14:00:07 <tgall_foo> #startmeeting
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14:00:13 <tgall_foo> Hi bero2
14:00:23 <tgall_foo> Hi sumits
14:01:10 <bero2> hi tgall_foo
14:02:27 <tgall_foo> Hi xruxa
14:02:35 <tgall_foo> well let's get started
14:02:46 <tgall_foo> #topic accomplishments / activities from last week
14:02:58 <tgall_foo> bero2, go ahead with the Android team
14:03:41 <bero2> essentially all going as planned
14:04:23 <bero2> we have juno32 working, bionic optimizations are rolling in, yongqin is refocusing on finishing the Java Benchmarking report
14:05:00 <bero2> Yingshuan is automating Quadrant Pro testing, then we have all the benchmarks covered
14:05:16 <bero2> Actually Xavier is
14:05:27 <bero2> Yingshuan is helping with Bionic
14:05:42 <bero2> That's essentially all
14:06:50 <tgall_foo> great
14:07:45 <tgall_foo> hey sumits
14:07:59 <sumits__> hey tgall_foo
14:08:18 <sumits__> sorry; had stepped out for a bit, and then realised it was right in the middle of our meeting!
14:08:23 <sumits__> so tethered via my phone
14:08:58 <sumits__> (DST confusions)
14:09:26 <tgall_foo> Hi benjiG
14:09:36 <tgall_foo> sumits__, go ahead with the kernel team status
14:09:53 <benjiG> hi all
14:10:07 <sumits__> so, well, not a whole lot got done last week, unfortunately, due to my illness, and Amit Pundir's holidays
14:10:27 <sumits__> we discussed a bit on the hibernation patches and how they should get added to LSK
14:10:44 <tgall_foo> sumits__, so where are those sitting ?
14:11:02 <sumits__> so, hibernation has a few patches that are needed for everyone,
14:11:09 <sumits__> those are already mainlined post 3.16,
14:11:21 <sumits__> so one patchset (4 patches) is a backport request
14:11:53 <sumits__> then there's one generic patch under upstream discussion, which should also get added to LSK once accepted
14:12:17 <sumits__> another 9 TI specific upstreamable patches, being discussed with TI
14:12:31 <sumits__> so those we could prob take into LSK a bit later
14:12:49 <sumits__> or even cherry-picked into TI's tree
14:12:58 <sumits__> that's the current status on hibernation patches
14:13:27 <sumits__> any member who might want to even use TuxOnIce would also need these patches as base
14:13:33 <sumits__> hence the case for their inclusion into LSK
14:14:00 <sumits__> that's about all from my side
14:14:13 <tgall_foo> thanks sumits__
14:14:28 <sumits__> sure, np tgall_foo; I hope to be able to much better this week!
14:14:30 <tgall_foo> benjiG, what's the status with the graphics team
14:15:10 <benjiG> paramanands  is testing v4l-utils port on android, we should have the compliance test status this week
14:15:51 <benjiG> I have check with v4l2 guys we can send them our patches so it will be the end of week goald for Paramanand
14:16:13 <benjiG> on my side I have do the secure data path presentation
14:16:24 <benjiG> and the feedbacks sound good
14:16:58 <benjiG> else I'm working on atomic modeset (and I will get help on this)
14:17:04 <benjiG> that all for me
14:17:41 <tgall_foo> right the atomic mode set work was for the ST drivers
14:17:49 <tgall_foo> ?
14:17:53 <benjiG> yes
14:18:09 <tgall_foo> thanks!
14:18:39 <tgall_foo> With the GPGPU team Gil is pressing ahead with implementing OpenCL 1.2
14:18:57 <tgall_foo> and Show looks to be on track for finishing up the openmp work this month
14:19:34 <tgall_foo> xruxa, anything you want to mention ?
14:19:47 <tgall_foo> #topic AOB
14:19:49 <xruxa> xruxa, just got back, nothing speciall
14:20:04 <tgall_foo> benjiG, bero2 sumits__ : anything else you'd like to bring up ?
14:20:08 <benjiG> nop
14:20:16 <sumits__> nothing atm from my side
14:20:30 <bero2> nothing I'm aware of
14:20:49 <tgall_foo> ok thanks !
14:20:52 <tgall_foo> #endmeeting