zygamwhudson, plars, hi00:09
plarszyga: hey00:12
plarszyga: added a few review comments, nothing *too* major00:12
zygathanks, just saw that00:13
zygareplying now00:13
zygamwhudson, do you have some time to sync with me today?00:15
plarszyga: seems reasonable then00:18
plarszyga: I have to run off for a bit, but will be back later.  Feel free to push this and try the staging deployment with it if you are up for it00:19
zygaI'll try 00:19
plarsotherwise, maybe me and mwhudson can trudge through it in a bit00:19
rsalvetirobclark: hey, I'm back, updated gst-ducati but now I'm getting random colors while playing the video :-)00:39
rsalvetirobclark: should I also update the gst-base?00:39
robclarkrsalveti, without the updated -base, I think cropping wouldn't work.. so you'd see some junk around the edges..00:39
robclarkbut it should sort of work..00:39
rsalvetirobclark: hm, but still not what I'm seeing here 00:40
rsalvetilet me confirm it's using the hw decode pipeline00:40
robclarkare you seeing random solid colors00:40
rsalvetirobclark: yes, always at the size of the video00:40
robclarkok.. maybe something isn't initialized if you don't have cropping?00:40
rsalveti(xbmc.bin:1723): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: /build/buildd/glib2.0-2.30.0/./gobject/gsignal.c:2295: signal `crop' is invalid for instance `0x18d2048'00:40
rsalvetithe only warning 00:40
rsalveticould be 00:41
robclarkyeah, that is due to not having updated -base00:41
robclarkhow recent is your xbmc tree vs my branch?00:41
* robclark just thinking over fixes I've pushed recently00:41
rsalvetirobclark: it's from 20111206, but without your latest patch 00:42
robclarkrsalveti, do you have the 'GstDecoder improve error handling and add more codecs' commit?00:43
robclarkrsalveti, here (or well, at home.. I'm still in the office atm) I have it working with sw decoders (no crop events).. but:00:44
rsalvetirobclark: hm, not yet00:44
rsalvetirobclark: I'm still building xbmc with your latest patches00:45
rsalvetilet me now try updating the gst-base00:45
robclark1) without latest pvr (probably not pushed to ppa), the chroma planes will be mis-interpreted:  so you'll see something that looks basically like video but with colors looking funny00:45
robclark2) there was something I fixed recently, I think in the last couple commits that would fixed some uninitialized fields when there was no crop00:46
robclarkthe second thing would, I think cause symptoms like you describe (random solid colors)00:46
rsalvetirobclark: oh, ok00:47
robclarkbasically the scaling matrix ends up with Inf or very large positive numbers..  causes one pixel of video to be scaled up infinitely to fill whole screen00:47
robclark(or whole texture)00:47
rsalvetiok, makes sense00:47
robclarkrsalveti, hmm, just noticed one small change I haven't pushed yet..00:48
robclarkgive me a minute before you pull00:48
rsalvetirobclark: sure00:49
robclarkrsalveti, ok, you can pull now.. you should see today's date on latest commit now00:49
rsalvetirobclark: ok, got it here00:51
* mwhudson is back01:34
mwhudsonzyga: hello01:34
* mwhudson goes to make a coffee brb01:34
* mwhudson wonders why lava-deployment-tool setup is installing mysql crud02:12
mwhudsonoh, only client stuff02:13
plarszyga, mwhudson: back02:55
tgall_foorsalveti, oo cool ?  get the new  lt-panda-x11-base hwpack put together ?03:44
rsalvetitgall_foo: not yet, hopefully tomorrow 03:44
rsalvetiseems we finally got the userspace in place 03:44
tgall_foothat'll be awesome03:44
tgall_fooyup should be all there03:45
tgall_foorsalveti, FYI https://wiki.linaro.org/TomGall/LinaroAudioFeatureIndex03:45
rsalvetitgall_foo: great03:46
rsalvetiseems at least with panda the hdmi audio is working just fine03:46
rsalvetididn't test jack yet03:46
rsalvetibut saw that pulseaudio recognized both outputs03:46
Dr_Whoyup it should work with both with the ti lt kernel update03:47
Dr_Whokanh: ping?04:14
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alf_Is google offline?08:46
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zygaalf_, that would be new09:49
zygaalf_, how do you experience google being offline?09:49
alf_zyga: It's back now, but for a couple of minutes I couldn't access linaro mail, google.com etc09:50
alf_zyga: (other sites worked fine)09:51
suihkulokkifor future, http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/google.com09:51
alf_suihkulokki: thanks :)09:51
deeptizyga, Hello.. Happy new year10:17
zygadeepti, hi :-)10:21
zygadeepti, indeed, did you have a good holiday?10:21
deeptizyga, yes I did .. how abt you 10:21
zygadeepti, overall good but we had some issues getting home10:22
deeptizyga, ah! :)10:22
deeptizyga, Do you know if we have successful test results for the origen board on lava ?10:22
zygano, I don't 10:22
zygabut I heard that origen works10:22
zygaI'm really stuck down in the 'maintenance' level, not at the end-user level10:23
zygaI know little about day-to-day stuff reall10:23
deeptizyga, ah! ok.. who do you think will have such information ?10:24
zygadeepti, dave and paul are my best guesses, also bpark10:29
zygadeepti, I know he managed to run some tests on his origen10:29
deeptizyga, ok.. thanks .. what timezone does bpark work ?10:30
zygadeepti, korean time10:30
