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fabotgall_foo: ibiris: on LAVA, all the boards that have the audio loopback cables are tagged accordingly. You should be able to submit jobs as long as you use the tag capabilities.08:42
ibiristhanks fabo08:43
ibirisbenjiG: krtaylor ^^^08:43
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tgall_foogood morning13:25
tgall_foothanks fabo13:26
benjiGDr_Who: Hi, maybe we shouldn't close this BP https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-mm-sig/+spec/linaro-mmwg-cma-ion yet14:03
tgall_foobenjiG, yeah I've been wondering the same14:04
benjiGtgall_foo: I'm working on a new version to fix Rebecca's comments14:05
tgall_foobenjiG, All in all, I think at this point, you do what you think is best14:05
tgall_fooeasy enough to create new blueprints14:05
benjiGtgall_foo: I think it will depends of how many versions of the patches we need to got the Rebecca ack :-)14:07
tgall_fooheh yeah14:11
tgall_fooibiris, ping15:52
benjiGrobclark: hi, you should have a new version of CMA heap in your mailbox, I have send them to linaro-mm-sig16:01
robclarkbenjiG, yup, just saw it in my inbox16:01
ibiristgall_foo: pong16:13
Dr_Whoibiris: just coordinating .. meeting in approx 45 minutes ?16:13
Dr_Whowith the time change I'm being extra cautious16:13
Dr_Whook thanks!16:13
ibirisDr_Who: y, I usually think in UTC, so I am easily fooled with the async DST changes ...16:22
ibirisDr_Who: is the time ok for you16:22
Dr_Whoit's cool ..16:29
Dr_Whoibiris: the platform/wg meeting is now so happy to be able to attending16:30
ibirisDr_Who: it is the contrary for me17:00
tgall_fooibiris, anytime by the way17:01
ibiristgall_foo: seeing your updates on the BPs - sorry I got preempted for some operations related stuff19:28
tgall_fooibiris, it's ok? I'm just going at it with reckless abandon :-)19:31
tgall_fookrtaylor, ping at some point (know you're not around so hopefully catch you tomorrow morning or this evening)19:53

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