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loolI see that eglibc just gained getcontext support in precise; should we rebuild/change certain packages for this?  e.g. apr13:24
loolwe could give back certains ones like the ppp stuff13:25
loolhmm eglibc isn't built yet13:25
looldep-wait g++-4.6 which is building13:26
loolalmost finished13:26
loolarmhf one is removing bdeps and amrel one is running dh_builddeb13:27
loolwvstreams was one13:27
infinitylool: If this makes wvstreams happy, I'll fix Pas and get it built.13:29
infinitylool: And it's certainly worth looking into how this affects apr, yeah.13:31
loolinfinity: Yup; I was updating Pas actually13:31
loolSteveMcIntyre: was the ruby stuff related to this in any way?13:31
SteveMcIntyrelool: I don't *think* so, no13:33
loolI don't see any getcontext/setcontext stuff in apr (build log and source package) so I don't think we need to retry it13:39
infinitylool: P-a-s updated in production, thanks.  I'll recreate the missing builds and retry them when eglibc is actually built and in the archive.13:46
loolinfinity: right; we should wait for the armel one before the no-change uploads13:57
infinitylool: Shouldn't need uploads at all.14:14
loolinfinity: Oh it's creating new build records automatically nowadays or you created them by hand?15:14
loolHmm wvstreams doesn't have the build records at least15:16
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infinitylool: I'll do it by hand.  But no point until the new eglibc is built.15:59
markos_ibiris, I got pissed off at google+, I'm going to cancel my account it uploaded all my photos from my phone online without it ever asking me -I installed google+ app to try hangout from phone but it didn't work19:05
markos_is there no way to have hangout work without g+?19:05
ibirisnope afaik19:05
ibirisbut you can tell it to never sync photos19:06
ibirisautomatically I mean19:06
markos_I uninstalled from phone anyway19:06
markos_this is really irritating19:06
ibirisby default I think it comes with that setting enabled, I was also surprised long before the hangouts became important for linaro19:06
ibirisand made sure my devices never upload without me telling so19:07
markos_in fact I'll uninstall all google apps from my phone19:07
ibirismarkos_: I cannot advise on that, personally I am happy with google apps19:23
SteveMcIntyremarkos_: sounds reasonable19:26
markos_ibiris, I already know that google is tracking me but uploading all my kids photos online without ever asking me is just too much19:50
ibirismarkos_: I am not an advocate of G, but I did not have to remove any G apps - just made sure there is no automatic uploading happening behind my back. It is a 1 configuration choice in g+ to never do an instant upload (at least it is like that on Android). My photos remain where i want them unless I decide to upload any myself.19:58
markos_it should be the other way around19:59
markos_Google 'assumes' too much already about what I wat19:59
infinitymarkos_: To be fair, it puts them in a private album.20:05
markos_I just do not agree20:06
infinityI'm not sure I'm a huge fan either.  But I also have less techinical friends who (A) think it's an awesome feature, and (B) would never think to check the preferences to discover and turn it on.20:07
infinityI can somewhat see Google's need to find a compromise there.20:08
infinity(And uploading to a private album only you can see seems fair)20:08
markos_only I or Google's face recognition internal software as well?20:09
markos_and anyway, it's bandwidth reasons as well20:09
markos_I certainly don't want to get charged because my phone uploads photos without my knowledge20:10
markos_having wifi is fine, but what if I was on 3G?20:10
markos_and anyway, imagine my surprise when I found G+ informing me of new photos and looking at my kids photos online, when I was certain that I never did that20:11
markos_I'm not paranoid, but I certainly don't like such an invasion in privacy20:11
markos_and for people that would like this feature they could just ask "hey you have new photos pending to be uploaded from your phone, would you like to do that?"20:12
infinityThey could probably have a one-time opt-in dialog or something, sure.  Not saying it's perfect, just that I understand the compromise between paranoia and ease of discoverability/use.20:18
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infinitylool: wvstreams, wvdial, and pathfinder good to go.23:01
infinitylool: (well, or still building, in the case of some)23:01
looljust saw that, awesome23:36

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