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linarobot`Meeting started Wed Mar 14 14:00:15 2012 UTC. The chair is mansson.14:00
linarobot`Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.14:00
manssonHello, Who's here?14:00
berohi all14:00
mpoirier_hello !14:00
manssonhi bhoj, pundiramit14:01
pundiramithi mansson14:02
pundiramithi team14:02
manssonHow is everybody? Is it spring everywhere?14:02
beroFinally starting to look like it, only a small patch of snow left14:02
pundiramityeah totally.. getting hot here day by day14:03
bhojhi mansson14:03
manssonGreat. I have sun clear sky and birds nesting :)14:03
manssonSo getting started..14:04
manssonNo more pfefferz this week. He is moving to a new house.14:04
manssonHe is referring to asac or the IRC/mailing lists.14:05
manssonIf it is simple things maybe I can help too.14:05
manssonUNfortunaly I will be leaving you all soon14:06
manssonLast day April 514:06
beroThat's really bad :/14:06
manssonI will certainly miss you. This has been really fun and a pleasure to see so many brilliant people working efficiently.14:07
beroWe'll miss you too14:07
pundiramitit was great working with you mansson14:07
botao_sunmasson: That's toooo sad.14:07
manssonI will hencefort be a community member :)14:08
beroIs this because of STE pretty much going out of existence?14:08
botao_sunmansson: That's toooo sad14:08
beroHope you'll stay around...14:08
manssonYou bet.14:08
manssonFurther on the agenda..14:08
manssonPapyrs. It appears the accounts and privilleges are totally screwed up.14:08
manssonI have asked asac and dzin to look into it.14:08
manssonThere are logins, but I am under the impression that everybody should be able to look at pages.14:09
manssonSo wi will fix that.14:09
manssonbig.LITTLE subproject. Very High prio. Tall order. General status? Could you who are in it give us a few words?14:10
pundiramitI have pushed few core tests today14:11
bhojwe have builds for big.LITTLE available in android-build now : https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/vexpress-rtsm-ics-gcc46-armlt-stable-open/14:11
pundiramitI'll push one more by EOD I guess14:11
jackhhey, mansson14:11
manssonhi jackh.14:12
jackhmansson, what happened to you?? something happened?14:12
jackhsounds like you will move to china?14:12
manssonjackh :) You are actually not far off the mark. I have some leads...14:13
manssonHas everybody got licenses that need to have?14:13
manssonfor fastmodel14:14
manssonAny roadblocks needs clearing?14:14
bhojI have it  . whoever needs the license follow https://wiki.linaro.org/Process/Flexlm14:15
jackhno, i still need to get the license14:15
jackhlast time stanford told me to apply for something14:15
manssonOK. So bhoj can help you if there are snags.14:16
jackhya, i know vishal well, he is just near bangalore14:17
manssonYou have selected skype. Does everybody in big.LITTLE has  skype working? I am mansson72 btw.14:18
manssonHave you tried it yet in meetings?14:19
jackhmy skype is OK, i forget my id, but i'll forward it to mounir14:19
pabhisheki wan't able to , pinged mounir - hopefully next meeting it should be fine  id:p-abhishek14:19
manssonplease, put your skype id on: https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/IfSomethingGoesWrongOrYouHaveQuestions14:19
jackhi tried skype last time with some other guy in linaro, just works well14:19
beroI have some serious concerns about $kype (especially that it's owned by M$ and its Linux port is usually years behind the other platforms). We should really try to avoid using it when at all possible14:20
manssonYep. Unless you use it in your phone and the operator cuts you off.14:20
jackhok, let's try mumble14:20
manssonTwo out of three operators in Sweden does that. I have the third :)14:20
manssonNext item,14:21
manssonAnnamali, will Samsung release new blobs for 3.3?14:22
jackhannamalai123, did you have a chance to go over my mail on key.kcm?14:23
manssonah. he's not here is he.14:23
jackhhe was online this afternoon my time14:24
manssonbero, could you give us an update on Toolchain release?14:24
beroCurrent snapshots for 4.6 and 4.7 are both looking good - official release is expected today or tomorrow14:24
beroFrom my side, we're ready to build the release tarballs as soon as the toolchain WG makes theirs14:25
manssonThat's really good. Looking forward to that.14:26
bero4.8 is in a pretty bad shape (lots of ICEs) but that's to be expected at this time (4.7 has just been branched off, so any experimental stuff that wasn't considered ready for 4.7 is in 4.8 now)14:27
beroSo we'll keep the tracking builds, but we're definitely not going to make a 4.8 based toolchain release in the next couple of months14:28
