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ototo#topic Roll Call16:02
* rth is here16:02
* ototo greets Virt team o/16:02
* ajb-linaro is here16:02
* pm215 is here16:02
ototochazy: are you also here? :)16:02
* chazy is here16:02
ototo#topic Round Table16:03
ototoDue to the planned Christoffer's departure I'm going to be conducting these meetings :)16:03
ototorth: Let's start from you, Richard16:04
rth* Several rounds of review and rebasing SVE/vector code16:04
rth  -- thanks guys for all the quick reviews16:04
rth* Just about back to actually writing new SVE code; only the fp and memory insns left.16:05
ototoajb-linaro: your turn, Alex16:05
ajb-linaro- reviewed rth's SVE preparation patch16:05
ajb-linaro- working through the more complex aspects of pm215's review of softfloat re-factor16:05
ajb-linaro- cleaned-up my task list export for mailing list to make more compact16:05
ajb-linaro  - next step updating JIRA with status16:05
ajb-linarorth: sounds like we should be good for demo-ing SVE at Connect?16:06
rthajb: I should think so.16:06
ototoWhat would be the equipment needed for such a demo? A monitor, what else?16:07
chazythe big screen in the keynote room?16:08
chazy(just kidding)16:08
ototoOk, we'll figure that out later then16:08
ajb-linaroototo: yeah - it will just be shell on something ;-)16:08
ototopm215: your turn, Peter16:08
pm215 * still a bit weighed under by code review16:09
pm215 * have been starting back into v8M and the complexities of derived exceptions on exception entry...16:09
pm215 * the usual accumulation of "should really investigate that bug" stuff16:09
pm215 * somebody on the mailing list is being rude/abusive :-(16:10
ototoIs there any help needed to fix the rude/abusive issue? :)16:10
chazypm215: who is being rude?16:11
ajb-linaropm215: the raspi3 stuff? I was wondering if it would be worth trying to point out the maintence cost or just /dev/nulling him16:11
pm215I haven't decided whether it's better to ignore, respond politely, or respond firmly that it's unacceptable16:11
pm215https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qemu-devel/2018-01/msg05606.html is the thread16:11
ototochazy: your turn, Christoffer16:13
chazypm215: there’s an asymptotically close to zero chance that this person will ever bring something useful or helpful to the community.16:15
chazypm215: does qemu have a code-of-conduct for mailing list behavior?16:15
pm215code-of-conduct: no16:15
pm215I agree that it's not likely we'll get something useful (except in the sense that there's enough code there that somebody else one day might want to clean up and use)16:16
chazyAre you satisfied with his signed-off-by to have someone else pick that up in terms of legal constraints?16:17
pm215good question, given it's a pseudonym...16:18
ajb-linaropm215: he's easy enough to find on github16:19
chazygiven that he’s already stated that he’s not interested in working with the community, I would recommend stating neutrally that the hostile behavior is off-putting, and that at this point the best thing is probably for him to supply the necessary signoff and someone else can pick up the code if there’s interest.16:20
chazyand then ignoring anything beyond that.16:20
pm215I'll think about it and maybe write something later16:20
chazypm215: happy to take a look if you want another pair of eyes before sending it out (only if that’s helpful)16:21
chazyright, my turn:16:21
chazy - Been reading mitigation patches for spectre/meltdown and thinking the stuff that affects KVM16:22
chazy - Had some conversations with Marc about the EL2 randomization stuff and whether or not we should try to merge that for v4.16.  Still undecided.16:22
chazy - Trying to get to the bottom of the VHE optimization regression.16:22
chazy - Got a TX2 configured for me in Cavium’s colo, but trying to avoid running a Windows VM to run their proprietary password and VPN tools is taking me a fair amount of time :(16:23
chazy - Filled out some annual review requests for assignees.16:24
ototo#topic Open Floor16:25
ototoAre we ready for connect (bookings wise)?16:25
* pm215 won't be attending16:26
rthI have flights booked, but not hotel.  I forget if that's ready for sign-up?16:26
ototorth: there was a form to fill - the rest is automagic16:26
ototorth: I can forward that to you if you missed the email16:27
rthototo, yes please.16:27
ototoBTW, the connect after HKG will be in Vancouver (Hyatt Regency downtown) on September 17-2116:27
ototoDates are final -you can plan things around16:27
pm215cool (the early notice is definitely appreciated)16:28
ototoIt is hard to get, but yes, is very appreciated :)16:29
ajb-linarodoes anyone know the magic git diff flag to make diffs handle big changes better?16:29
ototoOther topic - JIRA updates. Yesterday I've sent an email on that. Please read it if you haven't done that yet.16:29
ototoajb-linaro: there was something about trying harder when creating a diff16:30
rthWe should think about what sort of test case we want to demo for SVE.  Is there something that perhaps a partner cares about?16:30
rthajb-linaro, -d / --minimal16:30
ototorth: good point. Did we have any use-case information with the requests coming to us?16:32
rthototo, i have not seen one, which is why i brought this up.16:33
chazyrth: ajb-linaro: could you get in touch with Renato about that?  He should be able to help with something suitable for HPC16:33
* ototo nods16:34
ajb-linaroI'll ping renato16:34
ototorth: I forwarded you the email with a link to the accommodation form16:34
chazyI have to run16:34
ototoAny other matters from anybody?16:34
ototochazy: thanks!16:34
* ototo has to go to another meeting too16:35
ototoLooks like we're done. Thanks for attending and have a nice localtime!16:35
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pm215...could somebody give me the meeting minutes url, please? I foolishly left the channel and lost the scrollback history...16:38
chazypm215: https://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-meeting-2/2018/linaro-meeting-2.2018-01-23-16.02.html16:40

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