fabotgall_foo: rsalveti: we need to merge hrw branch into linaro-seeds and update linaro-meta package for precise/armhf07:11
fabolooking into it, though it's the first time ;)07:11
fabocalling germinate-update-metapackage has the side effect to close my shell...07:18
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kapareHi, CONFIG_FUSE_FS is not set. What's the best way, I mean the way you are using, to recompile the kernel for this I'm with ubuntu on panda 17:10
kaparehttps://wiki.linaro.org/KenWerner/Sandbox/CreateCustomKernelDeb ?17:12
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robclarkrsalveti, hmm, is there already cairo-gles?  it would be useful for wayland..18:28
rsalvetirobclark: yup, alf implemented the gles support in it19:29
robclarkrsalveti, is that in some ppa somewhere for 12.04, by any chance?19:37
robclarkahh, graphics-wg has their own ppa..19:39
robclarkhmm, but not for precise..19:40
robclarkrsalveti, I don't suppose it is just a matter of checking some 'build for precise' tick-box somewhere to get cairo-gles for 12.04?19:40
robclark(or same question for alf, if you know?)19:41
mwhudsongood morning20:25
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