Dr_Whokanh: ping04:23
kanhDr_Who pong05:02
Dr_Whohi kanh , how are you?05:03
Dr_WhoHi ronynandy05:51
ronynandyhi Dr_Who06:14
tgall_foomorning robclark is it ok if we push our meeting back by 30 minutes ?15:09
robclarkI suppose..  we have a meeting?15:09
tgall_foowe do15:09
av500i thought this is an eternal meeting?15:10
mrulike the mad hatter's tea party15:11
tgall_foohey mru ? thought you were on vacation15:11
mruI am15:11
robclarkvacation and irc aren't always mutually exclusive15:12
tgall_foosame for sleep15:12
av500please vacate irc15:12
mruvacation and trolling are certainly not15:12
robclarktgall_foo, is 10 the updated time or original time15:13
tgall_foorobclark, updated time15:13
robclarkok.. you might want to resend original invite because I don't seem to have that15:13
mrurobclark: ssh, don't tell him ;)15:14
tgall_fooweird,  first I've heard of google cal losing a cal entry,  that's behavior I expect of lotus notes15:15
* robclark just wishes that google could figure out how to show calenders from 3 different accounts together in one screen15:15
mruah, so *that's* the ibm patent they bought15:16
av500locust notes?15:16
av500thats still exists?15:16
tgall_fooav500, blotus notes15:16
benjiGtgall_foo: Hi, I'm about to leave for today, do you enough info to work in skia_bench and ljt ?16:37
tgall_foobenjiG, I do, thanks much for your patch16:39
tgall_fookrtaylor, ping18:51
krtaylortgall_foo, pong18:51
tgall_fookrtaylor, hey ya18:51

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