deeptizyga, thanks once again 10:31
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fabodeepti: we have successful test results on ubuntu but not on android11:15
fabodeepti: you can check on http://validation.linaro.org/lava-server/scheduler/alljobs11:15
fabodeepti: then filter with "origen" term11:15
zygafabo, hi11:16
deeptifabo, thanks11:18
fabomorning zyga 11:29
asac_rsalveti: morning sir!12:41
hrwtime to make use of those 10GB of gsm transfer12:45
hrwaka "my ISP has no idea yet why I do not have internet/cable/phone"12:45
hrwuweigand: hi12:51
uweigandhrw: hi12:51
hrwuweigand: do you remember bug number for libgcc_s.so.1 depending on libc.so instead of libc.so.6?12:52
uweigandhrw: let me check ...12:52
hrwuweigand: I probably have fix for it but want to check first and was not able to find it12:52
uweigandhrw: https://bugs.launchpad.net/gcc-linaro/+bug/80558112:54
ubot2`Launchpad bug 805581 in gcc-4.5-armel-cross "[armel-cross] Shared libgcc broken" [Undecided,New]12:54
LetoThe2ndis there a recommended way to install the headers for a running linaro ubuntu release? apt-get install kernel-headers-$(uname -r) fails because of "Couldn't find any package by regex 'kernel-headers-3.1.1-5-linaro-lt-omap'"12:56
hrwLetoThe2nd: try linux-headers-omap412:58
hrwor linux-headers-linaro-omap 12:59
hrwor just 'apt-cache search ^linux-headers' and complain to kernel packagers13:00
LetoThe2ndhrw: interesting, it just needs to be linux-headers instead of kernel-headers. then $(uname -r) works13:00
hrwLetoThe2nd: kernel-* names were dropped long time ago13:00
* LetoThe2nd makes note13:01
hrwuweigand: do you have precise somewhere to test does this bug happens still?13:02
uweigandhrw: as it said in the bug report, linking just about any nontrivial C++ program failed with a linker error13:04
hrwhelloworld.cc was enough?13:06
ericm|ubuntuplars, around?13:10
sge_1hi,all.someone know about pvr driver,have a question let me trouble!13:26
sge_1my pvr driver and lib come from "http://ppa.launchpad.net/tiomap-dev/omap-trunk/ubuntu/"13:26
sge_1my program run in ubuntu 11.10,program try draw three non-texture triangles, but only two triangles show.13:27
sge_1if the program run in ubuntu 10.10,it is normal.13:27
hrwwok, internet is back13:36
cjohnstondanilos: ping13:37
kikosge_1, rsalveti ^^13:37
daniloscjohnston, hi13:37
sge_1kiko,can you help me?13:37
rsalvetisge_1: let me check the version available at trunk13:37
cjohnstondanilos: is pad.l.o different than pad.u.c13:37
cjohnstondifferent server etc danilos 13:38
rsalvetisge_1: ok, for 11.10 the sgx version available at omap-trunk is the latest one13:38
sge_1rsalveti,this is my code:http://codepaste.net/5rvtaa13:39
daniloscjohnston, it is at least a different installation (it's *not* just a reskin of the same content)13:39
rsalvetisge_1: could be an issue with the driver, you can open a bug at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-omap4-extras-graphics if you want, ti usually reply quite quickly 13:39
rsalvetisge_1: oh, ok, it's the triangle example 13:40
hrwwroot@puchatek:/tmp/gcc-4.6-4.6.2# arm-linux-gnueabi-objdump -x a.out |grep NEE NEEDED               libstdc++.so.6 NEEDED               libgcc_s.so.1 NEEDED               libc.so.613:41
hrwwuweigand: precise standard toolchain13:41
rsalvetisge_1: maybe alf_ or ndec could give you a help now, I have a meeting in a few, can take a look later13:41
sge_1rsalveti: ok,but i think could be an issue with the pvrlib13:41
rsalvetiotherwise feel free to open a bug if you think the issue is at the pvrlib13:42
sge_1rsalveti: ok,thank you very much13:42
rsalvetieasier to track13:42
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uweigandhrw: I was seeing the problem on natty with the 4.5.2 cross compiler ... I haven't checked more recent versions14:00
plarsericm|ubuntu: hi14:09
rmoriznetfilter is not compiled into the linaro kernels? or am I missing something?14:09
ericm|ubuntuplars, I found one of the freescale audio test case being placed into 'T' state from ltp-pan14:09
ericm|ubuntuplars, which prevented the test from on-going14:10
ericm|ubuntuplars, do you have any idea what could be the reason?14:10
plarsericm|ubuntu: hmm... not sure why pan would cause it, does it run ok when it runs by itself?14:10
ericm|ubuntuplars, I can execute that test without problem separately14:11
ericm|ubuntuplars, yes14:11
plarsericm|ubuntu: and it's an audio test? is anything in the test using signals?14:11
plarsericm|ubuntu: any other tests running in parallel with it from ltp?14:12
kikormoriz, I assume you're missing something, jcrigby do you know?14:13
rmorizkiko: yes. i'm getting "FATAL: Module ip_tables not found" ...14:14
ericm|ubuntuplars, I don't think so14:14
ericm|ubuntuplars, it's a shell script which calls aplay14:14
ericm|ubuntuplars, I can play the audio fine either by invoking the test script or aplay itself14:14
ericm|ubuntuplars, from 'ps ax' it seemed to be the only test being performed14:15
ericm|ubuntuplars, how can I adjust the tests to be performed in parallel or sequentially?14:15
plarsericm|ubuntu: by default, they will run sequentially14:15
ericm|ubuntuplars, ok - that's what I assumed14:16
plarsericm|ubuntu: you could isolate it in the runtest script so that it's the *only* thing that runs14:16
