07:32:49 <xruxa> #startmeeting
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07:32:53 <xruxa> oh, bot is here
07:32:53 <bero> the meeting is mostly running through what should be in the gdoc anyway
07:32:56 <bero> oh good
07:33:00 <xavierhsu> xavier us here
07:33:00 <bero> hi sunao, welcome
07:33:10 <xavierhsu> xavier is here
07:33:16 <xruxa> #info daily status doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CgwSksOXW5r6V3M7EPxv5ot-IZNBuTo_h2_OHfOi3aA/edit
07:33:17 <sunao> Thanks, bero. Nice to meet you all.
07:33:24 <xruxa> hi sunao
07:33:47 <xruxa> how about Qian Chen? Is he here?
07:34:18 <xruxa> bero, lets run status round quickly first?
07:34:33 <xruxa> should be copy&paste from the Doc, + some Q&A
07:34:36 <bero> Qian: are you there?
07:34:41 <bero> xruxa: sure
07:35:27 <xruxa> today is the 13th, do not edit the 12th on the doc :)
07:36:04 <xruxa> bero, would you like to go first to give people idea how it goes?
07:36:45 <bero> sure, just let me type it up
07:37:00 <bero> the general idea is to type it up before the meeting, so don't copy me on that one ;)
07:38:11 <zhizhoutian_> we can edit this document together~ interesting.
07:40:24 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, yspan, luther, sunao, Qian - fill in your sections on the doc while Bero is typing. As a gentle reminder - you should do it BEFORE the meeting
07:41:20 <bero> ok, here's mine:
07:41:26 <bero> What did you do?
07:41:26 <bero> Try to build M with gcc 5.2 for ARMv7 (flo) and ARMv8 (flounder)
07:41:26 <bero> Update binutils in toolchain releases to fulfill M’s needs
07:41:26 <bero> Fix various M breakages preventing it from building with gcc >= 5.0
07:41:26 <bero> What are you going to do?
07:41:27 <bero> Finish getting M to build with gcc 5.2
07:41:27 <bero> create builds of M with gcc 5.x on android-build
07:41:28 <bero> optimize some things to make use of gcc 5.x features (libcxx etc.)
07:41:28 <bero> start working on LTO
07:41:29 <bero> What problems do you have?
07:41:29 <bero> recovering from too many conferences in a row ;)
07:41:39 <sunao> I can't access google in my office, It is blocked by the China Firewall. I will fill it later.
07:41:41 <xruxa> bero, since xavierhsu was blocked by the NDK/Fortran - when can we get that done?
07:42:22 <bero> xruxa: later this week -- it's something I'll look at while the builds are running.
07:42:33 <bero> sunao: sure, no problem
07:42:50 <xruxa> bero, also (since you are the only one with lots of stuff in JIRA) - any progress on the other tasks (dragon board bring up, 5.2 GCC for the Tinno build)?
07:43:29 <xruxa> sunao, ok, for now type here (or in some text editor locally and then copy&paste here when your turn it up)
07:43:46 <sunao> OK
07:43:55 <bero> xruxa: no, those are on hold until the M builds are up
07:44:03 <xruxa> bero, thanks. Okay to move to yspan ?
07:44:24 <bero> sure
07:44:28 <xruxa> yspan,  does not seem to be around though ...
07:44:48 <bero> yspan: thanks for filling in yesterday's document btw, you're the only one
07:44:49 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, would you go next?
07:44:58 <zhizhoutian_> i am doing it
07:45:30 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: i have written it on docs, can you see that?
07:45:39 <luther> xruxa, i can't access google/doc  although using VPN
07:45:51 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, yes, copy&paste it here then
07:45:56 <bero> That's odd...
07:46:06 <zhizhoutian_> What did you do?
07:46:06 <zhizhoutian_> Maintain AOSP master builds
07:46:06 <zhizhoutian_> What are you going to do?
07:46:06 <zhizhoutian_> Maintain AOSP master builds
07:46:06 <zhizhoutian_> What problems do you have?
07:46:07 <zhizhoutian_> juno and nexus9 aosp master builds failure
07:46:11 <xruxa> luther, ok same as sunao -type offline in local text editor, when your turn comes copy&paste here
07:46:32 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, ok, simple. You are not stuck and able to fix those issues on your own?
07:46:45 <bero> I think we have an Etherpad instance somewhere, maybe we should use that instead of gdocs
07:46:57 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: i think not. a little difficult.
07:47:12 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: there are more issue than i though before.
07:47:21 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, ok, then we will want to follow-up on IRC with bhoj and bero during the day. Thanks. Anything else?
07:47:56 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, a small reminder - we need to get our multionode tests up and running on Nexus9 during October.
