benjiGibiris: hello10:38
ibirisbenjiG: hi10:38
benjiGI would like to write a wiki page about ljt integration and test in Android10:39
benjiGwhere is the best place ?10:39
ibirisbenjiG: Hmm maybe we need to create an area under Multimedia for codecs10:43
ibirisAs a simple solution for now: you could write under your own page https://wiki.linaro.org/BenjaminGaignard (we can then include that as a Multimedia subpage)10:43
benjiGibiris, tgall_foo: does this wiki page about ljt is ok for you ? https://wiki.linaro.org/BenjaminGaignard/libjpeg-turboAndSkia11:12
ibirisbenjiG: looks ok to me :-) Just a question: there is no way this recipe can fail? If there are chances of failure maybe some common troubleshooting would be useful11:16
benjiGibiris: when you have rename (or remove) external/jpeg/Android.mk the only thing to take care is to clean the previous build jpeg libraries but I have explain that :-)11:18
benjiGibiris: in Android the jpeg lib is only used through skia (as far I know)11:19
benjiGibiris: this branch of ljt has fix the only Android ICS issues11:22
ronynandybenjiG:you can also add the steps to build only the libjepg-turbo library in Android rather than building the whole Android...11:26
=== leio_ is now known as leio
benjiGronynandy: ok11:27
Dr_Whoevening ronynandy12:58
ronynandymorning Dr_Who :)12:59
Dr_Whoafternoon ibiris12:59
ibirisGreetings from Finland :-D13:00
Dr_Whomru, krtaylor, robclark : hi guys… here ?13:00
ibirisI think mru is still on  vac13:00
ibiristill the 6th13:00
* Dr_Who hasn't checked the vacation calendar for today13:01
Dr_WhobenjiG: ping ?13:01
Dr_WhoHi benjiG !13:01
Dr_Whowell let's start the meeting13:02
linarobotMeeting started Tue Jan  3 13:02:04 2012 UTC. The chair is Dr_Who.13:02
linarobotUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.13:02
Dr_Who#link https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/Notes/2012-01-0313:02
Dr_Wholots of past actions … I suspect most if not all probably haven't seen progress due to the holiday13:02
Dr_Wholeast I can say that's the case for me13:03
Dr_Whoronynandy:  how about you ?13:03
ronynandysame here...due to vacation13:03
ibirisI already passed some contact to mru for LAVA13:03
Dr_Whoibiris: great… I'll mark that one closed13:03
Dr_Wholet's move on … I suspect this will be a short meeting this morning13:04
Dr_Who12.01 release13:04
Dr_Whothe component release date IIRC is Jan 19th13:04
ibirisroger that - confirmed13:05
Dr_Whofor all the blueprints in 12.01 that the MultiMedia team has everything should be in a ready state, meaning all the header info is filled in13:05
Dr_WhoI'll be starting to roll through the blueprints one by one, so everyone be prepared to review your blueprints as part of our 1:1s13:06
Dr_Whoare there any major adjustments (new blueprints or ones to push off to 12.02 or later) that anyone wants to bring up ?13:07
Dr_Who#link https://launchpad.net/linaro-multimedia-wg/+milestone/2012.0113:07
ibiris70% of the content is with krtaylor and mru13:07
Dr_Whoibiris: should the blueprint list there include ltj ones ?13:07
ibirishm actually I forgot to add LJT in the wiki as a separate link13:08
ibirissorry about that13:08
Dr_Whoibiris: yeah probably some need to smooth that out13:08
Dr_Whonp ibiris13:08
Dr_Whomorning ronynandy13:08
Dr_Whomorning robclark13:08
Dr_Who(sorry for the mistab)13:08
ibiris#link https://launchpad.net/libjpeg-turbo/+milestone/1.1.90-2012.0113:08
ibiristhose are the bps for LJT13:08
ronynandyibiris:so i have 2 blueprints for 12.01 besides some  single work items in other blueprints..13:10
Dr_Whothanks for pointing that out ronynandy, def want to capture that so everyone is getting credit for work accomplished!13:10
ibirisindeed and also to find out if there are blocking issues or if we need to change the release strategy (change the scope etc)13:11
