MariaHamros: Yes, it's failing health check and needs further investigation, but unless someone shouts for it we don't have the time to make it a prio at the moment.09:45
amrosMariaH, agree, not a high priority. speaking of which the hikey FW update to build 70 on v.l.o is complete now? or still WIP?13:41
amrosMariaH, haven't checked the ticekt yet :)13:42
amrosMariaH, discard that...it is all on the ticket..thanks for gettting that done!13:44
MariaHamros: I'm fiddling with the new health check at the moment. Will soon publish it to lkft-staging and when that has worked, I'll push it to the other instances.13:59
MariaHvingu1: Since the update we did last week for your hikeys, there has been work to update the other instances to build 70, due to vendor partition compatability. Is it ok for us to update your hikeys next week or do you want us to wait and run a few more jobs on the staging hikey 03 that has AEP first?14:01
vingu1MariaH: that's fine to do the change next week14:04
MariaHvingu1: Thank you. I'll send you an email before I start.14:06

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