robclarkJesseBarker, fwiw, this might be interesting: http://code.google.com/p/glsandbox/source/browse/trunk/Gles/CM/include/gdl.h02:12
robclarklooks like an intel API for dealing w/ overlays..02:12
robclarkseems like clutter has some support02:12
robclarkcould possibly sit atop dri2video, or at least give some ideas about how to make clutter and gst-clutter (which latest totem uses) use dri2video02:13
robclark(since post 12.04 I guess we have to tackle how to handle video rendering w/ clutter)02:14
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Croftonany interest in looking over a driver I wrote that might benefit from13:43
Croftondmaengine and dmabuf updates?13:43
Croftonthe driver speaks to an fpga, so it does not look like any of the typical uses cases13:53

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