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dsaxenajstultz_vm, ping21:39
jstultz_vmdsaxena:  pong21:51
dsaxenajstultz_vm, hey...was wondering if there was ever any post-connect follow up on pulling config fragments into linaro build process?21:53
jstultz_vmdsaxena:  its on my todo.. i was going to let andrey get the 12.3 process worked out, adn then probably try to help consolidate the configs used.21:54
dsaxenaok, cool.21:54
jstultz_vmdsaxena:  the hard part is that we need to get the configs in place, and then we need to integrate with the 3 separate build systems (ubuntu,android, lava)21:54
dsaxenai was thinking about it in relation to topic trees that we pull into the tree. for example, if we ask for the eMMC 4.5 tree to be merged, it'd be nice to have the relevant config options auto-enabled21:55
jstultz_vmdsaxena:  if anyone is feeling idle and interested, i'd be happy to hand the work off, but if not, i'll get to it.21:55
jstultz_vmdsaxena:  yea.. hopefully the trees would have modifications to the base linaro config21:55
jstultz_vmalthough that could get collisiony.. worse case we do a debian 0001-base.conf, 0010-mmc.conf style directory21:56
dsaxenaok, that's one way of doing it. I was thinking we could just include a fragment in the tree and point to that in the pull request21:56
jstultz_vmyea, the only thing is the build system is what uses the configs..21:56
jstultz_vmso getting the right configs pulled in will need some syncing.21:57
jstultz_vmand i'm not sure how the mult-topic : multi-target M:N style building will actually work out..21:57
jstultz_vmi'm sure it will, just i'm sure there will be kinks to iron out21:58
jstultz_vm(ie: android and ubutu patches colliding or something)21:58
dsaxenahmm, will think about this a little more22:02
dsaxenajstultz_vm, on another note, do you know about http://www.brainsilo.org/? I just found out about it22:07
jstultz_vmdsaxena:  haven't heard of it.. although i know there's a few of those around.22:12
jstultz_vmdsaxena:  so actually, i had been linked to this before.. its interesting. probably a little ackward of a location for my usage.. even so, i've been missing having a walking commute.22:17
jstultz_vmso i'll have to keep my eyes peeled for other places.22:17
* dsaxena has been coffee shop commuting a lot with this weather22:24

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