Dr_Whoany questions ?   if not let's move on13:12
robclarkbtw, speaking of credit.. what do a I w/ gst patches since there is no mailing list but rather they just go to bugzilla (maybe something benjiG knows)13:12
robclark(ie. so they get counted in mmwg's patch count)13:12
* robclark fixed a bunch of stuff w/ mpeg2 and dvd playback over the break13:12
ibirisleftover work items are "technical debt" - I am thinking of how to track this in a better way without adding much bureaucracy (splitting BPs may not be ideal)13:12
ibirisI will propose something during this week13:12
Dr_Whorobclark: biggest thing is send a copy of them to patches@linaro.org13:13
Dr_Whothat''ll get them included in the counts13:13
Dr_Whogreat thanks13:13
Dr_Who#topic team status13:13
Dr_Whothanks to those who filled in their status,  given the vacation break surprised to see accomplishments besides just *vacation :-)13:14
Dr_Who#topic new business13:14
Dr_Whonext week we'll start to think about 12.02 blueprints … if you have a pretty good idea what you'll want to be doing next month great,  if not,  something to start thinking about13:15
Dr_Who#topic AOB13:15
Dr_WhobenjiG: anything you'd like to bring up13:15
Dr_Whoibiris: anything you'd like to bring up ?13:16
benjiGDr_Who: I have finish to test ljt on Android13:16
benjiGthe wiki page is here: https://wiki.linaro.org/BenjaminGaignard/libjpeg-turboAndSkia13:16
benjiGDr_Who: maybe that could be put into one of your BP :-)13:17
Dr_Whogood idea!13:17
benjiGDr_Who: CMA Lava test are on going so I think I could close this BP this week13:17
Dr_WhoI had done an update for android of ltj last week, will be testing and benchmarking it today13:17
benjiGthe sos position fix ?13:18
ibirisDr_Who: should we create 1 subpage under Multimedia to collect all the links to individual wiki pages for codec related work?13:18
Dr_Whoibiris: yes i think that would be good13:18
ibirisI can take that action for next week13:18
Dr_Who#action ibiris to create multimedia subpage which will collect all links to individual codec wiki pages13:19
Dr_Whoronynandy:  anything you'd like to bring up?13:19
Dr_Whorobclark: anything you'd like to bring up ?13:21
robclarknot really.. I'm just back from vacation13:21
Dr_Whonp :-)13:22
Dr_Whodid I miss anyone?13:22
ibirisrobclark: sent you a question about 12.01 via email13:22
Dr_Whoif not, let's call it a meeting13:22
* robclark looks13:22
ibirisrobclark: let me know if you need any help for that13:22
Dr_Whothanks robclark ronynandy ibiris benjiG13:23
linarobotMeeting ended Tue Jan  3 13:23:11 2012 UTC.13:23
linarobotMinutes:        http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-multimedia/2012/linaro-multimedia.2012-01-03-13.02.html13:23
linarobotMinutes (text): http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-multimedia/2012/linaro-multimedia.2012-01-03-13.02.txt13:23
linarobotLog:            http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-multimedia/2012/linaro-multimedia.2012-01-03-13.02.log.html13:23
linarobotWiki:           http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-multimedia/2012/linaro-multimedia.2012-01-03-13.02.wiki.txt13:23
ibiristhanks Dr_Who - wow that was a quick meeting :-D13:23
robclarkibiris, yeah, I guess we should move to 12.01 to finish that stuff13:23
ibirisrobclark: ok I will mark it so13:23
Dr_Whoug, ok now I'm feeling old : http://www.reghardware.com/2012/01/02/commodore_64_30_birthday/13:23
robclarkI didn't have time to finish it last month, was a bit pre-occupied w/ getting omapdrm patches in13:23
ronynandythanks, bye everyone13:24
robclarkmy first programming/hacking was on a c64 ;-)13:24
Dr_Whocool … mine was on a vic-2013:24
Dr_Whogood ol 6502 assembler13:24
* av500 looks at the VIC-20 in the corner of the office13:25
Dr_Whoheh,  yeah I have mine in my garage13:26
* robclark wishes his parents kept the c6413:27