07:48:01 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: yes, i have talk this with bhoj. i just need time.
07:48:22 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: i see.
07:48:25 <xruxa> ok, thanks zhizhoutian_
07:48:30 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: :)
07:48:40 <xruxa> who goes next - xavierhsu please?
07:49:38 <xruxa> xavierhsu, ?
07:50:08 <xavierhsu> i am herer
07:50:15 <xavierhsu> i am here
07:50:19 <xruxa> xavierhsu, you go next
07:50:48 <xavierhsu> Now I add the function of libjpeg-trubo on 96board.
07:51:01 <xavierhsu> I need to test its' function
07:51:03 <xruxa> xavierhsu, copy&paste from the doc - will be faster
07:51:09 <xavierhsu> ok
07:51:39 <xruxa> #action luther to check if he can get GoogleDoc working during meeting hours
07:51:42 <xavierhsu> What did you do?I add "libjpeg-turbo" library on 96 board.Now it seems can be normally compiled and running on 96board.
07:51:50 <xruxa> #action sunao  to check if he can get GoogleDoc working during meeting hours
07:52:04 <xavierhsu> What are you going to do?  I want to test the function of libjpeg-turbo on 96board because I not sure it is correct or not.I study how to use the command "cjpeg" and "djpeg" for testing the function of libjpeg-turbo.
07:52:20 <xavierhsu> What problems do you have?  I not sure my method is correct or not.Maybe having another method can test function of libjpeg-turbo.
07:52:35 <xruxa> bero, xavierhsu - about the libjpeg - it sounds like you do nto have Android running on that 96board? That would be the test case - that Android works just fine with it, no?
07:53:04 <bero> yes
07:53:12 <xruxa> bero, xavierhsu - and are we dealing with libjpeg or the -turbo version?
07:53:23 <bero> -turbo only
07:53:31 <bero> regular libjpeg is essentially useless
07:53:37 <bero> M uses -turbo even upstream
07:53:46 <bero> and for L we have a working port of -turbo
07:53:49 <xruxa> bero, interesting
07:54:02 <xruxa> #info M uses libjpeg-turbo by default
07:54:27 <xruxa> xavierhsu, you have Android on your 96 board or not?
07:55:29 <xavierhsu> I compile and run libjpeg-turbo on 96board now.
07:56:35 <xruxa> xavierhsu, and the 96board is running Android or sometjing else (open embedded, ets)?
07:56:42 <xavierhsu> The original 96board only support jpeg
07:57:01 <xavierhsu> I am running Android
07:57:26 <xavierhsu> I runs Android on 96board
07:57:33 <xruxa> xavierhsu, thanks.
07:57:49 <xruxa> ok, if bero has no questions lets move on.
07:58:06 <xruxa> sunao, you have some update? I guess you need a work assignment from bero.
07:58:13 <sunao> yes
07:58:22 <sunao> What did you do?
07:58:23 <sunao> I am reading the wiki and other materials now.
07:58:25 <bero> xavierhsu: just one question -- which board are you using? hikey or dragon?
07:58:26 <xavierhsu> Bero, Jakub, thanks.
07:58:34 <xruxa> bero, do you want to give sunao some ramp-up tasks or real work already?
07:58:38 <bero> (they're both 96boards)
07:58:48 <xavierhsu> Bero, I use hikey
07:59:30 <bero> sunao: are you ready to get extra tasks or do you need another day to read up on things?
07:59:38 <sunao> what are you going to do?
07:59:39 <sunao> getting familiar with the linaro
07:59:41 <sunao> work not assigned, please make an arrangement.
07:59:42 <sunao> what problems do you have?
07:59:44 <sunao> Network, some google related websites are blocked. But I can access them at home. (Not a big problem)
07:59:54 <sunao> I can start to work
08:00:01 <xruxa> great
08:00:08 <bero> sunao: Probably first thing for ramp-up, if you haven't done it already, would be grabbing current sources and making sure you can build them in your environment
08:00:51 <sunao> I can download the public source,
08:01:01 <sunao> can't download the private git
08:01:07 <sunao> the build enviroment is okay
08:01:39 <bero> we need to fix you up for private git access...
08:01:39 <bero> probably you haven't been added to the right group yet by its
08:01:48 * xruxa checking group memberships
08:02:18 <sunao> yes, maybe i need to ask IT add me to the  git group
08:02:25 <xruxa> bero, sunao is on the list, git access should work unless something i sbroken again
08:02:45 <sunao> ok, I will check it again
08:02:56 <xruxa> sunao, what git?
08:03:13 <bero> sunao: what command are you using to check out private git?
08:03:15 <sunao> which branch can I start? Juno? FVP? or others?
