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mazbroonie: any comment on this: https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10133595/14:30
mazbroonie: it reliably crashes my chromebook...14:31
brooniemax: please don’t send content free pings...14:33
brooniemaz: ^^^14:34
broonieIf the patch went AWOL it’ll need a resend anyway14:34
mazbroonie: if you consider that's content free, fine. I'll STFU.14:35
broonieLike I say you need to resend if it’s gone AWOL.14:36
broonieIt probably got lost somewhere if nothing happened14:37
broonieEssentially all of the time the answer to that question is "I don't know, please resend so I can review it"14:43
broonie...and yes, that's the case here - no sign of the patch in my inbox.14:46
mazbroonie: resent.14:50
arndbaolin: I looked at the read_persistent_clock interface users some more today, and noticed one interesting detail: parisc uses the same interface for both read_persistent_clock and rtc-generic, so we could remove the former without loss of functionality, but the rtc interface loses the nanoseconds, so it seems better to keep r_p_c() here21:48
arndthe same is probably true for a number of other interfaces, in particular the ones used on hypervisors (s390, kvm, ...)21:48
arndbaolin: also interesting: I found out what KVM on ARM does: there is a 'ptp' driver in drivers/ptp/ptp_kvm.c that can read the synchronized host time, it just doesn't seem to tie in to the guest system time (it's possible I'm just missing that conenction)21:57

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