kantamaximk on Linaro-internal as asked Does Linaro have access to Geekbench sources? Anyone on here who could help him. I know LMG is running geekbench, but no idea if you have the sources10:41
kantabero ^ would you know?10:42
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berokanta: We don't have access to Geekbench sources, all we have is an APK13:36
kantabero would you be able to let maxim know please? thanks13:58
berokanta: sure13:58
kantathank you. hugs to laska13:58
kantabero ^13:58
berokanta: she sends a lick in the face13:58
sumitskanta, bero: dropped a msg for maximk on #linaro-internal14:05
beroI /msg-ed him before too14:06
berobhoj-: Hi, around?15:28
bhoj-bero, Hi15:39
berobhoj-: Do you have some time to sync up w/ Yongqin and me about builds tomorrow?15:40
bhoj-bero, i am on leave today and tomorrow. I'll drop an email about the same. Here are the CTS results: CTS results for 8.0:15:42
bhoj-CTS results for 8.1:15:42
bhoj-bero, if you want, we can sync up anytime in the next couple of hrs.15:42
bhoj-bero, by email I meant: email about the builds that we have.15:43
berobhoj-: ah, ok... Don't want to disturb your leave. Yongqin is probably gone for the day given his timezone...15:43
beroWould be good to just try to get the LKFT and LCR builds and others a bit closer so we don't end up fixing the same CTS failure 3 times15:44
beroI'll be at Bootcamp next week, so that will be a bit hard, but maybe we can sort it all out over email15:45
bhoj-bero, i'll start with an email now.15:49
berobhoj-: thanks16:02
berobhoj-: btw, LKFT-AOSP meeting is on, if you want to join (you don't have to, we'll get by)     https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/linaro.org/lkft-aosp16:05
bhoj-bero, i am in now.16:11

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