mounirbsvenkatr ping15:30
svenkatrmounirb: hello15:31
mounirbsvenkatr, have you connected with arnd relative to the bi-weekly meeting on storage?15:31
mounirbsvenkatr, is the meeting going happening this week?15:32
svenkatrI have the invite.. It is supposed to start right now15:32
mounirbsvenkatr, I have not seen arnd on line. if the meeting start please let me know, I can dial in as well15:32
svenkatrmounirb: sure. I haven't seen Arnd in a while. Also, Saugata is on vacation.15:33
svenkatrmounirb: I would assume the call won't happen. The conference is hosted by Deepak, and arnd can't chair that call15:34
svenkatr..unless he has the chairperson passcode15:35
mounirbsvenkatr: I assume arnd should have the chairperson passcode. I will send a note to Deepak reminding him to to share it with Arnd and with me as well.15:36

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