08:03:29 <bero> sunao: Also, did you upload your ssh keys? They control git access...
08:03:46 <sunao> I have upload the ssh key
08:04:03 <sunao> I use the linaro_android_build_cmds.sh
08:04:27 <xruxa> sunao, which one you are trying ? Juno/FVP/TC2/other?
08:04:34 <sunao> FVP
08:05:11 <bero> sunao: you may have to upload it to 3 different places -- http://login.linaro.org/ http://android-review.linaro.org/ and http://dev-private-review.linaro.org/
08:05:28 <bero> sunao: Is your key on all of them already?
08:05:48 <bero> sunao: what hardware do you have?
08:05:53 <sunao> oh, I just load it to the http://login, I will do it now
08:06:19 <sunao> I have no boards, but i have a MTK6753 phone and the source code
08:06:46 <xruxa> bero, what dev platform can we get to sunao ?
08:07:13 <bero> I have a spare dragonboard
08:07:47 <bero> but I wonder if we have anything somewhere where it wouldn't take weeks to ship
08:08:01 <xruxa> bero, I wonder if buying locally will be faster than shipping ... how about nexus products? No good?
08:08:19 <bero> that's what I was thinking
08:08:20 <sunao> nexus can't be bought in China
08:09:56 <luther> can linaro china manager team can help something like that
08:10:37 <xruxa> luther, sunao, bero  indeed, lets check if https://www.arrow.com/en/products/dragonboard410c/arrow-development-tools/#page-1 can be bought/shipped-to China
08:10:49 <xruxa> who will talk to the boss in China?
08:11:22 <luther> sunao, i think you can talk
08:11:38 <sunao> OK, to whom?
08:11:41 <xruxa> I could email as well -who is the contact for the Chinese team?
08:12:17 <xruxa> is is Jill Guo or someone else?
08:13:27 <xruxa> anyway, bero what task to sunao other than fixing his GIT access?
08:13:59 <bero> not sure, I think Jill Guo's main job is talking to members, but maybe she knows something about getting hardware to China as well
08:14:32 <bero> sunao: have you checked out both L and M sources already?
08:14:59 <sunao> I have checked the FVP 15.09 version.
08:15:14 <sunao> the Google AOSP, I have both L and M
08:15:55 <bero> sunao: good... Is there any part of the stack you're especially interested in?
08:15:59 <xruxa> #action sunao to get his private git access working, check his SSH keys are on http://login.linaro.org/ http://android-review.linaro.org/ and http://dev-private-review.linaro.org/
08:16:32 <xruxa> bero, Tom will want more people on optimizations :) Be it memory of performance.
08:16:40 <sunao> nothing specially interested, you can assign the work
08:17:22 <bero> xruxa: yes, I was thinking of a memory related task, we need to make progress there
08:17:46 <xruxa> #info Team dashbaord (to update your tasks) is here https://projects.linaro.org/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=38&view=detail
08:19:13 <xruxa> bero, so what task? Something new we need to create?
08:20:17 <bero> sunao: Are you famimliar with both C/C++ and Java or would you rather look at one over the other?
08:20:57 <sunao> C is ok, java can read and write very small application. C++ not familiar
08:24:03 <bero> ok... we already have people looking at splitting libpng and libjpeg into an encoding and decoding part given most things only need decoding
08:24:10 <bero> but we could add the same for giflib
08:24:19 <bero> That's all C...
08:24:40 <sunao> You mean, split giflib into two parts, encoding and decoding?
08:24:48 <bero> so the idea would be to split all encoding related parts of giflib into a separate library and load the encoding parts only on demand
08:24:54 <bero> essentially yes
08:25:03 <sunao> Ok, I can have a try
08:25:52 <bero> https://projects.linaro.org/browse/LMG-415 <--- this is the same task for libpng
08:26:05 <xruxa> bero, you want me to make item for sunao n JIRA? We still want to cover luther and Qian
08:26:06 <bero> so the detailed description is in there if you replace libpng with giflib
08:26:32 <sunao> OK, I will have a look at it.
08:26:34 <bero> xruxa: yes, let's copy LMG-415 on JIRA too
08:27:19 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa, can i ask a question now?
08:27:54 <xruxa> zhizhoutian_, anytime
08:28:06 <zhizhoutian_> xruxa: ok thanks
08:28:12 <xruxa> sunao, ok, thanks. Let move to luther ?
08:28:30 <luther> ok
08:28:37 <luther> boringssl investigation has closed, so bero & xruxa, can you give me some new task?
08:28:42 <zhizhoutian_> bero: i entered i difficult build issue, and i do not know how to resolve it.