ericm|ubuntuplars, ah good idea14:16
ericm|ubuntuplars, wait a min14:16
plarsericm|ubuntu: if it still fails, it might be worth running the whole thing under strace, see if you can catch where it's getting a SIGSTOP14:16
ericm|ubuntuplars, doesn't work14:17
_Thomasrsalveti: Do linaro devs have personal platforms, or do you all share platforms from a pool available online?14:17
plarsericm|ubuntu: as in it still stops, or as in it works without getting stuck?14:17
ericm|ubuntuplars, it still stopped14:17
plarsericm|ubuntu: that's good then, strace?14:18
plarsericm|ubuntu: my bigger fear was that some previous test was leaving something lingering14:18
kikormoriz, https://wiki.linaro.org/KernelConfigPolicyDraft 14:18
kikormoriz, so it should be a bug14:18
ericm|ubuntuplars, http://paste.ubuntu.com/793779/14:19
hrwericm|ubuntu: W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/linaro-landing-team-freescale/public/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-armel/Packages  404  Not Found14:20
hrwericm|ubuntu: my mx53loco runs precise - please update repo14:21
ericm|ubuntuhrw, we don't have precise yet14:21
ericm|ubuntuhrw, ok14:21
rsalveti_Thomas: currently we all have personal platforms14:21
hrwericm|ubuntu: it is ppa - simple 'copy packages oneiric->precise' takes ~2 minutes14:21
kikorsalveti, where do I find out kernel configs?14:21
BennPIs there a dependency to some specific Python package in linaro-android-media-create. I get File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/dbus/connection.py", line 630, in call_blocking  message, timeout)14:21
ericm|ubuntuhrw, busy w/ 6 - bet the simpliest way for us is just to copy oneiric packages to precise14:21
rsalvetithere was an idea to enable people to reserve cycles at lava14:21
ericm|ubuntuhrw, yeah I believe so14:21
rsalvetibut not sure if that is already done14:21
_Thomasrsalveti: so how many platforms do you need to support a new one?14:21
rsalvetikiko: for which kernel?14:22
zygarsalveti, I doubt that is done14:22
rsalvetikiko: they are always available at the package14:22
zygarsalveti, I was thinking about adding virtual billing to lava, so that we know what 'costs' us the most bandwidth, storage and board time14:22
ericm|ubuntuplars, any hint?14:22
kikorsalveti, good point14:22
kikormoriz, can you look up the running config for that kernel?14:23
hrwericm|ubuntu: may freescale send some hw guys to connect/sfo? I would love to complain about HW :)14:23
plarsericm|ubuntu: no clue, what is this "incrementing" stop thing... also, the other messages from the test make it seem that it's asking the user to check that sound is coming out14:23
ericm|ubuntuhrw, yeah I believe there will be some guy, not necessarily HW guy14:23
plarsericm|ubuntu: I've never seen a test do that, but it's been years since I had much dealings with ltp14:24
ericm|ubuntuhrw, and the combo ethernet/USB socket? they still have it on their imx6 board :-)14:24
ericm|ubuntuhrw, you have more to complain now14:24
plarsericm|ubuntu: do we know whether it works for freescale internally?14:24
hrwericm|ubuntu: ethernet/usb is fine for me14:24
ericm|ubuntuplars, yeah it seems to be working on springz's side14:24
hrwericm|ubuntu: buttons, 5 edges, leds, no poweron on power-plug14:25
ericm|ubuntuplars, but he also complained that constant weird issue happens14:25
plarsericm|ubuntu: such as?14:25
ericm|ubuntuplars, he didn't give me an example14:25
ericm|ubuntuhrw, auto power-on is now available on this imx6 board14:25
hrwericm|ubuntu: I have mx53 still 14:26
ericm|ubuntuhrw, heh14:26
ericm|ubuntuhrw, guess imx6 one will be soon14:26
hrwericm|ubuntu: but good to know that they fixed this14:26
plarshrw: it's fixed for the newer mx53 too14:26
plarshrw: we have one of those running in the lab now, and some of them which I presume arrived over the holidays and waiting for when dave gets back :)14:27
plarsmx53 that is, not mx614:27
hrwnow only redesign of board to get rid of 5th edge, blue leds14:27
hrwand give bigger buttons ;)14:28
hrwI have problems to press current ones when cut my fingernails14:28
plarshrw: you could always just use your tongue to short the connection :)14:29
hrwplars: that would require moving my lazy ass up14:29
uweigandhrw: I've checked current precise (libgcc1-armel-cross_4.6.2-7ubuntu1cross1.76_all.deb), and it looks the same as I described for 4.6 in the bug report: there is no DT_NEEDED record at all in libgcc_s.so.114:31
hrwuweigand: ok, then I have a fix for it14:32
rsalveti_Thomas: you mean how many boards we need to have to support a new platform?14:33
_Thomasrsalveti: yes14:39
_Thomasrsalveti: That was the question I was trying to ask :D14:42
rsalveti_Thomas: maybe asac_ and plars can help on that, but usually we request a few boards to give them to people supporting the platforms, and also a few for LAVA14:43
rsalvetiso we can automate testing and such with them14:43
rsalveti_Thomas: when do you expect your new boards to be around for people to buy?14:43
_Thomasrsalveti: ~2 months14:44
_Thomasgive or take two weeks14:44
_ThomasThe first batch will only be buyable with a code, and that code will enable you to buy up to X boards14:44
ndecrsalveti: which kernel does 11.12 release use? do you remember on top of your head?14:44
