thopre01Is there a linaro powerpoint template for slides?09:54
yrouxthopre01: in google slide there is a Linaro misc template10:05
yaothey usually share the right templates before each connect10:06
clyonmaximk, I don't understand what triggered https://ci.linaro.org/job/tcwg-trigger-gcc-linaro-6/28/13:48
clyon(2h ago)13:48
clyonit should have run on Jan 24th13:49
clyonhmmm it actually ran on Jan 24th too13:49
yrouxclyon: I've updated FSF linaro branches with integration branches content13:58
clyonyroux, ok, it explains why the commit date is Jan 24th14:01
yrouxclyon: yup (the run on Jan 24th was done on branch merge rev, here we have snapshot commit and bump version)14:01
clyonnice... the abe change to install 'runtest' elsewhere broke the binutils job :)14:05
clyonit uses abe to install a recent version of dejagnu14:09
clyongrmbl... it also broke make-release :(15:38
yrouxclyon: is it more than just the checking of binaries content (which is expected)?15:43
clyonyroux, I didn't check fully yet, but I think it's more: rsync complains before building expat15:44
yrouxclyon: ah ok :(15:45
clyonbut maybe that's just because it expects the destdir to already exist, which is no longer the case since dejagnu is now installed in a different place15:45
clyonobviously I didn't try a canadian cross build before committing15:45
yrouxbtw, test-release should be changed15:46
maximkamros: ping?15:57
amrosmaximk, pong16:07
amrossorry maximk just saw that16:07
maximkamros: I'm wondering about that jira bug in creating a new card via structure16:28
maximkamros: the card is inserted both at under the epic I'm creating it under (expected) and at top-level (unexpected).16:29
maximkamros: is there an issue we track this in?16:30
amrosmaximk, there is a filter i think to remove duplicate but not sure if will help fix your issue or not, i will examine closely and get aback to you soon16:50
maximkamros: duplicates filter won't help, since we have [expected] duplicates when card is under more than one component17:13
maximkamros: thank you.17:13
amrosmaximk, sorry not getting notifications from irc for some reason...i will let you know once i take a look19:01
rthhi guys.  I'm looking for the current state of the gdb sve patches.19:07
merzbowo/ can anyone help me build my aarch64 toolchain? idk what to do after untarring gcc-linaro-7.2.1-2017.11-x86_64_aarch64-linux-gnu21:48
rthmerzbow, cross build or native build?22:29
merzbowcross building with x86_64 host22:30
rthmerzbow, do you have cross binutils too (or are they included in a unified tarball?22:32
rthbeyond that, mostly it's just configure --target=aarch64-linux-gnu --prefix=/some/dir --with-sysroot22:33
merzbowHmm.. I may need a little handholding here. I don't think I have the right binutils. I tried building my kernel with binutils-none-eabi which my OS's repo has, but it's not for aarch6422:37
rthah, no.22:37
rthmerzbow, in the gcc-linaro tarball, does the binutils subdirectory exist?22:37
merzbownot in there22:39
rthok, so you'll need http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/binutils/binutils-2.30.tar.xz too22:40
rthmerzbow, you're not looking for something bleeding edge like sve support are you?  just basic armv8.0-a cross-compile?22:41
merzbowthat's right. I just want to get in a proper emulation environment and tinker with shaders22:42
merzbowrth basic v822:42
rthso: unpack binutils.  configure as above; make -jN && make install.22:43
rthmkdir -p $PREFIX/aarch64-linux-gnu/sys-root22:45
rthyou'll then need to unpack into that directory the glibc-devel packages for aarch64.22:46
rthany distro will work; debian or fedora are both easy to find.22:47
rththen you can configure gcc with the same options, make && make install.22:47
merzbowokay, I need to reboot my system real fast22:48
merzbowrth what ideally should my /some/dir be? I don't think /usr/bin is working right, because I'm getting 3 extra folders23:13
rthmerzbow, fwiw, I use $HOME/gcc/run-cross23:14
merzbowah, good idea23:14
=== rth is now known as rth_afk

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