Dr_Whoevening wei_feng03:07
Dr_Whoor rather I should say, Good morning!03:07
wei_fenghi Dr_Who03:19
Dr_Whowei_feng: sounds like there might be an update to address the Origen problem you were seeing soonish, rsalveti & dev platforms was going to be testing a fix03:19
wei_fenggreat! I also got a mini hdmi cable and try ucm without uart03:21
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ibiris1benjiG: ping - related to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-mm-sig/+spec/linaro-mmwg-cma-ion what is still to be done for the "create CMA heap" work item ?11:02
benjiGibiris: the patches are send for review to john11:55
benjiGibiris: only a formal review and approval is missing to have that item done11:56
benjiGibiris1: ^^12:01
ibiris1benjiG: ok are you pushing the review forward ?12:07
ibiris1do you need any help there?12:07
benjiGibiris1: I'm waiting for john review, but if you think I can send the patches to android-kernel mailing I'm ready to do it12:09
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ibiris1benjiG: I will probe john to check if there is something he has to comment on, if not then please send to android-kernel (and cc linaro-mm-sig and patches@linaro.org)13:05
benjiGibiris1: ok if john has no commet in send the pacthes to the mailing lists13:08
benjiGibiris1: I have try to ping him yesterday, but with the time zone I was out of office when he reply :-(13:10
tgall_fooibiris, have you seen rony this week ?15:10
ibiristgall_foo: I have only seen his status - leaving today. but I did not try to chat with him15:17
tgall_fooibiris, ok .. sounds like he was on irc at least ?  guess I missed him15:18
mruhe was in the tuesday "meeting"15:21
ibiriskrtaylor: tgall_foo: are you working on anything  Android-related which would need special help from linaro-android folks ?16:58
tgall_fooibiris, if there's anything i need via vishel or zach is where I go ?17:00
ibiristgall_foo: zach is the person to contact17:00
ibirisI can bring anything to him now if you have a shortlist17:00
ibiristgall_foo: is there any new issue or bug we should ask for his help?17:01
tgall_foonot yet ?  least not until the TI tree is settled a bit more17:02
ibirisso what is the timeline for the settling of TI kernel? Is that more specific now ?17:04
tgall_foowell we won't see anything "delivered" until 12.0417:04
tgall_foowhat's there now builds I guess for omap5 but not for omap417:05
tgall_foomru, say Mans, have you been working on the kernel asm optimizations that you and kiko has talked about at lc?17:10
krtayloribiris, yes, and I am in almost daily contact with them17:26
ibiriskrtaylor: great, if there is something extra you need pls let me know17:26
tgall_fooibiris, I met with lool this morning ?  one thing we have to add is a status section to the various cards ?  I'll get that done17:28
ibirisis there a template? I can help also with that17:29
tgall_foounless of course you're just dieing to do it :-)17:29
ibiristgall_foo: of course I am :-D17:31
mrutgall_foo: no, I haven't heard any more about that17:37
tgall_foomru, ok lool was asking,  sounds like need to talk to the kernel guys about getting a scope of what functions they think it'd be worthwhile putting some time in17:38
tgall_fookrtaylor, for https://linaro.papyrs.com/MMWG2011-UCM-FOR-ANDROID  ? new section, "status" supposed to be simple. :-)  if you want anything more than what is there lemme know19:29

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