stylesenwhere do I ask ssh access for a machine on arm developer cloud ?07:45
stylesenI mean https://www.linaro.cloud/07:45
hrwstylesen: you mean: ssh access to VM on linaro developer cloud?07:48
stylesenhrw: yes07:48
stylesenhrw: the vm or machine that is associated with
hrwstylesen: in this case ask the person who setup that instance07:49
stylesenhrw: okie07:49
hrwwe provide people with access to cloud to allow them run some instances. once they are running we do not have control (other than ability to stop/start/destroy instance)07:51
gemastylesen: which project is this in relation to?09:05
stylesengema: lava.codehelp.co.uk - I just got the shell access and the required stuff from Neil few minutes back09:06
gemastylesen: cool, was gonna say talk to neil09:06
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