08:28:47 <xruxa> +1
08:28:53 <zhizhoutian_> bero: build/core/binary.mk:546: *** mixed implicit and normal rules: deprecated syntax
08:29:39 <xruxa> bero, what do we have for Luther?
08:29:53 <bero> luther: Since you're already used to boringssl code, do you want to check it for places where we could save memory? Or would you rather move to something else?
08:30:27 <bero> zhijunWan: will try to reproduce after the meeting... what target are you trying to build?
08:30:42 <luther> bero, as for boringssl code itself, i think i don't know very much, so maybe move on to other is better for me
08:31:38 <bero> luther: how well do you know Java?
08:32:05 <luther> a little bit, with java, i like python more :)
08:32:10 <bero> zhizhoutian_: sorry, tab completion [zhiTAB] gave me the wrong name
08:32:19 <zhizhoutian_> bero: :)
08:32:24 <bero> zhizhoutian_: that was meant for you, not zhijunWan ;)
08:32:32 <zhizhoutian_> bero: I see
08:33:01 <bero> luther: same for pretty much everyone I guess ;) At some point we need to find someone who can look through Harmony ;)
08:33:30 <xruxa> any takers?
08:34:03 <luther> bero, ok, as for java maybe i can take if no one can take really, but i need some time to study
08:34:43 <bero> is anyone good with Java? We can swap tasks around...
08:36:39 <bero> looks like no...
08:36:47 <zhizhoutian_> bero: i have some J2EE work before.
08:37:02 <zhizhoutian_> bero: can it be helpful?
08:37:14 <bero> probably...
08:37:39 <bero> essentially we need someone to take a look at external/apache-harmony to look for opportunities to save memory
08:37:57 <bero> so far we've only looked at the C/C++ sides of the stack because that's where we're at home
08:38:36 <bero> but lots of stuff is written in Java, so if we can optimize memory usage in the most commonly used Java libraries, that will probably matter at least as much
08:38:37 <zhizhoutian_> bero: i see. maybe you need a framework engineer.
08:41:00 <bero> yes -- but we have to make things work with the people we have now ;)
08:41:04 <xruxa> bero, we need something for luther  and Qian - do you need more time to figure it out?
08:41:29 <bero> even if it means doing something we aren't familiar with yet
08:42:18 <luther> maybe we need some time to foster
08:42:31 <bero> luther: would you be ok with looking at Harmony? (I'll make sure you get enough time to study it)
08:42:55 <luther> bero, good boss:)
08:43:02 <luther> so that means i win?
08:43:29 <luther> Bero, Harmony is developed by java?
08:45:46 <bero> harmony is a basic Java class library used in AOSP
08:46:30 <luther> bero, ok, i can try this work
08:46:36 <bero> along with the bits in libcore/libart/src/main/java
08:48:40 <bero> actually most of the stuff I've been thinking about seems to have moved out of Harmony
08:48:55 <bero> and into libcore/luni/src/main/java
08:49:00 <bero> so that would be the place to look
08:49:09 <bero> but other than that it remains the same
08:49:29 <luther> yes :)
08:49:56 <bero> so the idea is to identify optimization opportunities there...
08:50:09 <xruxa> Ok, let me make item in JIRA for luther and then bero can update the targets on it
08:50:17 <luther> for the code size to memory usage
08:50:20 <luther> from
08:50:21 <bero> primarily memory reduction, but if we see an opportunity for performance optimization, won't say no ;)
08:50:40 <luther> ;)
08:51:41 <luther> is there some uniform method to get the application's memory usage status
08:52:07 <bero> "dumpsys meminfo" is rather useful
08:52:09 <luther> so we need to check our optimize result
08:52:45 <xruxa> bero, https://projects.linaro.org/browse/LMG-909
08:52:52 <xruxa> #info New Story https://projects.linaro.org/browse/LMG-909 for luther
08:53:14 <xruxa> #info New Story https://projects.linaro.org/browse/LMG-908 for sunao
08:53:49 <luther> xruxa, thanks
08:54:04 <bero> xruxa: thanks
08:54:08 <xruxa> bero, if you want to add/modify please update that
08:54:12 <sunao> thanks
08:54:13 <xruxa> should we move over to Qian ?
08:54:21 <bero> will update a bit...
08:54:26 <bero> yes
08:54:30 <bero> Qian: are you there?
08:54:39 <xruxa> after all, we will talk status tomorrow again
08:56:26 <xruxa> Qian ?
08:56:36 <xruxa> if no-one else, lets wrap it up.
08:56:55 <xruxa> Please interact with bero on IRC during the working day if you need help and advice.
08:57:08 <xruxa> ok, lets wrap it up.
08:57:14 <xruxa> #endmeeting