manssonYes, I guess 4.8. is still Science Fiction :)14:28
manssonSo does Anybody have any snags with Connect? Hotel, flights, registration?14:28
manssonSounds good.14:29
jackhtianhong and me will not go...14:30
manssonYeah, I heard. Bummer. would have been close for you.14:30
jackhbut maybe you guys can get a chance to shanghai??14:31
jackhnot so far as you know14:31
bhojjackh, if you could send me an invitation letter for visa ;)14:32
manssonIts important that you have a general feeling for the plans ahead,14:32
jackhtianhong, in the meeting??14:32
manssonWHen the papyrs mes gets cleared,14:32
mansson#action look at https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/Meetings/2012-03-14#preview14:32
manssonAnd peek at hte TSC cards.14:32
manssonThese cards represents the member companies wishes, and thats what everybody should work with to achieve.14:33
manssonThat's it from me. AOB?14:34
asac_i have one comment :)14:34
manssonlet's hear it14:34
asac_its about how we can ensure proper quality of engagement with upstream14:34
asac_upstream being AOSP14:34
asac_noticed that we have started to probe how upstreaming works and submitted a few tihngs14:35
asac_bhoj had a document that tracks those "upstreaming" efforts14:35
asac_when looking at them I noticed that some upstream tickets had questions pending for a while14:35
bhojits pfefferz's  document14:35
asac_so I wanted to see what needs to be done to ensure that things like that don't slip through in future14:35
asac_e.g. we want to be responsive14:36
manssonasac, Link?14:36
asac_is it just raising awareness that upstream communication has to be super responsive?14:36
asac_bhoj do you have the doc again?14:36
bhojasac_, I am in discussion about the patch on a mail . I don't know why its being done through mail .14:36
jackhya, AOSP, that's important for android guys14:36
bhojasac_, https://docs.google.com/a/linaro.org/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnpUtxWjZbP9dDZSRUwtYjVqVDlWQW1LTmtabS14OGc#gid=014:37
asac_bhoj: not talking about individual items... just wonder if there is something that can be improved14:37
asac_mansson: the above has some links14:37
asac_the first two or three on toolchain had questions14:37
asac_and no follow up from me14:37
asac_I would think we should be able to pull a list of all outstanding @linaro.org submissions directly from gerrit14:37
asac_would be better than tracking it in a spreadsheet i guess14:38
beroIt would definitely be useful to have some reminder14:38
asac_anyway ... nothing needs to happen. Just wanted to kick off discussion and remind everybody to follow up there :)14:38
* patrikryd is back14:38
asac_for the current submissions14:38
asac_bero: I agree having some safety net is helpful14:38
asac_but we also would have to establish an understanding that you reply when you see the question14:39
asac_and not think you will remember :)14:39
asac_at least thats what I think14:39
asac_anyway. just wanted to put it on agenda to be worked on (or not) when pfefferz is back14:40
beroYes, the problem is it usually goes like this:14:40
bero1. Patch gets submitted14:40
bero2. No response for a bit of time14:40
bero3. There's a reply at last, but you've moved on to other work that is highest priority in the mean time14:40
jackha small question, till now what we do is not related to AOSP?14:41
bero4. You put replying to that on the TODO once the other work is finished, causing another delay14:41
beroCould use some optimization I think ;)14:41
asac_bero: right. we need to ensure that upstream responses always gets highest priority14:41
mansson#action OK. So each assigned person should think about how to a) be responsive and b) to try to keep the discussions i the right forums.14:41
asac_the key here is that upstreams usually become more responsive if  you showed that you are a good contributor14:41
asac_e.g. if you follow up very quickly and hav a bunch of good contributions in, folks will prioritize reviewing you14:41
asac_so 2. will improve if we fix 3. and be superstar contributors and very pleasent to work with folks14:42
asac_thats important to remember14:42
asac_on how general upstreams work and how you can gain higher priority through merits14:42
asac_due to the small numbe of direct upstream contribution topics we run, we should pay extra attention that those run very smooth from an AOSP engineer perspective14:43
asac_guess thats my input :)14:43
asac_would be great to continuously run reminders and work on upstream interaction best practices I guess :)14:44
manssonThanks asac.14:44
manssonmore AOBs?14:44
manssonAll right then, have a pleasant day. Bye.14:45
linarobot`Meeting ended Wed Mar 14 14:46:30 2012 UTC.14:46
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