* niedbalski afk00:28
hrw09:06:05 ERROR:kolla.image.build.keepalived:open /var/lib/docker/containers/b29c2c418f8333a3e085da0610503ab8ae851f9e45593882f1a08a76ed51e161/.tmp-config.v2.json499610566: no space left on device09:23
hrwfabo: 'df -i' will tell do you have any inodes available09:24
hrwfabo: and migrate from overlay to overlay2 for docker storage09:29
fabohrw: I figured out the problem, still cleaning. we had a bunch of images from 201712. I think it's now best to clean up after yourself in the build job directly as you proposed at some point09:29
hrwwill add09:29
hrwfabo: run "docker images|grep "linaro/debian-source-"|awk '{print $3}'|xargs docker rmi -f09:30
hrwfabo: in meantime to remove all kolla images09:30
fabohrw: it's working (in progress) but it's slow09:31
hrwfabo: move to overlay2 - will be faster and not eat inodes like crazy09:31
hrwfabo: https://review.linaro.org/2329409:33
gemaGraemeG: do you have a lego blog?09:49
GraemeGgema: nope09:52
GraemeGkoen: might, he does post piccies of his sets :-D09:52
hrwthat reminds that I have to order Lego Darth Vader figurine09:53
gemaGraemeG: mwasilew, you and I should meet tomorrow to talk ERP and what resources are going to be needed when09:53
hrwMira has a bunch of stormtroopers but no Vader09:53
gemaGraemeG: to the best of our knowledge09:53
GraemeGgema: are you running in time delay today?09:53
gemaGraemeG: what does that mean?09:54
gemaGraemeG: the other day I ate at 11am thinking it was 1209:54
GraemeGmwasilew: sent the meeting invite 2 mins before you said this on IRC09:54
gemaGraemeG: always laggy09:54
gemaGraemeG: I was just explaning why it is there, smartiepants xD09:54
gemaoh, he also wrote the reason09:55
gemaI really should read my emails before talking09:55
GraemeGwhat happens if head is in the clouds all day :-D09:56
gemaGraemeG: in my defense I am stressed because there is a plumber at home and there is no water09:56
gemafor the foreseeable future09:56
GraemeGare the two connected?09:56
gemait stresses me not having water, yes09:56
GraemeGie plumber turned off water?09:56
gemathat's what plumbers do09:56
GraemeGnot plumber is there to find out why downstairs is flooded09:57
gemato be able to mess with the pipes09:57
gemano, this one is there fitting us a new shiny water softener :D09:57
gemathe flooding may come later09:57
* GraemeG has no need of them09:57
gemayou live in the bloody mountains and drink from the snow melting from your roof09:57
GraemeGhaha, not quite, but water does not come from mineral laden aquifiers09:58
GraemeGsome advantages to 350 days of pishin rain a year09:58
gemacambridge is horrible for water hardness09:58
GraemeGit makes martinst's tea taste odd :-)09:59
gemafirst world problems, I guess09:59
GraemeGwell at least your getting your dose of mineral salts :-D09:59
gemame and my shower, both09:59
GraemeGyeah I do not miss my washing machine looking like wookie would climb through it :-D10:00
gemaor the dishwasher10:00
GraemeGyou should have hosted MLAB, use the heat to purify water10:00
hrwheat, overheat, destile, use10:01
GraemeGchuck in some cheap fermented occasionally to make moonshine10:01
gemaGraemeG: I don't like to have hacks at home, I leave those for work10:03
* GraemeG has dual redundant water supplies :-D10:04
hrwGraemeG: roof and flooding?10:14
mwasilewgema: did you try vinegar? comes a tad cheaper than water softner10:16
gemamwasilew: I don't like the smell10:16
gemamwasilew: you should come to the conclusion already that we are weird people xD10:17
gemamwasilew: I keep giving you guys clues10:17
mwasilewgema: not really, I don't like the smell either10:17
mwasilewbut you don't use only vinegar to wash your dishes :)10:17
gemaI don't even use vinegar in salads10:17
mwasilewI add 1/3 of a bottle for each dishwasher load and it works well - no limescale in the dishwasher10:18
gemawhere do you put it?10:18
mwasilewwhere the dishes are10:18
gemawholesale there at the bottom? close the door and go?10:18
hrwI prefer citric acid rather than vinegar10:20
hrwdoes not have the smell10:20
mwasilewhrw: there is no smell after the dishwasher finishes (or I just got used to it)10:21
hrwa bit to water tank of coffee express and 4 coffees later it is clean10:21
hrwor rather 4 runs :D10:21
GraemeGhrw: this place used to be two houses so both half have different supply, so can turn water off in main house and still have water in ANnex10:22
hrwfabo: you asked me to not install anything in leg-kolla build as those deps will be provided already10:22
fabohrw: yes, I'm moving it to our new thunderx friend, and well it doesn't have much installed there :)10:23
hrwfabo: virtualenv python-dev lapack-dev blas-dev ffi-dev and several else probably10:23
fabohrw: I'll get there eventually and will add the build dependencies in a comment ;) for future migration10:23
fabohrw: gema: sorry for the spam10:25
hrwfabo: no problem. I filter jenkins to separate folder10:26
hrwand it often contain some random mails about jobs I never played with10:26
hrwfabo: it gets to bugs much quicker now ;D10:28
hrwfabo: you used overlay2 for docker there?10:34
fabohrw: yes. in fact, it's overaly2 mostly everywhere except on aarch64-01 which is the first system we setup in austin colo, ages ago10:45
faboat that time, overlay2 wasn't there yet10:45
hrwiirc its 1.12+ or so10:46
fabohrw: job failed on clean up but images published to docker hub13:08
hrwfabo: yep. making a change for it13:08
hrwfabo: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/paste/iFe8yW6P5h03kB2-B53cXg13:09
hrwlersek: hi13:09
lersekhrw, hello :)13:10
hrwfabo: the most important part is done13:12
* GraemeG heads into town before TSC13:20
GaneshRajulooks like github.com down again?15:31
gemasuihkulokki: sync up with niedbalski on your access, but I think you should be able to log in already16:42
gema(on cn1)16:42
gemasame credentials as us116:42

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