rsalvetirmoriz: please let me know which kernel you're using, but feel free to open a bug at linaro-ubuntu and we'll update the kernel for you14:45
ndeci am looking for something that works fine on ES @1.2GHx14:45
_Thomasrsalveti: And we're going to reserve a pool of boards for things like linaro, which is why I'm asking, how many is it likely that you buy :)14:45
rsalvetindec: based on 3.1 from ti lt (tilt-linux-linaro-3.1 branch)14:45
ndecso with DVFS up to 1.2GHz, right?14:45
asac__Thomas: what type of board is that?14:45
rsalvetindec: afaik yes 14:46
rsalvetiasac_: the cool usb stick with origen inside :-)14:46
asac_rsalveti: is this a landing team effort?14:46
rsalvetiasac_: kind of it seems 14:47
rsalvetinot strictly related with the lt, but it's a mutual thing, both helping getting the support available for the board 14:47
rsalvetibut maybe something we can try, like enabling a community board at lava and getting it kind of official with linaro 14:47
rsalvetiwhat would be a nice thing 14:47
asac_for a normal (non LEB/member) build for board we need 3+ boards for the lab and 2-3 for each platform team that is supposed to support it14:48
asac_for full LEB build only the board count in the lab is bumped considerably14:48
asac_until now we said we would only do LEB builds with landing team stepping up as sponsor/support owner14:50
_ThomasLEB is ?14:51
rmorizrsalveti: Linux linaro-developer 3.1.1-5-linaro-lt-omap #5~lt~ci~20111218011838+020210-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon Dec 19 05: armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux   14:52
zyga_Thomas, are you one of the people from that small HDMI/USB origen-SoC thing?14:52
_Thomaszyga: Yepp14:53
zyga_Thomas, did you by any chance get my letter I've sent a few months ago?14:53
rmorizrsalveti: # CONFIG_IP_NF_IPTABLES is not set14:53
asac__Thomas: our officially supported and promoted builds of android/ubuntu. normal builds are run on best effort and rely on the sponsor OEM to do most of the testing and critical bug fixing14:53
rsalvetirmoriz: can you open a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu pointing out the configs you're missing? 14:53
_Thomasasac_: ok14:54
_Thomaszyga: I didn't find anything searching your name in my mailbox, just now14:54
ericm|ubuntursalveti, is it still mandatory that the machine running l-m-c should have internet access to ports.ubuntu.com and other ppas?14:57
ericm|ubuntursalveti, or l-m-c can be running offline with the hwpack and rootfs binary?14:58
rmorizrsalveti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+bug/912319  thanks!14:58
ubot2`Launchpad bug 912319 in linaro-ubuntu "netfilter/iptables support missing in kernel" [Undecided,New]14:58
rsalvetirmoriz: thanks!14:58
rsalvetiericm|ubuntu: afaik you don't need internet access 14:59
rsalvetiif it does for any reason, it might be a bug 14:59
rsalvetimabac would know better14:59
ericm|ubuntursalveti, ok - I'll make a try a bit later15:00
hrwericm|ubuntu: can mx53loco boot directly from sata? Or do I have to have microsd always?15:57
* rsalveti lunch16:03
JesseBarkerrsalveti, marcoil, can you do a call with me and alf_ in an hour or so?16:05
marcoilJesseBarker: yes16:06
zygahrw, supposedly it can16:11
zygahrw, did you get a esata kit for your board?16:11
zygahrw, if so, can you recommend something?16:12
hrwzyga: Welland ME-752H is what I'm using. fits 3.5" SATA, has own power. E-SATA or USB 2.0 connection. when connected by usb gives 2 extra ports16:16
zygahrw, aww, I was looking for a 2.5" case to get rid of the power brick16:17
* zyga googles for the exact product16:17
hrwzyga: I have only one 2.5" sata and it sits in my router16:17
zygahrw, I purchased a few 2.5" simply because they make less noise ;-)16:18
hrwzyga: I had 320GB 3.5" spare ;)16:18
zygahrw, anyway, does it work for you? sata and all?16:18
zygaI tried using sata with my imx and it failed miserably (although that was a few months ago)16:19
zygathe board did not boot with sata attached16:19
hrwzyga: when it boots it works16:20
zygahrw, "when", does it have problems?16:21
ojnHeh, Linaro Connect is in Redwood Shores, but people will be bussed down to Palo Alto instead of going to San Carlos or San Mateo for dinners? That works, I suppose. :)16:22
hrwzyga: in last days I had board hang during booting. today it booted normally - nothing changed in between16:22
zygahrw, odd16:22
zygahrw, anyway, thanks16:22
zygaI'm looking at http://www.proline.pl/?p=WELLAND+ME-940J16:22
zygacould you look at the comments section and tell me if your esata case had similar issues?16:23
hrwzyga: sure16:25
hrwzyga: their problems == bad cable16:27
zygaI think that makes a solid purchase option then16:28
hrwzyga: in your case I would check for esata/usb3 maybe16:29
hrwunless your w510 has esata 16:29
zygayeah but there weren't any16:29
zygait has both :)16:29
hrwok, then no issue ;)16:30
hrwhave a nice rest of day people16:30
zygausb 3.0 is still quite buggy16:30
zygahrw, take care :)16:30
* hrw -> castorama to buy some lightbulbs16:31
hrwsee you on Monday16:31
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marcoilJesseBarker: how's the conf call?17:03
JesseBarkerrsalveti, are you back from lunch?17:03
