ototompoirier: mikelbbn: broonie: meeting time17:02
mpoirierGood day17:02
ototoLets of snow here today :) Quattro time! :)17:03
ototomikelbbn: let's start from you today, Mike17:03
mikelbbnLots of rain here today - umbrella time!17:03
ototoYou're lucky it's not boats time ;)17:04
mikelbbnAnyhow - fairly short report - got packet buffering added to library and tested. This will be good for scripting & testing. Working on getting an effectively empty CTI driver building and loading - i.e. get the infrastructure bits done  - adding the programming registers after that is easy.17:05
mikelbbnFinally looked over mpoirier Perf patches to check decode operations working as expected for the library - look good17:06
ototoGood, thanks17:07
ototompoirier: your turn, Mathieu17:07
mpoirierIngo has pulled the perf-tools patchset this morning, making it very likely the functionality will show up in the 4.16 cycle.17:08
mpoirierThis is much faster than I expected, so much that comments coming back from the mailing list have to be addressed with patches rather than another revision.17:08
mpoirierSo I have to send a correction that was suggested by Rob W. at ARM.17:09
mpoirierIt also paves the way for the packaging of the library, something I started reading on.17:09
mpoirierI'm halfway through the documentation now.17:09
mpoiriermikelbbn, it dawned on my this morning that I forgot to do the documentation for compiling the perf-tools with a debug openCSD library.17:11
mpoirierYou'll get a patch for that today or tomorrow.17:11
ototompoirier: as a Gentoo user I could potentially help with creating a package for Gentoo is that makes any sense17:11
mpoirierGentoo is Debian...17:11
mpoirierIt is not?17:12
ototoNope, Gentoo is compile-from-sources packaging :)17:12
mpoirierI suppose we learn every day.17:12
broonieMore to the point it's a completely different source package format all their own.17:12
broonieThere's also arch.17:12
mpoirierThen yes, please do.17:13
ototoANd RedHat17:13
mpoirierototo, you can do RPM as well?17:13
ototoOh, no, not me - I was just mentioning other things to look at17:13
mpoirierOk, for that broonie already filed a request with the build & baseline group.17:14
* ototo nods17:14
mpoirierThings are coming together.17:14
ototompoirier: I'll derive it from your deb package as soon as you have it17:14
mpoirierThat will take a little while as I am learning this stuff.17:15
mpoirierBut sure, I'll let you know.  I also have to write a card for it.17:15
* mpoirier makes a note.17:15
mikelbbnmpoirier: re debug - I figured installing the debug version of opencsd-lib and then compiling perf DEBUG=1 does the trick17:16
mpoirierIt's about telling it where to get the library from, instead of using the system's default.17:16
mikelbbnOK - so that's an alternative route to mine17:17
mpoirierIt's like what we use to have in the old version of the patchset.17:17
mpoirierI did this after talking to you... I won't document it if you don't think it will be useful.17:18
mikelbbnYes - I do think it will be useful - it has the advantage that you still have a working installation if you forget to re-install the proper release later!17:19
mpoirierVery well, I'll work on the doc today or tomorrow - most likely the latter.17:20
mpoirierototo, back to you17:21
ototoOne important reminder - please don't forget to send your weekly reports in time and update your JIRA cards (see my email sent earlier this week)17:22
ototomikelbbn: will you be at HKG18?17:22
mikelbbnthats the plan17:22
mikelbbnlong flight though!17:23
ototoThe one after HKG will be in Vancouver/Canada on 17-21 Sep17:23
mikelbbnOK those dates are different from what I noted when they announce the next two connects at the last one17:24
mikelbbnhave they changed?17:24
ototoThose are finalized now, after contracts have been signed17:24
ototoIs there anything we should do for/against Meltdown/Spectre?17:25
mikelbbnHmm - I had 8-12 oct - luckily not an issue17:26
mpoirierototo, we'll have to see how/where the mitigation gets applied in the kernel.17:26
* ototo nods17:27
mpoirierRight now the fix are known but where to apply them isn't as clear.17:27
mpoirierI'm sure there will be an LWN article on the topic when more information is known.17:27
ototoAny other matters/topics from anybody?17:29
mikelbbnall good17:30
mpoiriersame here17:30
ototoWe're done then. Thanks for attending and see you in two weeks :)17:30
mpoirierototo, https://projects.linaro.org/browse/KWG-31618:00
mpoirierototo, tell me what you think before I do the same for RPM.18:00
ototompoirier: looks good to me19:32

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