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linarobotMeeting started Wed Jan  4 14:00:21 2012 UTC. The chair is mansson_.14:00
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bero|2hi mansson_, *14:00
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mansson_Who is here?14:01
* patrikryd is here14:01
* bero 14:02
mansson_Happy new year for those who have started it!14:04
beroTo you too14:04
mansson_What's the animal next year in China?14:04
mansson_That's good isnt' it?14:05
kejun-zhouYes,chinese like dragon14:06
mansson_#topic Actions from last meeting14:06
mansson_prashanths will get Annamalai12 going on the hackbox. - OK?14:06
beroShould be the year of MIPS CPUs then, given that's what 龙芯 is ;)14:06
* mansson_ would also like to be able to input chinese on keyboard14:07
mansson_Is anamalai hacking?14:07
beromansson_: If you're using KDE, install kimpanel14:07
mansson_Thanks. OK no anamalai.14:08
mansson_Hi pabishek14:08
pabhishekhi all, sorry for delay in joining14:08
mansson_bero to look at DS-5 on iMX53 (893151) Done?14:08
beroDone code-wise, but not yet tested14:09
bero99.9% chance it's working now14:09
mansson_inprogress then.14:09
mansson_pabhishek to go through the bug list and set anything that only exists on Gingerbread to "won't fix". Done?14:09
pabhishekdone a lot of it - need to review once again14:09
mansson_in progress.14:10
pabhishekaround 150 open bugs on linaro-android now14:10
pabhishekthanks to pundiramit for helping out14:10
pundiramitpabhishek, no problem14:10
mansson_Yes. No shortage of work there...14:10
mansson_Keep up the good work and make sure it shouws in lp.14:11
mansson_bhoj to look at Snowball video conferencing and streaming, possibly with ffserver or vlc. That's a BP now so please report progress there.14:11
bhojmansson_, okay .14:11
mansson_bhoj to test the tracking-panda tip and the landing-panda tip and send Andy a general review of the two. Done?14:11
bhojmansson_, yes . done . have mailed Andy about it .14:11
mansson_pundiramit to update build instructions at https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/BuildSource . Also creating build scripts. Progress?14:11
pundiramitnot updated the instructions on wiki yet14:12
pundiramitin progress14:12
mansson_#topic Plans. Does everyone know what to do?14:12
mansson_Some didn't report due to vacation, which means not all plans are visible..14:13
beroyes, enough work for the next week queued up14:13
mansson_patrikryd, can you limit your giant work to a BP that fits this cycle?14:14
patrikrydmansson_, Do you refer to https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-android/+spec/linaro-android-st-ericsson-multimedia ?14:14
patrikrydI don't know14:15
mansson_It's not a requirement, it's just practical if you could.14:16
patrikrydThere a more than myself that can work on the BP.14:16
patrikrydI have johnfre1111111 from #igloo and probably mpoirier and maybe some more14:17
patrikrydwe can probably split the work somehow.14:17
mansson_That's great. Just put them to work!14:17
patrikrydBut it will be hard to fit it into this cycle anyway. :(14:18
mansson_Absolutely. And hard to split up I suppose.14:18
mansson_OK.. on...14:18
mansson_#topic Switching to 4.0314:18
mansson_bero - there's nothing in the way?14:19
beromansson_: No, if it's ok with everyone, I'd like to switch all the builds over ASAP14:19
beroAll the problems I'm aware of (mostly problems w/ binary drivers) have been fixed/worked around14:19
mansson_I think it's time. Do you know how to effectuate it?14:19
mansson_Great. THis is a minor bump so I guess there is no risk of inadvertently leaving things behind. It's the same manifests carried over?14:21
beroFor the most part -- the manifests are pretty much generated with sed -i -e 's,4.0.1,4.0.3,g' *.xml14:21
* bero will switch all builds over unless someone complains in the next 10 minutes14:22
mansson_:) What about component branches named 4.0.1. Are there such animals and How do we normally do?14:22
bhojbero tracking-panda has been moved to 4.0.3 since accelerated gfx was supported on the kernel for 4.0.314:23
beroWe copied the 4.0.1 branches to 4.0.3 branches without changes for those14:23
berostaging-imx53 has been moved to 4.0.3 a couple of days ago as well14:24
mansson_cool. Almost done already then.14:24
mansson_anything else on 4.0.3?14:24
beroNot directly 4.0.3 related, but it touches the subject: android-build stability14:25
beroI've had numerous builds failing on me with errors like14:25
berobzip2: I/O or other error, bailing out. Possible reason follows.14:25
berobzip2: No space left on device14:25
beroInput file = /mnt/jenkins/workspace/linaro-android_staging-imx53/build/out/target/product/iMX53/system.tar, output file = (stdout)14:25
beromake: *** [out/target/product/iMX53/system.tar.bz2] Error 114:25
beroAnd of course if those start showing up after a 4.0.3 update, people are likely to blame 4.0.314:26
mansson_Yes. Been there, done that. But currently I am blaming my USB3 drive. I got really weird build errors that didn't show up on hackbox..14:27
beroThe error I'm posting happens on android-build14:27
beroNo problems on my local box14:27
mansson_So this is all infrastructure-related?14:27
mansson_Is itreported?14:28
beroI don't think so14:28
mansson_OK. look out for hard evidence and then have a talk with e.g. Danilo.14:29
mansson_#topic Connect. Has pfefferz handed out presentation topics to you guys yet?14:29
beroKind of - I presume they're going to be the same as the ABS/ELC talks14:30
mansson_Whereever appliccable yes, I want to practice mine too :)14:30
mansson_All right, we'll wait for pfefferz to state preferences, but this year we are going to be board-centric..14:31
mansson_We'll see how that turns out.14:32
mansson_#topic ABS and ELC - CFP ends 2012-01-0614:32
mansson_I'll finis my proposal tonight and send for review to you guys..14:33
mansson_bero - do you have received any receipt/confirmation?14:33
beroall my proposals are still in "New" state14:33
beroI think they're waiting until the Jan 6th deadline before confirming anything14:34
beroBut I might be wrong14:34
mansson_"New" where?14:34
bhojthe website says the January 13, 2012: Speaker Acceptance/Rejection Notifications14:34
berodid anyone else hear back about a ABS or ELC proposal they submitted?14:34
beromansson_: In the submission page on https://events.linuxfoundation.org/cfp/14:35
pundiramitdid you guys see my submission draft?14:35
mansson_OK. But if you can see it it must exist. So that must be OK.14:35
mansson_#topic VISA and travel arrangements. Who is not attending?14:36
mansson_Connect I mean.14:36
mansson_All are coming?14:36
* patrikryd will connect to connect remotely14:37
* bero is attending unless the ***holes will catch me at the border and send me to Guantanamo14:37
mansson_How about VISA status for Indian and Chinese citizens. Under control?14:38
pundiramityes manageable for us14:39
mansson_I think I am going too fast. Or we are too few today..14:40
mansson_#topic Any Other Business (AOB)14:41
beroNothing from me, aside from the infrastructure bits we already mentioned in the 4.0.3 topic14:42
* bero starts moving the remaining builds to 4.0.314:42
mansson_pundiramit, yes I saw what you sent out. Looked good.14:42
pundiramitok i will send it out today then. thanks14:43
mansson_Right. Then we quit.  Have a good week!14:43
linarobotMeeting ended Wed Jan  4 14:44:23 2012 UTC.14:44
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