bhoj-davepigott, this job looks like it is stuck: https://staging.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/20815209:58
davepigottbhoj-: Yeah - it’s a problem with the device not being in fastboot after running a test. :(12:05
bhoj-davepigott, can you fix the health check job by removing reboot-to-fastboot line ? This is only on staging so that we can have the device available for LAVA testing.12:15
davepigottbhoj-: Or just set it to true - sure.12:16
bhoj-davepigott, yes, but only for staging setup.12:16
davepigottbhoj-: Yep - staging has its own health checks. Not common to other instances12:17
davepigottbhoj-: Done and device is back in fastboot12:37
bhoj-davepigott, thanks.12:38
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ivoiredavepigott: the lab proxy is returning 503 when accessing http://archive.validation.linaro.org/artifacts/team/lava/2018/01/23/10/23/zImage12:52
ivoireMariaH: archive.validation.l.o is behind a proxy I guess? And the proxy is forwarding https:// to http:// (internally)?12:55
davepigottivoire: Not happening here - are you on VPN?13:02
davepigottbhoj-: So that test ran - has it told us anything?13:11
bhoj-davepigott, nothing much. checking the logs. it ended pretty quickly.13:12
davepigottbhoj-: First one took 2 minutes - next run was 11 minutes13:12
bhoj-davepigott, the new one started benchmarks. should have run atleast for few hrs.. checking what happened in there. I can say that copying content to device is fast.13:13
davepigottbhoj-: okay - I’ll leave you to it. :)13:13
bhoj-davepigott, i'll update the ticket with my findings. for now device is working fine in LAVA.13:14
davepigottbhoj-: okay13:14
ivoiredavepigott: from staging0213:14
davepigottivoire: You’re trying to wget it from staging02?13:15
ivoiredavepigott: yes13:15
ivoiredavepigott: http_proxy= wget http://archive.validation.linaro.org/artifacts/team/lava/2018/01/23/10/23/zImage13:15
ivoiredavepigott: same from validation.l.o dispatchers13:15
ivoiredavepigott: https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/166583013:16
davepigottivoire: Oddly - it works without the http_proxy13:16
davepigottivoire: Okay - I’ll discuss with lucad11113:19
ivoiredavepigott: thanks13:19
davepigottivoire: There is something complicated going on with the reverse proxy so that the status fails to map from http to https. Since archive *has* to be https, you will have to make it an https request13:51
ivoiredavepigott: grumpf13:52
ivoiredavepigott: ok13:52
ivoiredavepigott: is the reverse proxy setting HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO correctly? (should be "https")14:04
davepigottivoire: In a meeting - ask lucad11114:05
davepigottlucad111: ^^14:05
ivoirelucad111: is the reverse proxy setting HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO correctly? (should be "https")14:05
lucad111ivoire, checking14:13
lucad111ivoire, where should it be set?14:17
ivoirethe reverse proxy should set it when forwarning the requests14:19
ivoireit's to help django to know that the initial request was done over https14:19
amroslucad111, MariaH PMWG need this ASAP https://projects.linaro.org/browse/CTT-89814:55
amroslucad111, MariaH i already talked with davepigott and ryanarn about it in an email...Yinshen is leaving by end of this week..he has his public gpg in the ticket14:56
lucad111amros, ok, on it, thank you15:05
amrosthanks lucad111 :)15:15
SteveMcIntyredeanarnold: joining us?15:28
lucad111amros, done15:28
deanarnoldSteveMcIntyre: on our way15:28
amrosthank you lucad111 vmuch15:28
lucad111amros, you're welcome15:28
alimonhi, i'm debugging an issue when a lava test dies by OOM but the shell waits to reach the final timeout, in the log the event "<LAVA_TEST_RUNNER>: exiting lava-test-runner" appears but the lava-dispatcher didn't notice it,  https://lkft.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/10107116:34
alimoni just loaded a CTT, https://projects.linaro.org/servicedesk/customer/portal/1/CTT-90617:13
alimondavepigott: the db410c boards are in bad status again :/ (v.l.o.), once in a while the same error appears when writing boot partition in lkft too: https://lkft.validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/10122817:23
alimonthe only thing i see is that it reboots the db410c after flash rootfs  and then tries to flash boot, may be the reboot in conjunction with the usb hub is causing the problem17:40
davepigottalimon: Looking...19:34
davepigottalimon: That’s odd. Not sure why it reboots after flashing the rootfs. It’s not instructed to do that in the job definition. It’s not flashing reboot, it’s asking to boot with a particular image. Will investigate.19:36
alimondavepigott: yes19:41
alimondavepigott: i don't know why is rebooting after rootfs flash, may be other boards require it19:41

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