rsalvetiJesseBarker: yup, just got back17:05
JesseBarkerrsalveti, can you join me, marcoil and alf_ on a call?17:05
rsalvetiJesseBarker: sure, mumble or phone?17:06
rsalveti1 sec17:06
JesseBarkerrsalveti, lp:~linaro-graphics-wg/compiz-core/oneiric-gles2-11.1217:17
anmarmarkos_: Hello Konstantinos. Happy New Year!17:24
anmarmarkos_: I am resurrecting my Efika MX Desktop to act as a local server and was wondering if you can point me at an image that works. Tried the 11.12 build but it won't boot.17:24
marcoilJesseBarker: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~linaro-graphics-wg/nux/nux-gles2-11.12/view/head:/configure.ac17:31
anmarrsalveti: Hello Ricardo. the MM for Snowball won't be available until March release mostlikely. 17:41
rsalvetianmar: ok, thanks for checking17:42
anmarrsalveti: NP. 17:42
rsalvetifabo: danilos: we need to enable armel builders at https://launchpad.net/~linaro-graphics-wg/+archive/daily to start working with daily builds for unity 3d17:46
rsalvetias we're about to have all the stuff merged 17:46
rsalvetiand we need to continue working on making sure we're not breaking the support for both armel and x8617:47
rsalvetihow should we proceed with that?17:48
rsalvetishould we just request to IS?17:48
danilosrsalveti, I am not sure myself, but lamont from the IS should know at the very least17:49
alf_marcoil: check this https://code.launchpad.net/~jaytaoko/nux/nux-linaro-rev518-merge/+merge/87566 in case I have done something differently17:49
danilosrsalveti, if he doesn't, we'll need to check with LP people like bigjools17:49
fabodanilos: rsalveti: yes, RT ticker17:49
fabodanilos: it was agreed at last connect17:50
marcoilalf_: exactly the same :)17:50
faborsalveti: you or i open the ticket?17:52
rsalvetifabo: I'm opening it up17:52
rsalvetifabo: thanks17:52
rsalvetifabo: JesseBarker: https://rt.linaro.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=25217:54
JesseBarkerrsalveti, awesome, thanks!17:55
marcoilalf_: It seems like nux's trunk is missing this patch from nux-gles2-11.12: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~linaro-graphics-wg/nux/nux-gles2-11.12/revision/51718:13
marcoilI'm now building a merge I've done at lp:~marcoil/nux/jay-reference-fbo18:13
marcoilalf_: sorry, the merge you requested already included that, I hadn't seen it :P18:28
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fabosalgado: have you tried to prevent dbus daemon to start with /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d ?18:53
salgadofabo, nope. will try it now18:55
salgadofabo, if only I knew how to do that... do I need to install something like policyrcd-script-zg2 or do I just need to read /usr/share/doc/sysv-rc/README.policy-rc.d.gz?18:58
fabosalgado: echo "exit 101" > path/to/chroot/usr/sbin/policy-rc.d19:03
fabochmod a+x path/to/chroot/usr/sbin/policy-rc.d19:03
* salgado tries19:06
=== Quintasan_ is now known as Quintasan
salgadofabo, nope, same problem but now triggered when <chroot>/etc/init/ssh.conf is removed (as syslog reports)19:10
JesseBarkernytowl, ping?19:24
anmartgall_foo: Hello Tom. is this the bug that is preventing you from testing Panda on your DVI monitor: https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-landing-team-ti/+bug/89407319:35
ubot2`Launchpad bug 894073 in linaro-ubuntu "[regression] No DVI output on the PandaBoard with kernel 3.1.0-1402-linaro-lt-omap" [High,Confirmed]19:35
tgall_fooanmar, that sounds right yes? and it's actually affecting more than just myself as I'm not the only one who doesn't have hdmi audio on my lcd panels ?    it would be quite helpful to have DVI video working as in that configuring that also means sound is routed out the audio jack by default19:36
zmaI think that bug was once fixed for earlier linaro version. Well, things change.. :(19:42
tgall_foozma, newer kernels will do that too you ;-)19:43
zmaI was just about to try pandaboard image on another ARM board that doesn't even have HDMI output19:43
zmajust DVI19:43
tgall_foowell serial cons works19:43
zmadunno how compatible one Cortex A8 image is on another Cortex A8 devboard19:43
pm215one image on another devboard> in general don't expect that to work19:50
pm215(assuming you mean 'kernel')19:50
fabomwhudson: morning. check your mails and let me know when you're ready to chat :)20:03
mwhudsonfabo: yeah, i've seen it20:04
fabomwhudson: see also the document20:05
michaelh1pm215: hey, you said to test 11.08.  It's not on releases.linaro.org.  Did you mean 11.07?20:05
mwhudsonfabo: document?20:06
* mwhudson checks email again20:06
fabomichaelh1: paths have changed -> http://releases.linaro.org/platform/linaro-n/ubuntu/leb-panda/11.08/20:06
michaelh1fabo: ta.20:06
mwhudsonah found it20:06
michaelh1fabo: where's the beagle and vexpress images?20:07
fabomichaelh1: catch all directory is http://releases.linaro.org/platform/linaro-n/ubuntu-desktop/11.08/20:07
pm215michaelh1: 1108 just happpens to be one I know to work ok and have the images lying around for20:08
fabodunni if you need graphics or not..20:08
michaelh1pm215: all good.  I couldn't find it so wondered if it was a typo.  Found it now.20:09
faboif you want to test quickly, use nano -> http://releases.linaro.org/platform/linaro-n/nano/11.08/nano-n-tar-20110823-1.tar.gz20:09
