maximkgood morning!08:25
maximkprathamesh: is there any progress on libgo failures?08:32
maximkclyon: ping?09:18
clyonmaximk, pong09:32
maximkclyon: would you please approve https://servicedesk.linaro.org/servicedesk/customer/portal/3/ITS-464110:11
clyonmaximk, done. Sorry, for some reason the original ping got lost in my mailbox10:21
clyonmaximk, do you know what happened on the builders yesterday evening? (I got several warnings from nagios)10:22
maximkclyon: yes10:22
maximkclyon: stale ssh-agent processes accumulated on builders.10:23
maximkclyon: I started a bunch of backport jobs (side-effect from upstream2gerrit job), which overflowed the threshold.10:23
maximkclyon: I've filed upstream jenkins PR for the ssh-agent today10:24
clyonmaximk, that's what I thought. But I expected jenkins to submit only as many jobs as supported10:24
maximkbcc: I've updated the spreadsheet for ansible roles.10:42
bccmaximk: ack thanks I'll take a look10:44
maximkbcc: it's very likely that I forgot some of the configurations that were deployed by hand without any ansible trace.10:46
bccmaximk: yeah I'm not surpised10:46
bccits a mess :)10:46
thopre0115:09:47 < rovka> ^ yroux, thopre01 as well :)11:00
thopre01I'm already following this, I was thinking about working on this after my current ticket11:01
rovkathopre01: ok, sounds great. you can probably assign the jira ticket to yourself then11:04
rengolinyroux: clyon what about wine and cheese?13:39
rengolinwe have more french folks to help this time13:39
clyonrengolin, ha! you always think about the only important thing :)13:39
rengolinduh, obviously!13:39
rengolinthat's the only reason I go to connect13:39
rengolinwell that, and to see you guys...13:40
yrouxrengolin: :)13:40
rengolinthough, this time, there are less reasons to go... :(13:40
yrouxrengolin: it should be part of the board game night, but I need to check13:41
ardbmaximk: do you know if there are already plans to implement TLS stack canaries for arm64?13:52
ardbmaximk: if so, it would be good to align with what we need in the kernel13:53
ardbmaximk: (this ties back into the question i had yesterday - http://www.workofard.com/2018/01/per-task-stack-canaries-for-arm64/)13:53
ardbmaximk: i also spoke to ramana about this btw13:53
maximkardb: I don't know about TLS stack canaries.  Does this mean per-thread stack canaries resolvable via TLS symbols?14:21
ardbmaximk: in userland, yes.14:23
ardbmaximk: and we would like something similar in the kernel14:23
ardbmaximk: but we don't use TLS annotations at all, and use a different register14:23
azanellaanyone well versed in CFI directives?19:09

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