toolchain to do it with
09:07:52 <bero> can't fight the board issues while any problems might just be caused by the same toolchain issue
09:08:33 <xruxa> bero, makes sense. Thanks.
09:08:44 <xruxa> ok, last call before we wrap the meeting up
09:08:53 <Qian_> bero, xruxa, i don't have any boards, i don't whether i can use nexus5 instead
09:09:57 <bero> Qian_: yes, nexus 5 is a good development device
09:10:06 <bero> but we'll try to get you some 96boards
09:10:20 <sunao> I have no boards too.
09:11:03 <Qian_> bero, ok , just worry about sth nexus5 can't replace
09:12:21 <xruxa> #endmeeting