robclarkrsalveti, https://plus.google.com/photos/100088338106620131532/albums/571846100642482966502:33
rsalvetirobclark: awesome!!!02:35
rsalvetirobclark: with the latest sgx driver you were working on?02:35
rsalvetiand newer kernel and stuff :-)02:36
robclarkrsalveti, yeah, upstream omapdrm (plus a little patch or two that I need to cleanup and submit) and latest sgx..02:37
robclarkI'm using git wayland/weston atm.. but probably will create a branch for 0.85 if needed so we can have it work in precise02:37
robclark(which I assume will have 0.85)02:37
rsalvetirobclark: cool02:38
robclarkstill some cleanup needed, and things like that.. but I'm happy to finally have it come up after a couple weekends of hacking02:38
rsalvetiyeah, can imagine, great work02:38
rsalvetirobclark: how is the performance?02:38
robclarkwith the level of debug traces I have enabled in kernel and userspace at the moment... pretty slow ;-)02:39
robclarkmy poor serial port screams for mercy ;-)02:41
rsalvetihaha :-)02:43
artemmakhutovI am wondering if xbmc-pvr will be added to the setop box image...09:45
zygaplars, around?10:20
zygaanyone from the val team?10:20
zygarsalveti, around?11:43
zygajcrigby, ping11:44
fabozyga: maybe I can help you. what's going on?12:52
zygafabo, thanks12:52
fabozyga: btw just replied to your mail12:53
zygafabo, I want to rebuild the kernel http://releases.linaro.org/12.02/ubuntu/oneiric-images/nano/beagle-nano.img.gz with one option flipped12:53
zygafabo, I'm trying to follow guides on our wiki12:53
zygafabo, let me tell you what I managed to do12:53
zygafabo: I've cloned git://git.linaro.org/people/jcrigby/ubuntu/linux-linaro-oneiric.git 12:53
zygafabo: I managed to flip the option I wanted12:54
zygafabo: I even did it with the ubuntu packaging bits, so it's available to all flavours12:54
zygafabo: sadly that got me linux-image-3.0.0-1008-linaro-omap_3.0.0-1008.12_armel.deb12:54
zygafabo: the changelog entry from the .img file I've references says:12:54
zygafabo: I have no idea how to combine those trees though12:55
zygafabo: so there we are, I'm currently cloning git://git.linaro.org/kernel/linux-linaro-3.1.git12:56
fabozyga: ok, so cloning git://git.linaro.org/people/jcrigby/ubuntu/linux-linaro-oneiric.git seems wrong12:57
fabozyga: have you tried to run john script to build the package12:57
zygafabo, right: I was following the guide12:58
fabozyga: there's a "build locally" mode12:58
zygafabo: I was following https://wiki.linaro.org/KenWerner/Sandbox/CreateCustomKernelDeb12:58
zygafabo: I'm not familiar with that script12:58
fabozyga: 2s, grabbing urls12:59
zygafabo, thanks12:59
zygafabo, I'm going to try my tests with the 3.0.x kernel I've built12:59
zygabut I want to ensure this config patch can go in13:00
zygafabo, what I'm doing could redefine lava13:00
zygafabo, in the quality dept :)13:02
fabozyga: the entry point is https://ci.linaro.org/jenkins/view/Ubuntu%20CI%20PKG/13:03
fabozyga: it uses scripts that can be found in lp:~jcrigby/linaro-ci/lci-build-tools linaro-ci13:03
fabo-> https://code.launchpad.net/~jcrigby/linaro-ci/lci-build-tools13:04
fabozyga: see http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jcrigby/linaro-ci/lci-build-tools/view/head:/localrun13:04
zygachecking all that out now13:05
zygaI'm somewhat lost frankly13:06
zygafabo: what should I do to patch that kenel that was in that image I linked to earlier?13:06
fabozyga: you need to check the config fragments that are available and flip your option13:09
zygafabo, where exactly? I know option I want, I'm lost with everything else13:10
faboafaiu we use the flattened tree13:11
* fabo branch13:11
zygafabo, branching13:13
fabojcrigby has a nice combination of git.linaro.org, github and bzr repo on launchpad to make the kernel CI :)13:14
zygaok, that will take a while13:14
zygafabo, that certainly makes things easier13:15
zygawhy github _and_ g.l.o?13:15
fabozyga: http://paste.ubuntu.com/878857/13:17
fabozyga: http://lwn.net/Articles/484686/13:18
zygaoh, lwn13:18
zygafabo, ah, I read that13:18
zyganothing to see here really13:19
fabozyga: well, before actually reading the content of the article, I thought about things that we host on github...13:20
fabozyga: I need to go away from the screen, you're on your own again. I promised to play cards with my daughter...13:23
fabosee you later13:24
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heikrnencan anyone suggest how to get Efika MX smarttop to boot Linaro 12.02 from SD card?16:00
