* liuyq is here07:29
berohi liuyq07:32
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liuyqhi, bero07:32
beroNo big news today... The LMG-SC meeting is this afternoon, so maybe there will be some news next time07:32
beroliuyq: so what's the plans for this week?07:32
liuyqbero, here is my plan for this week:07:33
liuyqPlan for next week07:33
liuyq1. LCR related work07:33
liuyq    - checking x15 4.14 lcr failed on lava tests07:33
liuyq    - prepare test report/release for x15 4.14 lcr build07:33
liuyq    - enabling linaro log in for lcr report07:33
liuyq2. LKFT related task07:33
liuyq    - Continue investigation for CTS/VTS  related problems with 4.14 kernel07:33
liuyq    - Try to push upstream to fix for  VtsKernelLtp failures07:33
liuyq    - Might do some investigation on the 4.14 CtsDisplayTestCases stuck problem07:33
liuyqthis week will mainly work for X15 4.14 build I think07:33
berothanks, sounds good to me...07:34
liuyqhope I could have it released by this week07:34
berothat would be nice07:34
liuyqbero, and I need to go to Beijing  tomorrow for personal business, so will be offline all the day07:35
berosure, no problem07:35
liuyqbero, thanks, that's all from my side07:35
beroOn my side, I've mostly been busy with the clang master builds -- fixing one problem tends to just uncover the next one07:35
beroprobably things will stabilize a bit soon, looks like a lot of things that have been waiting for post-6.0-release are being committed into clang now07:36
beroOutside of that, looked into p-preview-2 builds and fixed a couple of things there...07:37
berounfortunately p-preview-2 seems to be back to "random AOSP master tags that don't really go together", p-preview-1 was a better release07:37
berobut at least it's buildable for all devices I tried after pushing 3 patches07:38
liuyqbero, thanks, and if possible, please help to add your patches for p-preview-2 to https://android-git.linaro.org/android-patchsets.git/tree/P-RLCR-PATCHSET07:38
liuyqbero, thanks07:39
beroUnless the LMG-SC meeting today decides to change our priorities a lot, will continue with the clang master builds and if there's more time, look at some CTS/VTS issues to fix07:39
liuyqbero, ok07:39
beroThat's pretty much all from my side...07:39
liuyqbero, thanks, bero, I do not have any questions at them moment07:40
beroJust another quick reminder that the call for sessions for next Connect is open -- so thinking about some sessions can't hurt07:40
liuyqyeah, that should be always in mind07:41
berook -- guess that was a quick meeting then -- let's get back to fixing things...07:41
berohave a great week!07:41
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