davepigottMariaH: codehelp: Updating health check to use build 70 and latest artefacts from snapshots, rather than the old cached 96boards ones. Board seems fine. No serial number change. Which is odd07:26
codehelpwasn't the serial number problem in a build between #55 and #70 but fixed by the time we got to #70 ?07:31
* codehelp wants *changelogs*!!!!07:31
davepigottcodehelp: Yeah - I think you might be right07:37
stylesendavepigott: MariaH: request you to review and merge - https://review.linaro.org/#/c/26123/09:44
davepigottstylesen: looking…09:44
davepigottstylesen: done09:45
stylesendavepigott: thank you. That completes the db820c AOSP integration.09:45
davepigottstylesen: awesome - thanks09:45
davepigottcodehelp: Testing new hikey-bl health check now...10:07
davepigottmwasilew: Do you know which tests get submitted that test these builds: https://snapshots.linaro.org/96boards/hikey/linaro/aosp-master/867/10:24
mwasilewdavepigott: let me check10:24
davepigottmwasilew: I’m trying to find one that doesn’t kernel panic. I could do it by working back through the builds and trying them, but would be easier if I could find the latest one that worked10:25
mwasilewdavepigott: https://qa-reports.linaro.org/android-lkft/aosp-master-tracking/build/868/testjobs/10:26
mwasilewdavepigott: 868 seems OK10:26
davepigottmwasilew: ack - thanks10:30
davepigottmwasilew: Hmm - okay - it kernel panicked in the health check.10:30
davepigottmwasilew: https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/1884458#L180910:31
mwasilewdavepigott: it uses different kernel http://snapshots.linaro.org/96boards/hikey/linaro/aosp-master/868/boot-4.14-23b3960fcf84.img.xz10:33
davepigottmwasilew: Aha. Right Thanks10:34
mwasilewdavepigott: I guess aosp-master only refers to userspace in this case10:34
davepigottmwasilew: Yeah - testing different kernel now10:35
davepigottmwasilew: Might have helped if I’d specified the compression for the vendor partition. :D11:02
davepigottMariaH: Can you look at the failing devices on lkft-staging, please?11:04
MariaHdavepigott: Sure.11:04
davepigottMariaH: Thanks!11:04
davepigottMariaH: You can ignore the sharkl3 for now11:05
MariaHdavepigott: I'm ignoring the db820c as well, as I'll take that out and update it later.11:07
davepigottMariaH: Yep - agreed11:07
MariaHdavepigott: The x15 is likely to pass this health check. It had just failed lxc-create.11:08
davepigottMariaH: Ah - yes. Okay. :)11:08
MariaHdavepigott: The hikey probably had an intermittent issue with the OTG port, it's now flashing fine.11:11
davepigottMariaH: Yeah - I’ve seen that before too11:11
MariaHdavepigott: x15 is online again. hikey still working on it. :)11:21
davepigottMariaH: :)11:21
MariaHdavepigott: No it's only the sharkl3 and the db820c that's offline.11:29
davepigottMariaH: perfect - thank you11:29
davepigottcodehelp: MariaH: We now have an up to date firmware and build health check on hikey-bl: https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/188446711:47
* davepigott starts to watch how often it gets used11:48
MariaHdavepigott: Excellent!11:48
davepigottmwasilew: We need to work with Joakim on setting up a ci loop for them11:48
mwasilewdavepigott: great, AFAIK there already is a build for that11:49
mwasilewneed to check with Joakim11:49
davepigottmwasilew: yep11:49
MariaHdavepigott: Do you know if we need the 820c to have hdmi dongles?14:10
MariaHdavepigott: The pmwg one has it, but not the lkft-staging or staging ones.14:10
davepigottMariaH: I think it does. fabo ^?14:10
MariaHdavepigott: haven't checked the production ones.14:10
davepigottmwasilew: you too ^^^14:10
MariaHdavepigott: I think mwasilew is on his way home at the moment.14:11
davepigottMariaH: Ah - okay. We have Sharp meeting, so I don’t blame him. ;)14:11
MariaHdavepigott: :)14:12
MariaHdavepigott: At least we know that the healthcheck works without the hdmi dongle... just not entirely sure what tests needs it.14:12
davepigottMariaH: I think if we use a 4.14 kernel they will fail, IIRC14:13
MariaHdavepigott: Ah, yes, that sounds reasonable, for some values of reasonable.14:14
davepigottMariaH: Well, I think it also depends what tests are run.14:15
montjoiehello, I try to have an external postgres (not on master) and i have a strange behaviour, all is working except old job loose their logs14:52
montjoiejob definition is still present, like other metadata (duration, device,...)14:52
mwasilewMariaH: honestly I don't know14:53
mwasilewit most likely doesn't hurt to have the dongles14:53
mwasilewbhoj: do we need hdmi dongle for db820c ?14:53
bhojmwasilew, yes we will need on that as well.14:54
mwasilewMariaH: please add the dongles to db820c14:54
MariaHmwasilew: Do you know where they went?14:56
mwasilewMariaH: dongles? no idea :(14:59
mwasilewI though you took them to the lab somewhere ?14:59
MariaHmwasilew: Only the ones to deploy. I was sure there were more in the storage cupboards, but maybe we ran out?15:03
mwasilewMariaH: we were pretty short on those15:04
mwasilewthere might be 1 - 2 left IIRC15:04
mwasilewif we're out, let's order more15:04
MariaHmwasilew: Let me double check if we need some for production as well. At the moment we definitely need two. One for staging and one for lkft staging.15:05
MariaHmwasilew: Definitely 4 needed. We have five 820c and only the pmwg one has dongle.15:09
mwasilewMariaH, davepigott: last time we ordered from amazon15:10
mwasilewcould you reorder the same HW ?15:11
davepigottmwasilew: Yep15:11
mwasilewthank you!15:11
davepigottmwasilew: 4 of?15:11
davepigottmwasilew: I’ll order 6, since they come in packs of three15:12
mwasilewdavepigott: yes, 6 please15:12
davepigottmwasilew: Ordered15:12
davepigottmwasilew: MariaH: Says they’re arriving tomorrow15:15
MariaHdavepigott: \o/15:16

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