ibirismarkos_: was there any further discussion with plars after yesterday evening - my BIP server died and I lost some IRC logs11:43
ibirisrelated to the LAVA help11:43
markos_no nothing more11:45
loolibiris: FYI there's a http://irclogs.linaro.org/2012/01/03/ -- I don't know whether the channels you care about are listed there, but if they aren't please ask for them to be added  :-)11:52
ibirislool: cool thanks11:52
ibirisy all the discussion was on #linaro11:53
rsalvetiibiris: we should have armhf for the ubuntu leb images later this cycle12:51
rsalvetiif that helps12:51
rsalvetiat least we can enable these images at LAVA12:51
rsalvetieasily, then you can hook your benchmarks there12:51
rsalvetibut don't if that was the plan12:51
ibirisrsalveti: thanks on that aspect there is also a request to add armhf to offspring and fabo is looking at its status, but nevertheless if there is a way to help running the benchmarks even with the images from the daily precise builds that would be a good step forward IMO14:03
rsalvetiibiris: sure, but don't know if you want to run that with lava or any other automatic tool14:04
rsalvetior it's just a run-once thing14:04
ibiristhe idea  was to enable the benchmarking through lava14:05
ibirisrsalveti: ^^^ :-)14:05
rsalvetiibiris: oh, ok then14:05
rsalvetiibiris: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+spec/armhf-images-enablement14:05
ibirisrsalveti: great can I link it against the requirement OCTO2011-HARD-FLOAT-ABI-BENCHMARKS (http://status.linaro.org/card/OCTO2011-HARD-FLOAT-ABI-BENCHMARKS)14:07
rsalvetiibiris: sure14:07
ibirisrsalveti: thanks done14:08

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