av500I threw mine away13:27
av500the vic-20 is from some scrap dump that I gave my kids to play with13:28
av500but they want to play angry birds....13:28
robclarkheheh, just need to port angry birds13:29
krtaylorHi all13:29
robclarkgm krtaylor13:30
Dr_Whomorning krtaylor13:31
* krtaylor reads scrollback13:31
tgall_fooibiris, do you know what the situation is with status.linaro.org ?14:22
benjiGtgall_foo: do you still have improvements to do (or in mind) for ljt ?14:24
tgall_foobenjiG, yes I do,  if you look at t he backlog https://blueprints.launchpad.net/libjpeg-turbo  as well as https://blueprints.launchpad.net/libjpeg-turbo/+spec/engr-mm-codec-jpeg-optimizations14:25
ibiristgall_foo: what do you mean? AFAIK s.l.o has been transformed to reflect the requirements completion14:51
ibirisat least the top level14:51
tgall_fooibiris, well the counts are off,  it;s missing blueprints and it's not reflecting by cycle numbers14:51
tgall_fooibiris, perhaps a number of the "old" views are not being maintained, I was just wondering before I started to raise a complaint14:52
ibirisif you look from the top URL the emphasis is on the requirements which are already accepted for the quarter14:52
ibirisso the codecs is still not there14:52
ibiriscodecs is just marked as reviewed afaik14:53
tgall_fooyeah I understand that's one way to slice and dice the data,  but alas that doesn't do it for me :-)14:53
ibirisfor the status of the roadmap cards (ie what is PLANNED, not just reviewed) check http://linaro.kanbantool.com/public_view-9487de29a82f2.html14:54
tgall_fooyeah I know,  however I look to status.l.o to capture more than that14:54
tgall_fooand on top of that, it needs to be accurate14:55
tgall_fooanyway, sounds like I need to contact whomever in infrastructure handles it14:55
ibiriscontact ^^^14:55
tgall_fookrtaylor, ping17:35
krtaylortgall_foo, have a lunch appt in a few mins, bbiab17:41
tgall_fookrtaylor, k thanks, grab me when you're back17:41
tgall_fookrtaylor, ?19:52
krtaylorhey tgall_foo20:22
tgall_fooI've got time if you've got time :-)20:26
krtaylorHi tgall_foo just sent you an email20:33
krtaylorproposal for 12.0120:34
Dr_Whofirst question, what do you have for audio options, via HDMI, via Audio jack or both ?20:34
krtaylornothing too thought out, just initial ideas20:34
krtaylorfor the test, there is the ability to pass device20:35
krtayloras with aplay20:35
Dr_Whoright … but the question is what do you yourself have for audio options .. AJ and or via HDMI20:36
krtaylorah, what do I have to test with?20:36
krtaylorI can have both with minor pain20:36
krtaylorjack is easy, hdmi is much harder, not sure about loopback, hack a cable?20:37
Dr_Whobecause from what I've experienced via HDMI is not broke20:37
* krtaylor is googling hdmi pinout and recording options20:40
Dr_Whowell hdmi is audio out only  not audio in20:41
Dr_Whothere is also http://www.eforcity.com/84230.html?efprcggbadtf120103=sc+gb+84230&utm_source=google&utm_medium=product_search&utm_campaign=google_base which would give you RCA audio out20:43
Dr_Whounfortunately it converts video component but there are some LCD panels that work with that20:43
krtaylorright, thats why I have kinda punted on hdmi for now20:44
Dr_Whounderstand but I'm getting the strong feeling that HDMI is going to be the default support path everything else, not so much20:45
krtayloryes, agreed20:45
Dr_Whohere's another around …  HDMI to DVI-D  with 3.5mm audio20:47
krtayloror, I guess I could use a TV with HDMI in and audio out the RCAs to 1/8" back into the input20:47
* Dr_Who likes the $30 solution20:48
krtayloryes, better for verification lab20:48
krtaylorthere are two threads here, what I have available and what we *should* use20:49
Dr_Whowell point being HDMI seems to work for auiod20:49
Dr_Whohold .. last link doesn't pull audio off the HDMI lines20:51
