beropossibly the patched kernel tree as well00:00
bkeysThanks, so you say the x4 slot does effect it?00:01
bkeysCause I like making video games with my computers and was worried the PCIE might ruin that00:01
berogenerally works, but at least with the graphics cards I've tried (mostly older radeons) you'll see an occasional twitch or flickering00:02
berobut it's not so bad00:02
bkeysMmhm, but it doesn't effect the framerate too bad?00:02
bkeysAnd would getting a newer card fix it you think?00:03
beroNewer card would likely be worse because they expect even more bandwidth that the slot can't deliver00:04
berothat's why I've tried older cards for the most part00:04
bkeysHave you tested it on newer cards?00:04
bkeysI am picking up this model from a guy tomorrow, does it get your stamp of approval?00:05
bkeysIt has good open source driver support according to x.org00:05
beroI tried a Radeon Vega 64, that didn't work at all, but I'm pretty sure it just tried to draw more power than the PSU could handle00:05
berothat card looks good to me, similar to the ones I'm using00:06
bkeysIf I were to upgrade I would probably get something like this00:06
bkeysIt has very low power requirements00:06
bkeysAnd the issue with bandwidth might go away since it's only x800:06
bkeysThe wx4100 page says it only requires about 50 watts of power00:07
beroIf you have a decent PSU that should work...00:08
bkeysDo you think it would still flicker worse than a lower end GPU?00:09
beroI'm running mine off a rather crappy 200W PSU that was built into the case00:09
bkeysI bought a small 300W PSU00:09
beroI'd guess so, but I may be wrong about that00:09
beroit's certainly worth a try...00:10
bkeysSeparate, but I saw that the built in one used 200W then I took some into account for the GPU00:10
bkeysSo why do I need the microusb cable? It figures I only have one that plugs into the wall and not USB00:10
beroYou need the microusb cable initially to set up the bootloader (there's no BIOS setup or so like on an x86 box -- and the bootloader doesn't have graphics and keyboard drivers)00:11
berobut once the bootloader is set up and it's set to autoboot you can remove the microusb cable00:11
bkeysWhat does the USB end go into?00:11
beroyou plug the usb end into a normal computer (or different board) and the microusb end into the macchiatobin00:12
bkeysThen what?00:12
berothen you use minicom -D /dev/ttyUSB0 (or something similar) to control the bootloader00:12
bkeysYay my roommate came just in time and he let me borrow his microusb cable00:14
bkeysThis is a lot of help btw, I didn't know i had to mess with the bootloader00:14
bkeysDoes the mcbin need to be plugged into the PSU while I am doing this?00:15
beroyes, it can't be powered through usb00:16
beroneeds to be turned on too00:16
bkeysAlright, I think i am in00:17
bkeysAnyway to test that it is the mcbin?00:17
berowhat do you see in minicom?00:20
berodo you see bootup messages after pressing the reset button or so?00:21
bkeysThe reset button on the mcbin?00:21
bkeysThis is the output I get when I press the reset button00:24
bkeysThere are no devices plugged into any of it's ports. Only PSU00:25
berothat's good, that's what you're supposed to see00:25
bkeysSo what is the next step/00:26
beroAFAIK the board defaults to booting over the network, that's why you get the "Bad Linux ARM64 Image magic" bit, it's trying to boot something that isn't there00:26
bkeysThat makes sense00:26
beroReset the board again and press a key when it says "Hit any key to stop autoboot:" (line 63 in your paste)00:27
beroThen check out00:27
bkeysIt didn't react when I tried to stop the autoboot00:27
bkeysLet me try again00:28
bkeysOkay that time I know I hit a key00:28
beroand the instructions at the bottom of https://github.com/OpenMandrivaSoftware/hardware-MACCHIATObin00:28
beroIf it doesn't react to a key, make sure your serial port settings in minicom are ok00:29
beroIf e.g. hardware flow control doesn't match, communication can be one-way00:29
bkeysWell I get a prompt that says Marvell>>00:29
bkeysSo I think it's not one way00:29
beroyes, that's good00:30
beroit takes normal uboot commands now00:30
bkeysBut it still wont initialize a keyboard and mouse?00:30
beroah, you tried the an actual key on the keyboard... those will work only once an OS is booted00:31
bero"press a key" or "type a command" in this context is on the computer that has minicom open00:31
bkeysYes I did it on the same terminal emulator I had minicom running in00:31
berothat minicom session is sort of like an ssh connection to the other box00:31
bkeysNothing it attached to the mcbin except the mircousb00:32
beroyou should be able to type a command there...00:32
beroif it doesn't react, check the serial port settings00:33
bkeysYeah I am going through the guide now00:33
bkeysOn the step where it says00:34
bkeys| A -    Serial Device      : /dev/tty8                                 |00:34
bkeysOn the submenu, do I replace that with /dev/ttyUSB000:34
bkeysThe guide says so00:34
bkeysAlright the minicom should be set up now00:36
beroTry running some commands...00:37
bkeysIt does the same as it did before00:37
bkeysI have the Marvell>> prompt but it doesn't stop the autoboot when I press a key00:37
berodouble-check the flow control settings etc00:38
bkeysActually when I try to type at the Marvell>> prompt it doesn't do anything. But I can still do minicom shortcuts00:38
bkeysYou mean in minicom -s ?00:38
beroTry setting BPS/Par/Bits to 115200 8N1 and both Hardware Flow Control and Software Flow Control to No00:40
beroI really have to go now, 1:40 am here and the dogs have been letting me know they want to go outside and then to bed for a bit now...00:41
beroIf I don't grant them their "outside" wish soon I'll have some unneeded mess to take care of00:41
beroTry with those settings and the commands in the wiki and on the README link I gave you00:42
beroIf it doesn't help I'll be back tomorrow00:42
bkeysAlright, thank you for all the help Bero c:00:42
beroI'm sure there's also more people around who know about serial ports and uboot00:43
bkeysHey autoboot stopped!00:43
bkeysI don't have a machine that runs urpmi, does anyone here have the flash firmware already made that they could upload?00:55
bkeysI suppose I can get to work setting up an openmandriva virtual machine00:58
bkeysI opened an issue regarding the openmandriva script04:24
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bkeysbero: Are you out and about?11:46
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benjiGulfh: Hi, may I ask you to review this patch https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10221257/ ? It will help the author before pushing a v2. thanks15:40
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