pm215linaro-fetch-image-ui should find things automatically (works for newer images, anyway)20:09
pm215(off home now)20:10
mwhudsonfabo: how long are you around for?  would talking in 30 minutes or so be ok?20:18
fabomwhudson: yes20:18
* mwhudson goes for belated breakfast20:19
nytowlJesseBarker, pong20:30
JesseBarkernytowl, just trying to bring up my origen with the android images and not sure how to tell where i am.20:31
JesseBarkernytowl, (i know that's really informative)20:31
nytowlJesseBarker, do you have an LCD ?20:32
JesseBarkernytowl, no20:32
JesseBarkeris hdmi out not working at the moment (not that i have a 1080p monitor handy either)20:32
nytowlJesseBarker, Then you won't get much without rebuilding the code20:32
JesseBarkernytowl, not even a serial console?20:33
nytowlYeah right now even if you recompile the code to use HDMI then it's 1080p only20:33
nytowlYou should have a serial console20:33
JesseBarkeri don't at the moment.20:33
JesseBarkeri followed the instructions at https://wiki.linaro.org/Boards/Origen/AndroidSetup20:34
JesseBarker(which, by the way, need to be adjusted)20:34
nytowlJesseBarker, Yeah they don't take the new ELUA into account20:34
JesseBarkernytowl, i think the location of the staging images isn't quite right either.20:35
nytowlJesseBarker, are you getting anything on the serial console ?20:35
JesseBarkernytowl, nothing.20:35
JesseBarkernytowl, i put my sdcard in, plugged the power in and nothing.20:35
nytowlare you putting the sdcard into the top or bottom slot ?20:36
JesseBarkernytowl, the top slot20:36
JesseBarkerthen i found what i have to assume is the power button as only then did an LED come on.20:36
nytowldid you push switch and then power ?20:36
nytowl(something else that is missing from the instructions)20:37
JesseBarkeri pushed switch, which put LED8 on, but pushing power doesn't seem to do anything.20:37
nytowlpushing switch should light LED* , pushing power should light LED420:39
nytowlIf LED4 isn't lighting then it doesn't find the sd card20:39
JesseBarkeri've got 3 leds.  none of them are labeled LED420:40
JesseBarkerfrom left to right, it's LED7 LED6 LED8.20:40
JesseBarkeri started with a blank (all partitions removed with disk utility before running l-a-m-c).20:41
JesseBarker+ sdcard20:41
nytowll-a-m-c should clear it all anyway20:41
JesseBarkerthat's what i thought20:41
nytowlMaybe there's a problem with today's images20:41
nytowlLet me give it a shot20:42
JesseBarkergot a known good?20:42
nytowlI know the release images were good20:42
nytowlWhat size is the SD card ?20:42
nytowlAh that might be it20:43
nytowldo you have a 2 or 4 ?20:43
JesseBarkeri think there was one that came in the box, but it wasn't marked so i don't know for sure20:43
nytowlInsignal made a change to thier kernel so accomodate slower 8 and 16G cards20:44
nytowlwe don't have that change yet20:44
JesseBarkeri see. well, the card that came with the board seems to be a 4GB, so let me flash that and see what happens. i'll get back to you (i'll still need to figure out how to get hdmi out).20:45
nytowlIIRC the HDMI out needed a userspce change20:46
nytowlIt might be different with the mali drivers now20:46
JesseBarkeris it a a change i can make, or is it one only the landing team can do?20:46
nytowlIt's in the open part of the code20:47
nytowlor was pre mali. It should still be a similar change let me see what I can find out20:47
JesseBarkercool, thanks.  part of what i need this for is to test with h/w gfx acceleration20:48
nytowlJesseBarker, this was the change pre mali 20:55
nytowland pre ICS20:56
mwhudsonfabo, plars: back20:57
JesseBarkernytowl, it doesn't look like that change was too favorable.  what gralloc tree do i need to apply it to?20:58
nytowlFor ICS and mali gralloc was moved to hardware/samsung/origen/gralloc_ump20:59
fabomwhudson: plars: mumble?21:00
JesseBarkernytowl, which tree?21:01
mwhudsonfabo: ah, if i can get my internal mic to work (i couldn't last time :/)21:02
fabomwhudson: no worries, we can switch to irc if needed21:02
plarsfabo: yep, sec21:02
nytowlJesseBarker, the manifest stuff from the staging build has all of the right bits https://android-build.linaro.org/builds/~linaro-android/staging-origen/21:03
JesseBarkernytowl, i see.  thanks.21:04
nytowlJesseBarker, I updated the origen setup page https://wiki.linaro.org/Boards/Origen/AndroidSetup21:08
nytowlPlease tell me if you find any other erros21:09
nytowlhaha, errors21:09
rsalvetirobclark: great, with the latest packages and stuff I finally got xbmc to work with panda21:10
rsalvetirobclark: first issue, seems the video always starts ahead, and then goes very very slow until the audio is in sync 21:11
JesseBarkernytowl, stupid question: "switch" and "power" get pressed in series rather than simultaneously, right?21:11
rsalvetithen it works quite well, dropping a few frames from time to time21:11
rsalvetibut guess it's kind of expected for the moment21:11
nytowlJesseBarker, correct in series21:11
rsalvetiand it works a lot better without wm21:11
robclarkrsalveti, yeah, getting a/v sync right is a bit of a challenge, related to the duct tape and bubblegum used to join gstreamer and xbmc dvdplayer21:12
rsalvetirobclark: there's a xbmc option at lightdm 21:12
robclarkrsalveti, \o/21:12
