stooarthrw, leiflindholm: Oh, I know, I was surprised people were using "Czechia" given how the name was dismissed by a Czech woman I spoke to a while back.08:55
GraemeGhrw: and instead of United Kingdom you can now just use "idiots"09:02
GraemeGardb: *phew* glad to see the majority of your comments were just styling issues!10:01
ardbGraemeG: yeah it doesn't look too bad tbh10:01
GraemeGardb: I have sent ahs3 an email about that Marvell thread on MDIO, I know redhat did some legwork in that area already10:18
ardbGraemeG: excellent10:19
ardbGraemeG: we should really manage the expectations there, i guess10:19
ardbGraemeG: before people start inventing crazy stuff and expect it to be copied wholesale into the spec10:19
GraemeGardb: hopefully he has some insights, although I would trust Mika's gut feeling considering how successful he has been getting x86 SoCs working10:19
ardbGraemeG: right10:19
ardbGraemeG: i'd rather use what we have and limit ourselves to common topologies rather than cater for everything and end up with something unworkable that doesn't survive the spec process10:20
GraemeGardb: yeah10:20
ardbGraemeG: or even worse, end up with something unworkable that does survive the spec process10:21
GraemeGIME those infinitely configurable hardware designs normally end in tears and/or smoke10:21
ardbGraemeG: DT is perfectly fine for that10:21
ardbGraemeG: not just perfectly fine, it is excellent at that10:22
GraemeGardb: yeah10:22
ardbGraemeG: just a different philosophy10:22
GraemeGif you need insane levels of control use the description language that gives you that10:23
ardbGraemeG: i hope v4.15 is out in time for the next RPK13:09
ardbmartinst: so when is this cambridge sprint? and for what purpose exactly?13:12
leiflindholmGraemeG: the head nitpicker hasn't spoken yet ;)13:24
leiflindholm(or well, he's started to)13:24
GraemeGardb: we have plenty of slack time in the kernel schedule this time ;-)13:25
GraemeGleiflindholm: well I figured if ardb didn't use the words "fire", "burn", "with", "it" in some order with meaning it wasnt a complete disaster :-D13:26
GraemeGgah shows how long since I powered on my APM, its still on jessie14:19
hrwGraemeG: my probably has rhelsa 7.2 on it...14:49
GraemeGhrw: I should stick alarm on it and be done14:50
GraemeGso ERP 17.08->17.12 goes without a single issue, no idea what martinst is moaning about14:55
stooartThe APM I use has "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server for ARM (Development Preview release 1.5)". I imagine that's quite old.15:01
hrwstooart: o, yes15:03
stooarthrw: It was a hand-me down. One careful owner. In need of some work.15:08
hrwstooart: wipe15:08
GraemeGso whats the deal with our assignees/member engineers getting banned from this channel?15:41
GraemeGhad two complains now and I know nothing of it15:42
broonieGraemeG: Are they registered with nickserv?15:42
GraemeGbroonie: yes15:42
broonieThere was a mail went around about trying to fiddle about with the channels to cope with some of teh spam that had been happening.15:42
broonieOh :(15:42
SteveMcIntyreGraemeG: ouch!15:43
SteveMcIntyrechase Philip and Ciaran, I guess15:43
GraemeGand if its two on my team how many other linaro "staff" are banned?15:44
broonieYeah, someone or other was mentioning it elsewhere.15:45
broonieGraemeG: If you're not registered with nickserv it looks like you get bounced into #linaro-unregistered.15:46
GraemeGbroonie: yeah both people have told me they are logged into nickserv15:47
GraemeGbroonie: double checking with one of them!15:47
ahs3GraemeG: thx15:51
GraemeGahs3: WB15:52
GraemeGahs3: nope, doesnt have to be a @linaro address15:56
ahs3*shrug*.  not sure what happened, then; i made no change on my end.  maybe something happened when all that crap spam started showing up -- stricter enforcement or something15:58
GraemeGahs3: I assume all you did was rejoin once you were identified with nickserv?15:58
GraemeGof course when services go offline like they did a few times over last few weeks we all get booted out :-)15:59
ahs3i did rejoin, but i've never NOT been identified with nickserv, though.  hence my puzzlement15:59
GraemeGahs3: you client probably cached the boot when services went down :-(16:00
GraemeGhappened to me16:00
ahs3GraemeG: oh, crap.  forgot about that.  yeah, maybe the proxy stashed something16:01
ahs3i thought maybe nobody loved us member engineers anymore :-)16:02
GraemeGhaha, I had wondered why it was so quiet around here16:04
broonieIt's possible people might be getting kicked out when their client reconnects if it joins the channel before nickserv finished registering them?16:05
GraemeGbroonie: yeah16:05
ahs3heh.  $deity forbid you should have nice quiet time to get any work done ....16:05
ahs3broonie: yeah, maybe a timing issue; or like GraemeG suggested, a caching issue16:06
broonieI hope this doesn't result in irccloud forgetting all the Linaro channels if they all get redirected into #linaro-unregistered....16:06
GraemeGahs3: well luckilly thanks to spectre we now have 200% more time to get work done (or something like that)16:07
* ahs3 finally gets irc nicks straightened out :/ ... apologies for any noise19:47

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