davepigottMariaH: Are you in yet?09:42
MariaHdavepigott: Yep. It's rebooted. :)09:49
davepigottMariaH: Just saw! Thanks.09:50
MariaHdavepigott: And my screen is weird again... but in a different way. It's now possible to see things on it, it just doesn't have any brightness at all, so it's shadows and contours...09:50
davepigottMariaH: weird09:51
MariaHVery. And it doesn't answer on the brightness buttons either.09:51
MariaHdavepigott: ping10:16
davepigottMariaH: pong10:16
MariaHdavepigott: Forgot pinging you in PM is a lot less efficient than here.10:16
davepigottMariaH: No problem. Let me set up a a h/o10:17
MariaHvingu1: Both 960 are now updated to build 70 and hikey960-01 now has no fan and 96boards UART (sonic screwdriver) instead of the sensor board.11:33
MariaHvingu1: 01 has passed health check and is running the job in the queue, 02 is running health check. When done we'll put them back in maintenance for you.11:33
vingu1MariaH: Thanks11:56
bhojlucad111, is the WiFi AP restored ? i don't see those regression now so confirming on the same.11:56
lucad111bhoj, no not yet, i'm waiting for a spare psu11:57
bhojlucad111, ok11:57
lucad111bhoj, it's weird that it does work now, if you want to run a few more test we can see what it is actually missing11:58
bhojlucad111, i'll let you know if i see any regressions.11:59
lucad111bhoj, ko tahnk you11:59
lucad111bhoj, ok thank you11:59
bhojstylesen, ping12:04
stylesenbhoj: pong12:13
bhojstylesen, pm12:13
davepigottMariaH: lucad111: LITE is down again :(12:15
lucad111davepigott, checking it12:15
bhojdavepigott, is there any pixel 1 that was give by stylesen  in staging ?12:20
davepigottbhoj: AFAIK we haven’t recevied a pixel 1 from stylesen - MariaH, lucad111. stylesen ^?12:21
MariaHbhoj: There's a pixel, but it doesn't like the world.12:22
MariaHbhoj: It goes into fastboot, but it never clears a health check.12:22
stylesendavepigott: I handed it over to codehelp during DebConf17 (Montreal), which he gave it to Lab12:22
davepigottstylesen: Oh - okay.12:22
MariaHbhoj: It is possible that it just needs to be reflashed.12:23
bhojMariaH, cool. can you connect it to one of the art-build-machine. I'll flash right images. Then you can put back in production. it could just be a/b partition issue.12:23
MariaHbhoj: I'm just running out for lunch, is it ok to wait an hour?12:23
bhojMariaH, sure. no hurry12:23
MariaHbhoj: I'll ping you when it's in the art rack.12:24
bhojMariaH, ok12:24
lucad111davepigott, lite is going back up now12:25
davepigottlucad111: Thanks12:25
davepigottlucad111: New server being delivered Monday12:25
lucad111davepigott, shall we try the kernel from backports to see if it is more resilient against these issues?12:25
lucad111davepigott, good12:25
davepigottlucad111: Can give it a try12:25
lucad111davepigott, ok i'll install then12:25
vingu1MariaH: lucad111: the health check have passed on both hikey960. Can i put them offline for test ?12:47
lucad111vingu1, afaik we have finished the work on those two boards, so i think you can do it12:48
vingu1lucad111: ok. thanks12:49
lucad111vingu1, you're welcome12:49
MariaHvingu1: Ah, sorry, I ment to put them in maintenance for you before I left for lunch.13:31
vingu1MariaH: That's fine13:39
sumits hi MariaH, codehelp: good evening! I have a very basic question: why is lava-dispatcher binary on arm64 of version 2018.5-1+stretch instead of 2018.5-3+stretch?17:56
sumitsit looks like my local worker can't communicate with my VM lava-master because of this mismatch :|17:58
davepigottcodehelp: lkft-staging updated19:54
codehelpdavepigott: ok20:10

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