bhoj-davepigott, codehelp I am getting proxy error for these 2 jobs: https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/1665726,  https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/1665724 . can you please help me with what is going wrong here ?08:34
davepigottbhoj-: looking08:48
davepigottbhoj-: We’re investigating… very odd. All the data is there10:02
bhoj-davepigott, i could look at the results as well as resubmit the job.10:02
davepigottbhoj-: Yeah - but we’re trying to understand why it happened for just these jobs10:03
davepigottbhoj-: I’m suspicious - they are the two largest log files by a long way compared to other jobs run today10:07
bhoj-davepigott, yes. they are CTS jobs. the logs could be causing the problem but we had longer running cts jobs in the past with 55K results which completed fine. I had broken it into 2 jobs with 28K results each and ran them in the past but only these 2 failed. I have  resubmitted.. I'll let you know what happens with this: https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/1665736https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/166573710:09
bhoj-davepigott, Hitting the same issue now: https://validation.linaro.org/scheduler/job/1665736 . It was parsing the results when it started showing the problem.10:25
ivoirelucad111: when you want to maintenance a dispatcher, just set health to maintenance (in the worker page) and all attached devices will also go to "maintenance"15:05
lucad111ivoire, ok thank you15:05
ivoirelucad111: will be faster next time you set dispatcher02 health to maintenance :)15:06
ivoirelucad111: same when maintenance is finished, just set worker health to active and all attached devices will have health=unknown (except the ones with health in [retired, bad])15:07
alimondavepigott: MariaH hi, after 1 week of db410c usage in v.l.o., the health jobs fails seems that the failures are regarding the USB connection,  is there a way into the WEB UI to run the health jobs again?15:38
davepigottalimon: It may be that the boards are bricked. I can force a health check, but it may fail. MariaH is going to look at it, but this is lower priority than a couple of other tasks right now15:39
alimondavepigott: MariaH ok, we remove the firmware flashing from our jobs. the last jobs enters on fastboot and fails during flashing boot partition in the health jobs15:42
davepigottalimon: I’ve started health checks just to see -15:42
davepigottalimon: Yes - I can see that15:42
alimondavepigott: thanks!15:42
davepigottalimon: Looks like it is getting the udev trigger, so *should* pass health checks15:44
alimondavepigott: yes, both enters on fastboot db410c 02 and 0315:50
davepigottalimon: 03 failed for odd reasons, but 02 passed and is running15:51
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alimondavepigott: ok, i see15:51
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davepigottMariaH: Can you put the nexus5x in *Staging* (staging01) into fastboot mode please?15:58
MariaHdavepigott: Ok, give me a sec.15:59
davepigottMariaH: thanks15:59
MariaHdavepigott: Done. >(16:04
davepigottMariaH: Thanks!16:04
amrosMariaH, still around?16:39
MariaHamros: Not for long, but yes16:48
amrosquick HO ..2 min16:50
MariaHamros: Sure. Same as earlier today?16:50

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