Dr_WhoHi wei_feng03:35
Dr_Whowei_feng: received your email … if you're there I have a question to make sure I understand03:35
wei_fengDr_Who, I'm here03:37
Dr_WhoHi wei_feng !  Happy New Year :-)03:37
wei_fenghappy new year, Dr_Who03:38
Dr_Whojust so you know I've updated alsa-lib with the changes for panda that andy green had sent out Dec 23rd ? I think it was03:38
Dr_WhoI'm just building pulseaudio03:38
Dr_Whook .. so what  Ithink you're asking is how do you get the code that makes up a linaro / ubuntu package?  is that right ?03:38
Dr_Whoso for alsa-lib if you click on : https://launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/+archive/overlay/+packages03:40
Dr_Whoyou'll want to download alsa-lib_1.0.24.1.orig.tar.bz2 , alsa-lib_1.0.24.1-4ubuntu1~linaro3.dsc and alsa-lib_1.0.24.1-4ubuntu1~linaro3.debian.tar.bz203:41
Dr_Whoput them all into a directory03:41
wei_fengI also want to know the start point of the git version03:41
wei_fengthat my branch based on03:41
Dr_Whoand then run  dpkg-source -x alsa-lib_1.0.24.1-4ubuntu1~linaro3.dsc03:41
Dr_Whoit will unpack and apply all the patches03:42
Dr_Whosure …  the ubuntu version looks to be based on a release and then patched from there03:42
Dr_WhoI remember a few weeks back I had looked at using the git branch you had pointed me at but I ran into issues that didn't mesh well with the ubuntu packaging03:43
Dr_Wholeast with what I just pointed you at, that'll will get you the source base, patches applied as built03:44
wei_fengHow can I get the right version? Who knows?03:44
Dr_Whowell  alsa-lib_1.0.24.1.orig.tar.bz2  should be the as released upstream version without patches03:45
Dr_Whothat should line up with a git release tag I would hope03:45
wei_fengok , i will check that03:46
Dr_Whohope that helps03:47
wei_fengthank you, Dr_Who!03:48
Dr_Whowe should have an updated hwpack for panda tomorrow-ish  to match the two packages so in theory things should be in good shape03:48
Dr_Whogood morning ronynandy05:10
ronynandygoodmorning Dr_Who05:11
ronynandyi am just trying to check the board with joey's suggestion..05:12
Dr_Whoronynandy: for a panda board ES, do you want me to pick up a second power supply ?05:12
Dr_Whothe original panda power supply will work with the ES05:12
Dr_Wholet me know what you'd like05:16
ronynandycan you give me some time..I will get a multimeter and check the supply also,there is a hypothesis here that the suppy is not alright so the board conked up..though it worked fine for one year(?)...I will better try to get a multimeter and also check the supply and any possibility of the board being repared...05:16
Dr_WhoI figure I'll order you an ES regardless and bring to 1QLC05:16
Dr_Whono hurry05:16
Dr_Whoone thing i am in a hurry for tho is …. I'm off to bed!05:16
ronynandyoh ok, good night :)05:17
ibirisronynandy: ping can you point to me what benchmarks are already possible to gauge through LAVA for our codecs?09:45
ibirisronynandy: meaning - what do we have in terms of the benchmarks in LAVA09:45
ronynandyibiris:for libjpeg turbo we have the results which were publised by tgall_foo .now it can get generated online through lava10:44
ronynandyibiris:LAVA only automates the publishing the data in a dashboard with new releases of the codec10:45
ronynandyibiris:speex we will have once the script is merged with the LAVA dashboard...10:45
ibirisronynandy: how busy are you by the way? Could you help with more LAVA activity - it's needed by krtaylor for e2e audio testing11:21
benjiGtgall_foo: hello15:26
tgall_fooHi benjiG !15:27
benjiGtgall_foo: about ljt I have the feeling that neon pathes are used on my board15:32
tgall_foobenjiG, if you're running linux, sure,  if you're running android it'll depend on the version I think15:32
benjiGtgall_foo: I'm running on Android ICS15:32
tgall_foothen it's not running the neon acceleration least from what I've seen15:33
tgall_fooIm running the pandaboard 4.0.3 branch I think ?15:33
benjiGtgall_foo: a correct value in simd_support is not enough to use neon ?15:34
tgall_fooyes it can be forced from the command line15:34
benjiGI'm running 4.0.1 branch on snowball15:34
tgall_fooregardless, I think it's in good form to either detect via auxv or a bit of assembler,  that'll be better than the code that's currently there15:35
benjiGit is without command line or env variables, it just go in15:35
benjiG#if defined(__ARM_NEON__)15:35
benjiG  simd_support |= JSIMD_ARM_NEON;15:35
tgall_foobenjiG, just replied to your note.15:50
tgall_foobenjiG, say another thing to consider is my 4.0.3 branch didn't have libjpeg-turbo it had an older libjpeg15:51
tgall_foothat was a slight surprise15:52
benjiGtgall_foo: :-)15:52
benjiGtgall_foo: if you need somebody to test your dev with skia, ping me !15:54
tgall_fooshall do!15:55
tgall_foojust getting back to it15:56
tgall_foofew things to juggle this morning15:56
tgall_foobenjiG, ping18:37
ibiristgall_foo: ping I can do some IRC now ... sadly my mumble is giving me trouble19:08
tgall_fooibiris, np ?19:08

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