leiflindholmrsalveti: using your script, I get14:25
leiflindholmfatal error: opening dependency file build/seattle/debug/bl31/gic_v3.d: No such file or directory14:25
leiflindholmin arm-trusted-firmware14:27
leiflindholmhuh, although it seems to continue building anyway14:27
rsalvetihm, let me check the log14:27
leiflindholmyour image from yesterday takes an assert on my husky, in Xhci ... will see if that one can be worked around14:28
rsalvetithere are indeed a few fatal messages, but builds and works anyway14:33
rsalveti<built-in>: fatal error: opening dependency file build/seattle/debug/bl31/debug.d: No such file or directory14:33
rsalvetian example14:33
leiflindholmrsalveti: yeah, I just built an image that fails in the same way14:33
leiflindholmfalse alarm, sorry14:33
leiflindholmvery handy collaboration rig, that :)14:34
leiflindholmright - hacking past that gets me into shell14:44
leiflindholmnow to see if I can get the PCI slot working14:44
leiflindholmor maybe I should say "the Xhci controller in the PCI slot"14:48
leiflindholmok, that worked - I now have a hack that forces the first Xhci controller in the system to not be initialized15:03
leiflindholmrsalveti: so ... for the RP installer, you guys haven't tweaked things like default swap size and stuff?22:10

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