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LetoThe2ndhowdy! following https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/panda-ics-gcc46-tilt-tracking-blob results in a VERY flaky display output here, it seems the panda is losing the hdmi link every few seconds14:02
LetoThe2ndusing another screen help a bit, i see. but mouse is still not working.14:12
LetoThe2ndand after some few minutes, the display gets turned off completely. :(14:15
jackhletothe2nd, try logcat it, then locate the bug14:20
LetoThe2ndjackh: sorry, android newbie. maybe some pointer to fitting documentation?14:21
jackhletothe2nd, try a usb2serial, then type "logcat &" try to find the root cause14:23
jackhone more thing, you second try seems the boards go to suspend...14:24
LetoThe2ndjackh: usb2serial is in place.14:24
LetoThe2ndjackh: the serial console also gets deactivated after a short period of time, and won't come back to life. hm.14:26
jackhseems go to suspend14:31
jackhit's normal14:31
jackhbut mouse should work14:31
LetoThe2nddoes not, unfortunately.14:31
jackhwhat do you see when plug in a mouse14:32
LetoThe2ndno reaction at all.14:32
jackhusb mouse, right?14:32
LetoThe2ndyes, microsoft notebook optical mouse14:33
jackhtry type dmesg to see if any error comes out14:33
LetoThe2ndconsole is also dead.14:33
jackh? when it boots, do you see anything from console?14:34
LetoThe2ndyes, after reboot, when i hit ENTER, the tty works.14:34
jackhwhen linux comes up, the console doesn't work?14:35
LetoThe2ndnono, i wait until it has booted, but not too long, and then i hit enter. then it works.14:36
LetoThe2ndat that point, i did replug the mouse, resulting in: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/574060/14:36
jackhlet it go on, seems you terminated it in uboot...14:37
LetoThe2nd(also shows the turning off of the monitor.)14:37
LetoThe2ndjackh: no, its the right console, i'm pretty sure :)14:37
jackhit looks ok14:37
jackhjust go to suspend14:38
LetoThe2ndanyways, gotta leave now unfortunately... i'll have to go back to this tomorrow14:38
LetoThe2ndjackh: thanks for your input so far!14:39
jackhtry a mouse click to see if it can resume14:39
LetoThe2ndno, mouse laser is also turned off14:39
jackhif you re-flash the sd card, you will have 1min to react14:40
jackhduring that period, try you mouse and paste your result to me14:41
LetoThe2ndsorry, i really gotta leave. hope i can catch you next time.14:42
jackhk, bye14:42
tmaxhello i am running Android 4 on Pandaboard from SD Card but now i want run it from USB just like Ubuntu, i cannot see root=LABEL=something as Ubuntu bootargs which is the bootarg i should change ?17:10
tmaxanyone ?17:32

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