rsalvetirobclark: got it 21:12
robclarkrsalveti, how do I get the lightdm/gnome session stuff?21:12
robclarkis that a separate package I can install?21:12
rsalvetihehe, watching family guy here just fine :-)21:12
rsalvetirobclark: sure, available at our ppa, let me get you the link21:12
robclarkcool, thx..  will try that out tonight21:13
JesseBarkernytowl, still nothing on serial with the latest release image.21:13
rsalvetirobclark: https://launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/+archive/overlay/+packages?field.name_filter=&field.series_filter=oneiric&field.status_filter=published&batch=75&memo=75&start=7521:13
JesseBarker(and only one LED marked LED8).21:13
nytowland on the 4G card ?21:14
rsalvetirobclark: there you can find xbmc 21:14
robclarkrsalveti, thx21:14
rsalvetirobclark: and I'm testing with 4430, should probably work better (faster) with 446021:14
nytowlJesseBarker, I'm downloading the latest staging build right now21:14
robclarkrsalveti, is the session stuff part of the same pkg?21:14
JesseBarkernytowl, yes, on the 4GB card.21:14
rsalvetirobclark: yes21:15
JesseBarkernytowl, where is LED4?21:15
robclarkrsalveti, not sure if 4460 would make much difference currently...   we *could* run the gpu faster, but I don't think anyone bothered to make that change yet21:15
rsalvetirobclark: oh, ok 21:15
nytowlJesseBarker, on the top side of the board close to the SD card21:15
robclark(although, probably not that hard to figure out how to do)21:16
rsalvetirobclark: we should also have an image and hwpack later today, in case you want to try21:16
rsalvetirobclark: probably just setting the correct clock 21:16
JesseBarkernytowl, i see it (still not on, but now i know where to look ;-)21:16
robclarkI don't think I have a spare sd card, so probably can't try it myself, but I know a lot of folks who do want that21:16
nytowlJesseBarker, just for fun could you try the other SD slot ?21:16
rsalvetirobclark: yup, great21:16
JesseBarkernytowl, still nothing21:17
nytowlYou don even get the LED next to LED4 lit ?21:17
JesseBarkerno.  only LED821:17
JesseBarkernytowl, by the way, the card that cam with the board is actually a 4GB microSD in an sdcard adapter.  will that work?21:18
nytowlJesseBarker, when you put the sd card in are you pushing it until it clicks ?21:19
nytowlthe micro SDs with adapters have more issues but have been work reliably since september21:19
JesseBarkernytowl, yes.  it clicks and springs back slightly into its seat21:19
robclarkrsalveti, might even be worth pointing out the pkgs in ppa on #pandaboard and/or panda mailing list (for the benefit of those who aren't watching #linaro all day ;-))21:20
nytowlIs the button labelled power closesr to the edge of the board than the button marked switch ?21:20
rsalvetirobclark: sure, will do that later today21:22
JesseBarkernytowl, yes.  if the power and serial connectors are directly away from me, the sdcard slot is on the right edge close to me, the power button is nearest the right edge away from my and switch is just to the left of that.21:23
JesseBarkernytowl, are you thinking i have an "off-rev" board or something?21:23
nytowlJesseBarker, I was thinking maybe the labelling had changed21:24
nytowlJesseBarker, when you push switch then power does the LED next to LED4 flash ?21:25
JesseBarkernytowl, i get nothing from either LED4 or the one next to it.21:26
nytowlJesseBarker, The only way I can get my board to do what yours is doing is by unplugging the CPU daughter card21:26
nytowlIs your daughter card properly seated ?21:26
JesseBarkeri didn't realize it could be unseated, but if i press down on it, it doesn't seem to move or wiggle.21:27
nytowlTry unplugging and re plugging it 21:28
JesseBarkerthe only thing i have connected to it are serial and power.  is anything else required?21:28
nytowlJesseBarker, I've stripped my board back to just those two connections and it's still booting21:28
JesseBarkeri unplugged and replugged it and still nothing (except for LED8)21:29
michaelh1joey: Mumble is down for me.  Skype?21:30
JesseBarkerwould it beep at me if i had the little speaker plugged in (if so, which port does it go in)?21:30
joeyHi michaelh1 21:30
joeysure, I'm on the phone but will be right there21:30
nytowlNo the speeker doesn't beep, but that is something I also have plugged in , it's so tiny I forgot about it21:31
michaelh1joey: no rush.21:31
JesseBarkernytowl, CON16 or CON18?21:31
nytowlJesseBarker, Con1821:31
JesseBarkernytowl, nothing.21:33
nytowlJesseBarker, on the bottom of the board it should say made in china, is it stamped on the sd slot or is it a sticker21:33
nytowlJesseBarker, mine boots without the speaker plugged in21:33
anmar`JesseBarker: quick Q. do you know if Unity 3D works on any of the accelerated LEBs we have in the 2011.12 release?21:33
JesseBarkernytowl, it's stamped on the sd slot21:33
joeymichaelh1: hmm I don't have you. please add  happyhacking 21:33
nytowlJesseBarker, that should be a second rev board then21:34
JesseBarkeranmar`, pandaboard is the only ubuntu leb with graphics support.21:34
anmar`JesseBarker: Snowball will have it very soon. i guess it is worth a test then.21:35
JesseBarkeranmar`, it's all done at runtime.  if unity3d detects h/w drivers, it should at least try to run.21:35
