bhoj- davepigott ping08:13
liuyqcodehelp, any idea why the timeout settings for job here does not work: https://lkft.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/9999209:13
liuyqcodehelp, there are several such jobs: https://lkft.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/95602 https://lkft.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/98512 https://lkft.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/9995609:13
codehelpliuyq: related to LAVA-1165 - already being worked on09:36
davepigottbhoj-: pong11:09
davepigottivoire: ping11:09
ivoiredavepigott: pong11:09
davepigottivoire: I have a dispatcher (https://lkft.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/worker/lkft-qemu02.lkftlab) which shows Active but Offline. How do I set it to Online? Can’t find anything in the UI or Admin11:10
ivoiredavepigott: lava-master is not receiving lava-slave pings11:11
ivoiredavepigott: that's why it's marked as offline11:11
davepigottivoire: Okay…11:11
ivoiredavepigott: lava-master will set the state of Online when receiving pings, and Offline when not receiving ping for some time11:12
davepigottivoire: Okay - what service on lkft-qemu02 should I be looking at?11:12
davepigottivoire: lava-slave is running11:12
davepigottivoire: Restarted lava-slave and the ping started working11:13
stevanrroxell, mwasilew, hey guys, do you have any other use cases that needs to be supported in LAVA with regards to https://projects.linaro.org/browse/LAVA-120815:12
stevanrthe fix for the one mentioned in the description has been added in the comments section15:13
mwasilewstevanr: I'll leave it to roxell and nkambo15:13
bfletchercodehelp: Trying to run a fastboot job on my local pc without lxc gives me IndexError: list index out of range and "LAVABug: This is probably a bug in LAVA, please report it.". Should I assume this isn't something that's not supported?16:28
bfletchers/is/isn't EOR s/not//16:29
SteveMcIntyrelucad111: can you add the Mellanox switch to DNS please? lngswitch04 ==
lucad111SteveMcIntyre, sure, done17:09
SteveMcIntyreI have a driver written and reasonably tested17:11
codehelpbfletcher: fastboot without using LXC is not currently supported - there is work going on for using docker instead but that's in development17:11
SteveMcIntyreabout to import the new switch and get things going17:11
lucad111SteveMcIntyre, nice!17:11
bfletchercodehelp: ok, thanks17:17
roxellstevanr: sorry for late reply, but I can't think of anything else with regards to issue LAVA-1208.19:49
roxellstevanr: I tried to run qemu-arm, no luch but I assume I do something wrong... https://staging.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/20822020:15
roxellstevanr: I tried to run a hackingsession for qemu-aarch64 https://staging.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/208219 and https://staging.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/208222 with two different gateways thought that was the problem in job #208219... but unsure what happened in job #20822220:19

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