pm215rth: ajb-linaro: is there anything in the various simd/softfloat/etc patches you want me to look at?16:24
ajb-linaropm215: I'll be posting the next softfloat patch in a day or so - that would be useful to look over16:25
pm215that's v2 of "re-factor softfloat and add fp16" ?16:27
rthpm215, while kirill has reported bugs vs previous simd patch sets, no one has done any kind of review.16:34
rthpm215, even a browse through the patches would be welcome.16:35
pm215my to-review queue has three large things in it currently: (1) philippe's SD card related sets (2) the RAS stuff (3) your patchsets16:35
rthpm215, thanks.16:35
pm215(though alistair is doing some review of the sd card stuff, which helps)16:35
ajb-linaropm215: well it will be the softfloat re-factor on it's own with the ARM fp16 coming as a separate series18:30
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