Alex[sp3dev]hi. i'm using an exynos 4210 and i have 0x00208001 error in mmc_send_cmd in uboot. i have checked voltage regulators are correct. has this been observed on other boards like origen?18:55
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mwhudsongood morning19:59
michaelh1Morning mwhudson20:39
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zygamwhudson, hi21:34
mwhudsonzyga: hello21:34
zygamwhudson, could you look at my fix-annoyances branches if you have not already21:34
mwhudsonzyga: ok21:34
zygamwhudson, they contain a mixture of "aww, style" and "ohh, bugfix" patches21:34
mwhudsonzyga: i am reading up on json schemas currently :-)21:34
zygaah :D21:34
zygamwhudson, if I have some time I'd like to upgrade j-s-v to draft 3 21:35
zygamwhudson, so that it can validate both21:35
zygabut it's not so urgent21:36
mwhudsonzyga: are the differences between draft 2 and 3 large?21:36
zygamwhudson, hard to say,21:36
zygamwhudson, there are some cosmetic changes21:36
zygamwhudson, there are some parts that I have not implemented like hyperspec and linking21:36
mwhudsonwell sure21:36
mwhudsoni can live without them for quite a while i think21:37
zygamwhudson, there are probably a lot of clarifications21:37
zygamwhudson, $schema and $ref are nice21:37
zygamwhudson, I think they would be essential to build something larger21:37
zygamwhudson, I tried to implement json-rpc schema the other day21:38
zygamwhudson, I got stuck on non-determinism and catching that21:38
zygamwhudson, on the top-level object (either a simple or batch request)21:38
mwhudsondict order stuff?21:38
zygamwhudson, no21:39
zygamwhudson, ah, mental shortcuts, sorry21:39
zygamwhudson, schema contains defaults21:39
zygamwhudson, and __fragment_cls hints21:39
zygamwhudson, I wanted json-document to infer schema on type unions21:39
zygamwhudson, type union is just a regular union as one may recall but matched to a schema type 21:40
zygamwhudson, { type: [int, string]  } is an union21:40
waxxdoes anyone know when 12.03 milestone is due?21:40
zygamwhudson, but so is { type: [{ type: object, properties: { ... }}, {type: object, properties: { ... }}]}21:40
mwhudsonwaxx: 29th according to https://launchpad.net/linaro/+milestone/12.0321:41
zygawaxx, should be on the milestone page21:41
mwhudsonzyga: ah right, was just reading about that in fact21:41
zygamwhudson, 02 has a bit more ambiguities21:41
mwhudsonzyga: does j-s-v support format: ?21:41
zygamwhudson, partially21:41
mwhudsonformat: 'uri' ? :)21:42
zygamwhudson, there are a few pieces implemented and a primitive place to plug more21:42
zygamwhudson, no, but it's demand driven (need it - add it)21:42
mwhudsonzyga: ok21:42
zygamwhudson, I only ever implemented the bare minimum needed for bundles21:42
zygamwhudson, it's trivial to add that though21:42
waxxyou guys know how to override EDID or refresh rates to get 24p working on linaro-ubuntu ?21:42
zygamwhudson, have you read my comment on how we could use custom error messages?21:42
zygawaxx, nope21:42
mwhudsonzyga: i've looked at it21:43
mwhudsonzyga: i haven't read it yet21:43
mwhudson(if that distinction makes sense :p)21:43
zygamwhudson, was that what you though about or did I completely miss the point21:43
zygaah, ok21:43
zygamwhudson, if you need more features just open tickets on j-s-v or do that yourself if you wish21:45
zygamwhudson, I'm going downstairs to read a book21:45
zygamwhudson, see you later21:45
mwhudsonzyga: ttyl21:45
chrmhoffmannhi all. I have a problem with 2.6.35 kernel on a nook tablet (omap4430).22:38
chrmhoffmanni work on android cm9 port.22:38
chrmhoffmanni use older android gadget and i try to write my partition to /sys/devices/platform/usb_mass_storage/lun1/file22:39
chrmhoffmannthe same works fine when using lun022:39
chrmhoffmannwhen I give a wrong partition name, the kernel complains.22:39
chrmhoffmannif i try partition name that works on lun0 on lun1 nothing happens.22:39
chrmhoffmannany idea what could be the problem?22:40
michaelh1Hi chrmhoffmann.  This is the #linaro channel.  We work on the OMAP4, but not on the Nook, CM, or older kernels like
michaelh1Have you tried #cyanogenmod?22:41
chrmhoffmannmichaelh1, sorry.22:41
chrmhoffmannI think this is a kernel problem as lun0 works fine.22:41
chrmhoffmannbut i agree that it's an old kernel.22:41
chrmhoffmannsorry for noise.22:41
michaelh1No worries.22:41
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* mwhudson boggles22:46
mwhudsonzyga: i think i've found something you could argue is a cpython bug22:46
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