GraemeGwoowoo for DHCP09:37
GraemeGgema: https://bsdrp.net/09:42
GraemeGalthough it does say not for firewalls10:08
GraemeGdidnt notice that as it was way down in docs10:08
GraemeGerk, not good, xgene appears to be broken on v4.15 :-(10:38
GraemeGah well not my problem10:43
GraemeGended now!11:05
ardbGraemeG: whoops missed it11:06
GraemeGardb: main thing for you is Radek is going to be slowly ramping up on SBSA Qemu Machine Firmware over the next couple of weeks, so be nice to him :-)11:07
ardbGraemeG: excellent!11:07
GraemeGardb: he is a tianocore newbie like the rest of us11:07
leiflindholmGraemeG: could you drop that @ you're wielding, you're scaring me11:07
GraemeGhe works for our favourite Polish contractors :-)11:08
GraemeGleiflindholm: grrrr, I keep doing it then Chanserv puts it back11:08
GraemeGthese IRC changes were not my doing11:08
gemaGraemeG: it's good to have you as the overlord, it suits you! behave or all your servers will stop booting!11:32
gemaoh, now is only martin :D11:33
broonieGraemeG can reop himself whenever he wants.11:45
gemabroonie: good point :D11:57
GraemeGbisection time :-(12:54
GraemeGhmm whatever this crash does to xgene it disables the reset button :-(13:03
leiflindholmSCP lockup?13:04
GraemeGno idea, get kernel panic when reading from AHCI disk13:06
* GraemeG borrows hrw's thermite15:46
hrwburn xgene, burn!15:47
hrwGraemeG: add 'if xgene then kernel_panic("go and buy sane sbsa hw")' code somewhere in earlyboot15:51
hrwI do not remember which was last mainline kernel version booting on xgene15:52
hrwprobably <4.10 if not older15:52
hrwwith acpi and serial console and without extra kernel arguments15:52
GraemeGhrw: 4.14 boots15:57
GraemeGhrw: its just you cloudy guys keeping it alive16:00
hrwGraemeG: 4.14 + erp-uglyhack branch patches?16:14
GraemeGhrw: nope, 1 patch for broken ACPI table on moonshot but thats it16:46
hrwGraemeG: still a patch ;(16:46
GraemeGhrw: not needed for Mustang though (or if you don't want PCI) :-D16:47
hrwECAM stuff?16:47
GraemeGno, just a bit of DSDT where they didn't read spec16:47
GraemeGand we tightened spec compliance in arm6416:48
GraemeGI am actually bisecting between v4.14 mainline and v4.15-rc916:49
GraemeGand getting good boots16:49
leiflindholmGraemeG: err, is there a 2018 card for me to hang remaining open 2017 cards underneath?16:55
leiflindholmor do I just create one?17:06
GraemeGleiflindholm: I had not created one yet18:42
leiflindholmGraemeG: I went ahead and cloned the 2017 one18:46
leiflindholmGraemeG: and then Anoop went ahead and fixed it18:47
GraemeGleiflindholm: :-D18:49

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