liuyqhi, bero07:31
berohi liuyq07:32
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beroNo big news today...07:32
beroI think you got the invite for the meeting about Connect sessions?07:32
liuyqyes, I got that mail07:33
berogood, that's the only small news I have today, aside from some more progress with clang master builds07:33
berodo you have anything today?07:34
liuyqnot news from my side too07:36
liuyqbtw, it seems that not all module must be set as vendor module. like the stringbench project07:37
beroAny updates, bugs you want me to look at or so?07:37
liuyqit still could be install into system partition07:37
liuyqno update needed for that project at the moment07:38
beroyes, probably makes sense to make it a vendor module, looks like upstream wants to make sure only stuff they approve of is included in the normal system07:39
liuyqI was wrong before that all linaro projects must be set as vendor modules and installed into the vendor partition07:39
beroI wouldn't be surprised if that was the longer term plan upstream07:39
beroThey do seem to be moving towards possibly even forcing a system partition signed by them with everything else just being allowed to override it with stuff in /vendor, /oem etc.07:40
berobut it's not quite there yet07:40
liuyqyeah, I thought that it's mandatory when Treble enabled, but it's now from what I learnt from the building.07:42
liuyqjust considering if we could set all the tests as native test, and install all the files on data partition07:42
liuyqand then if we want to do lcr test, then use that data partition image, if not want to have lcr stuff installed, then do not use that data partition07:43
beroShould work until they start mounting /data with noexec or so07:44
beroit all depends on how paranoid they'll get07:44
liuyqsomething like vendor.img, but vendor.img has files other than lcr test files too.07:44
berosure, and on some hardware we might not be able/allowed to overwrite it07:45
liuyqthere is the /data/nativetest  directory by default which is used for the tests in aosp07:45
beroyes, at least for now that should be usable07:46
liuyqbero, ok, that's all from my side right now07:48
beroI don't have anything else either... Have a great rest of the week!07:48
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