anmar`JesseBarker: seems easy enough to test then. Thanks dude.21:36
nytowlJesseBarker, if you don't have the SD card plugged in does the LED next to LED4 flash ?21:36
JesseBarkernytowl, nope.21:37
michaelh1joey: added.21:37
nytowlJesseBarker, can you short the 2 side pins of the power switch monumtarily ?21:38
JesseBarkernytowl, umm, how do i do that?21:38
joeymichaelh1: hmm something is going on on your side. My text msg nor calls are going through to you21:38
joeymichaelh1: call test was ok21:38
nytowlJesseBarker, a micro sd should be wide enough to bridge the gap21:39
nytowlmicro usb21:39
michaelh1joey: same here21:39
* michaelh1 grabs another machine21:39
joeyand mumble ain't workin'?21:39
nytowlor paper clip21:39
michaelh1joey: mumble connects then drops me before showing the channel list21:40
joeyhow strange21:40
JesseBarkernytowl, i'm not sure what i'm doing here.21:40
joeyI'm on both places michaelh1 so if you can connect to either then gimme a shout21:40
nytowlJesseBarker, I was just thinking the switch might be toast ( highly unlikely ) but if you don't feel ccomfortable trying that don't worry about it21:41
nytowlJesseBarker, has the board ever booted for you ?21:42
JesseBarkernytowl, no, this is the first time i've tried (it wasn't worth going through the effort until i had gfx drivers)21:42
nytowlJesseBarker, are you using the power dongle that came in the box ( with a plug adapter ) or do you get a different one ?21:44
JesseBarkernytowl, using the power dongle that came with the board (as you say, plugged through an adapter).21:45
nytowlJesseBarker, I'm at a loss, do you have another board you can try ?21:47
JesseBarkernytowl, not another board but another power adaptor if it's not harmful21:48
nytowlJesseBarker, weel it looks like you adapter works as that is what lights LED821:49
nytowlwhat is not happening is the PMIC doesn't seem to be turning on21:50
nytowlJesseBarker, maybe you got one of the boards ath was modded for the LAVA setup. What happens if you just unplugg the power connector and plu it back in21:51
nytowlMake sure your SD card is in first 21:51
JesseBarkerLED8 does not come back on until i press switch21:52
JesseBarkeris it possible i got the wrong power adapter?21:53
nytowl5V 2.5A center position ?21:54
rsalvetiJesseBarker: for me the LCD only works properly with the original origen power adapter21:54
rsalvetibut I'm able to use it without LCD using the one from panda just fine 21:55
nytowlI meant center positive 21:56
JesseBarkernytowl, that's what it looks like to me.21:56
joeymichaelh1: https://wiki.linaro.org/ProjectManagement/Responsibilities21:56
JesseBarkerrsalveti, thanks.  the only other one i have is from my tegra2, which is 15V 2.0A center positive.21:57
JesseBarkernytowl, ^^21:57
nytowlJesseBarker, that will be way too much21:58
nytowlJesseBarker, the panada one works here for me too21:58
rsalvetidanilos: I had no problem while creating the origen image, which ubuntu version as host are you using?22:00
rsalvetiguess the problem might happen when using maverick22:00
rsalvetibut I saw the issue, will try to fix it anyway22:00
JesseBarkernytowl, oh well, i'll have to wrestle with it another time, i suppose.  if not before then, i can just bring it to connect....22:01
robclarkrsalveti, w/ armhf filesystem, any ideas about:22:02
robclark/usr/include/features.h:323:26: fatal error: bits/predefs.h: No such file or directory22:02
robclarkmaybe some -dev pkg that could be missing?22:02
rsalvetirobclark: not sure, in theory this should be part of libc6-dev22:03
rsalvetiand I believe you should have this package installed already22:03
robclarkhmm, and in fact I have /usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/include/bits/predefs.h22:04
rsalvetirobclark: could be the default include path you're using22:05
robclarkoh wait..22:05
robclarksorry, wrong terminal, that was on my laptop22:05
robclarklooks right.. hmm..22:05
robclarkI guess someone it isn't in the include path22:05
rsalvetiprobably, now I don't know why that would happen22:07
rsalvetirobclark: hm, probably22:08
rsalvetirobclark: guess it's probably setting the include path by hand somehow 22:08
rsalvetiand ignoring the multiarch one22:08
joeymichaelh1: https://wiki.linaro.org/Resources/ZipConferenceLine22:14
joeymichaelh1: http://www.zipconferencing.com/kb/Conference-Call-Host-Controls-22-Initiate-Record-and-Playback_131.html22:15
JesseBarkertgall_foo, ping?22:48
Dr_WhoJesseBarker: pong!22:49
JesseBarkerDr_Who, sneaky being on the channel under 2 nicks ;-), got a few minutes to mumble?22:49
Dr_Whoabout 10 minutes if that works for you 22:49
JesseBarkershould be enough...22:49
Dr_Whogreat …  I'll pop downstairs22:50
rsalvetitgall_foo: with the ubuntu-desktop for precise:23:08
rsalvetiBuilding dependency tree...23:08
rsalvetiE: Unable to locate package libjpeg-turbo6223:08
rsalvetitgall_foo: do you know what is happening there?23:08
rsalvetiseems we don't have a valid build for quite a while already23:09
michaelh1joey: I can hear you...23:13
joeyoh good23:13
michaelh1joey: talk to you at Connect...23:13
joeywell thanks! great call. we do should do it more often23:13
=== nytowl is now known as nytowl_away

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