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ndechi suihkulokki , the cross arch support in FAI came in which version of FAI? my build machine runs stretch, so i am getting 5.3.612:42
ndecdo we have backports packages available?12:43
suihkulokkindec: 5.4 IIRC. we have updated fai in stretch overlay12:52
ndecok, i will add the overlay on our server then, thanks!12:53
suihkulokkindec: I'll ask the maintainer to update latest fai into backports once the foreign-arch fixes are in12:53
ndecsuihkulokki: is that ok to create CROSSARM64.var and add the variable there? will it concatenate the variables with what we have in other classes?12:54
suihkulokkindec: i'd try the latter, if that doesn't harm native arch builds, keep ip there - else introduce new variable12:57
jstultzAnyone with much experience w/ CMA?  I'm running into cma allocations failing (out of memory) when ~ half of CMA total memory is free.  I get that it could be fragmentation, but didn't know if there's any tricks to help narrow down that sort of stuff?18:50

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