rengolinI was trying to get 0ad running on the synquacer box (because it's a cool game, open source, stresses the gpu, etc)12:11
rengolinbut I gave up very quickly once I had an issue with it and google pointed me at this thread12:11
rengolinif that's their community behaviour, then I want none of it12:11
hrwrengolin: mozjs...12:31
hrwrengolin: discussion looks a bit like 'sorry guys, I am new and have no idea how it works when it does not'12:31
SteveMcIntyrerengolin: oh god, I thought that sounded familiar - there's my mail on the end of that thread... :-/13:49
ardbrengolin: that mozjs version may still have the nan boxing bug as well14:42
ardbor 'feature' depending on how you look at it14:42
GraemeGardb: what speed is SynQuacer serial?16:40
GraemeGsee nothing on this one16:41
ardbGraemeG: not even right after reset?16:41
GraemeGdoes it matter where dimm goes?16:42
ardbGraemeG: the green one near the ATX connector16:43
GraemeGahah that was it16:44
GraemeGI put in DIMM 116:44
GraemeGand UEFI on HDMI16:45
GraemeGnow is this cable live is the question :-)16:49
ardbyou mean the serial?16:55
GraemeGno, my switch16:55
GraemeGnot sure the port it was plugged into is live16:55
GraemeGbut on other switch network is not working, I guess monday will be wireshark tim16:55
ardbbtw my dhcp issue decided to resolve itself16:56
ardbGraemeG: dmesg will tell you if link is up or not16:57
GraemeGin uefi16:57
GraemeGbut actually it works in shell16:57
ardbifconfig -l in uefi shell will also tell you if the link is up16:58
ardband ifconfig -s eth0 dhcp will request a lease16:58
GraemeGyeah done that, got dhcp response, ping works16:58
ardbonly it's asynchronous so the command will return immediately but it takes a couple of seconds for the lease to be acquired16:59
ardbah excellent16:59
GraemeGand now http boot working16:59
ardbbut no dhcp in linux? that's the same issue i had16:59
ardbyou're not quite at that point yet :-)16:59
ardbi just installed the 18.04 mini.iso over http on my board17:00
GraemeGrev: 0.3 btw17:00
ardbat least your usb console works then17:00
GraemeGim actually using the hdmi console17:01
GraemeGso linux dhcp worked17:02
GraemeGbut after that networking is ill17:03
ardbsounds like what rengolin was experiencing17:05
GraemeGjudging by the activity light its only sending occasionally17:05
ardbnothing in the kernel log?17:06
GraemeGyou cant get there on hdmi :-(17:06
ardbalt+f2 doesn't work?17:07
GraemeGoh I am dim17:07
GraemeGwas looking for ctlr-a17:07
GraemeGnothing in dmesg17:07
GraemeGlast thing is a netsec link up messager17:07
GraemeGsorry typing over top of synquacer17:07
GraemeG18% packet loss on ping17:08
GraemeG3-5s latency17:08
ardbyeah that is exactly the issue rengolin was seeing17:09
ardbi've never seen that17:09
GraemeGwhat passive did they change?17:09
ardbso we should check which version of the NETSEC microcode they put into the NOR flash17:09
ardbiirc they fixed something for the SCP network controller17:10
ardbwhich we couldn't care less about obviously17:10
GraemeGwell monday Ill wireshark it and see if its sending corrupt stuff or just not sendin17:11
ardbi'll send an email to masahisa17:11
GraemeGseeing same screen artifacts as rengolin as well17:11
ardbusing the asus card?17:13
ardbi haven't used that one as much as I have used the zotac, but i don't remember seeing any visual corruption17:14
GraemeGi might have an older card somewhere Ill look next week17:15
ardbthis sounds fishy17:16
ardbi mean, both the network and the gfx over pcie playing up in ways we haven't seen before17:17
ardbon two separate samples17:17
GraemeGyeah something changed17:17
GraemeGI wonder if it is as simple as the wrong firmware17:18
ardbcould be17:18
GraemeGcorruption moves on redraw too17:19
GraemeGand its lack of pixels so some writes are not making it17:19
GraemeGI can see the dmesg in the holes if they are in the correct place17:20
ardbsounds like PCIe transactions getting lost17:25
ardband the fb driver just BLTs the corruption along with the valid content when it scrolls17:26
ardbactually, can you try something?17:26
ardb'echo auto > /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/pstate' as root17:26
GraemeGno such file in installer17:28
ardbmakes sense17:28
ardbthat actually made things worse for rengolin17:29
ardbdo you have one of those 96boards serial boards that fit into the low speed connector?17:30
ardbyou can use that to get at the scp console17:30
GraemeGis it 1.8v or 3.3v on this one?17:30
ardbeh no17:31
ardbi think there's a level shifter for the ls connector but i should check the schematics first17:31
GraemeG3.3 I can jerry rig17:31
ardb1 sec17:31
GraemeGbut not now17:31
ardbnah those pins go straight into the soc so it'll be 1.8v17:33
GraemeGi donated my hikey to a student as I never ever used it17:33
ardbGraemeG: i've got two in my drawer as well, the old one and the new one17:33
GraemeGi guess worst case yang could post me one on tuesday17:33
ardbGraemeG: that would make sense yes17:33
GraemeGill send email noew17:34
ardbGraemeG: as well as a secure9617:34
ardb(with the tpm and the rng)17:34
=== ahs3|afk is now known as ahs3
ardbGraemeG: could you check something for me from the UEFI shell?17:39
ardb(now or later)17:39
ardb'mm 522d022c -w 4'17:39
GraemeGI need to find an alternate network card anywa17:40
ardbhit enter17:40
ardbfor the next one17:41
ardb(exit with q)17:41
ardbsame for me17:41
ardbthat's hw version + microcode version17:41
ardbso i suspect it is something with the DMA coherency handling17:41
ardbi enabled the SMMU memory attribute override to make the DMA cache coherent17:42
ardbwhich worked fine on all the different boards i tried17:42
ardbso i suspect it is the cm3 firmware version17:42
ardblet me check whether we can dump the version from the shell as well17:43
ardbhexdump says no :-(17:44
ardbyou still there?17:49
ardbjust checking something locally quickly - 1 sec17:49
GraemeGbeing summoned for food though so only be here a couple of mins more17:49
ardbnever mind17:50
ardbthat part of the nor is not actually mapped by uefi17:50
GraemeGthink of anything else email me Ill check later17:50
ardbso we can't dump it from the shell17:50
ardbi'll drop you an email later - we can just replace that cm3 firmware with the ACPI version masahisa prepared17:52
ardbwhich you were going to do anyway17:52
GraemeGnot see rengolin SATA issue18:31
GraemeGhmm, network in linux now behaves19:40
GraemeGardb: supertuxkart at 10-13fps20:06
GraemeGwith thte NvClk=auto doohicky20:07
GraemeGardb: I wonder if networking could be UEFI setting something that kernel cannot clear, as it doesnt happen in my installed system20:10
GraemeGardb: Ill have to try installing netinstaller from USB20:10

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