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beroliuyq: guess it's just you and me today -- do you want to start?08:32
liuyqbero, 1. I think we could have the change here merged, https://android-review.linaro.org/#/c/18026/, but still use the r7 tag for release08:33
beroyes, sounds like a plan...08:34
liuyqbero, 2. please help to check the test result for x15 build here: http://android.linaro.org:8000/report/test-report/?build_name=android-lcr-reference-x15-o08:34
liuyqI want to use it for 18.01 release08:34
beror8 and r9 look safe, but you never know...08:34
liuyq3. please help to check the release note change here: https://dev-private-review.linaro.org/#/c/1745/08:35
beroI don't seem to have permissions to view the x15 results... Can you set them up? (username bero)08:36
liuyq4. I tried google upstream change https://android-review.googlesource.com/c/platform/libcore/+/588293 with the r7/r9 tag, but the problem still could be reproduced08:36
liuyqbero, please try again,08:38
berostill getting permission denied, maybe I have to log out and back in...08:38
liuyqyeah, please log out and try again08:39
beroyes, works now...08:40
berolooks really good btw08:40
liuyqbero, for the hikey UI crash problem, I tried the icu master with r9 base, but no help on the crash, now I am trying to enabled the  icu master+ libcore master + cherry-picks from master for build/soong + r9 base08:41
liuyqbero, thanks, will ask the release team help to deploy the images first then08:42
berorelease notes look good too, except we may have to replace Android with AOSP in a couple of places so we don't violate trademark rules08:43
liuyqfor the hikey build, since the UI crash problem cause many test failed, I am not going to release it this month without it have it resolve, it could be reproduced very easily, so I think it's not good to release it. how do you think about it?08:43
liuyqrelease it with some ugly hacking workaround? not think it's good...08:44
liuyqbero, ok, will update release note08:44
beroMaybe we can release it as a preview build pointing out what's wrong with it08:46
berojust so people can get to 8.1.0 and ideally help us fix it ;)08:46
liuyqbero, hmm, that's an option, let me try to prepare it then08:50
liuyqbero, ok, thanks probably all from my side at the moment08:52
beroI don't have anything else either, still working on the LHG bits right now08:53
liuyqbero, will have the release notes merged first, and then submit a new change for the Android->AOSP change, so that it would be clear which Android we should change to AOSP08:53
berosounds good, thanks08:53
liuyqbero, thanks, will talk to you later if I have any question08:54
berohave a great rest of the week!08:57
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