krtayloroh, just a bundle, well the converter would work (first link), just pitch the composit and loopback the audio outs20:52
krtayloroh, thats LPCM, not analog line level20:56
* robclark_ uses hdmi audio on my htpc-panda setup..21:08
robclark_(that is a more or less stock-ish ubuntu 11.10 kernel w/ ti-extras and unrelated userspace stuff rebuilt)21:08
robclark_I use hdmi -> TV, and then digital audio link back from tv to receiver21:09
krtaylorrobclark_, yeah, thats what I was thinking for the initial test (analog in to panda for loopback)21:10
=== robclark_ is now known as robclark
krtaylorDr_Who, where in the process are we with Linaro connect and the sessions - do we have room for a mini summit?21:17
krtaylormay be a question for ibiris as well21:17
tgall_foorobclark, yeah basically I take over the TV upstairs for audio over HDMI ?   not a great solution tho21:19
tgall_fookrtaylor, there are various sessions blueprints put together already, what are you thinking wrt a mini summit ?21:19
robclarkwell, in the office I have some PC monitor which has a speaker.. probably not stereo or anything like that..21:19
tgall_fooah!  yeah wish my HDMI lcd panel had a speaker21:19
krtaylortgall_foo, well there is a possibility that I may want to pull the ASoC folks into a co-located summit, its being worked, not sure which to co locate with, but just wondering if we had space21:21
tgall_foonot to mention time,  it's mine plan to get together with a different rep from each of the LTs over the course of the week and go through issues21:22
tgall_fookrtaylor, say on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-multimedia-project/+spec/linaro-mmwg-e2eaudiotesting-lava you haven't filled in the output field21:24
krtaylortgall_foo, I must have missed that discussion - output? is that where the code lives?21:25
tgall_fookrtaylor, no,  that is the output of the blueprint, patches, updated package in 12.01 component, wiki page, etc21:26
krtaylortgall_foo, ok, where do lava scripts live? with the component since this is a test?21:27
tgall_fooyou tell me,  a .deb,  some repo, some place else? :-)21:28
tgall_fookrtaylor, as you can tell, makes you think about the result of the bluprint ;-)21:28
krtaylorwell, ronynandy has done it once before21:28
krtaylorhe can advise21:28
krtaylortgall_foo, just for this case, else it would be a patch to my git and tag/release21:29
tgall_foonote the chatter in #linaro,  that will be an updated hwpack and ucm config for panda audio which should also fix the audio jack21:32
tgall_fookrtaylor, so what happened to : https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-multimedia-project/+spec/engr-mm-audio-panda-leb21:34
tgall_fooand https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-multimedia-project/+spec/engr-mm-audio-panda-android-ics21:35
tgall_foothose are really the two blueprints which are highest priority when it comes to audio21:35
krtaylortgall_foo, nothing - agreed21:37
krtaylorbeyond bugs for now, there is more robust thought needed to make sure it stays fixed and works e2e is a test component that can help, but this is more21:39
tgall_fooI think part of the discussion to be had at San Fran in person is "Why does it keep breaking?"   with some data, I think we might be able to better react21:40
tgall_foothe suite is great to answer "is it broken?"  and that'll be a great tool to throw at the landing teams, platform team that tests as well as ourselves21:41
krtaylory, thats the goal, but there is glue needed and education21:46
tgall_foothat there is!21:46
tgall_fooibiris, sounds good, grab me when it's good for you21:47
ibiristgall_foo: will do sorry for the short notice21:47
tgall_fooibiris, hey it's cool21:47
* ibiris is going to sleep :-)21:48
tgall_foopleasant dreams ibiris21:50

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