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* dzin says hi13:00
dzin#startmeeting Infrastructure13:01
linarobotMeeting started Tue Jan  3 13:01:34 2012 UTC. The chair is dzin.13:01
linarobotUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.13:01
dzin#chair fabo13:01
linarobotCurrent chairs: dzin fabo13:01
dzinHappy new year everyone13:01
pfalconHappy New Year!13:02
jamestunnicliffeHappy new year!13:02
dzinI hope it was great for y'all13:02
deepti1Thanks . Happy New year to everyone13:02
salgadohi there13:03
dzinDanilo is still on vacation I think, so let's have a quicky here. :-)13:03
geshahi everybody and HNY13:03
dzin#topic Actions from last meeting13:03
dzinmabac/salgado to set patches.l.o script to forward to the new l-i-errors list - DONE13:04
dzindanilos to review outstanding MPs for mabac's linaro-status-website changes - DONE13:04
dzindanilos to check with kiko to ensure we can switch the status.l.o homepage to the new lane view - DONE13:04
dzinmabac to review Gesha's linaro-image-tools MPs. - DONE13:05
dzin#topic Activity Reports13:05
dzinfrom top down13:05
dzinmabac is not here yet13:06
dzindeepti1: go13:06
deepti1ah! sure13:06
deepti1Just done with emails and now started working on a bug#907295 .. found one more prob in ci.linaro.org filed a bug for the same..#91120513:07
deepti1nothing much apart from that13:07
dzindeepti1: have you created the blueprints for the eula failure?13:08
deepti1dzin:  not a BP .. but a bug13:08
deepti1dzin: Should I create a BP for the same ?13:09
fabobug 90729513:09
ubot2`Launchpad bug 907295 in linaro-ci "Linaro CI Kernel builds failing for origen board type" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90729513:09
fabobug 91120513:09
ubot2`Launchpad bug 911205 in linaro-ci "Use the latest hwpacks available under http://snapshots.linaro.org/oneiric/" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/91120513:09
dzindeepti1: yes, thanks. There should also be blueprints created to address publishing CI hwpacks13:10
deepti1dzin:  ok..13:10
fabodeepti1: yesterday, rsalveti had an issue for using CI13:10
faboit has been resolved13:10
deepti1fabo: ah! yeah .. he was not able to configure the view.. it shld be solved now13:10
fabois it a lack of documentation somewhere?13:10
deepti1fabo: waiting for rsalveti to confirm on the same13:10
rsalvetiI still didn't check it, but I believe it's solved13:10
rsalvetishould confirm in a few13:10
deepti1rsalveti: ok.. thanks13:11
dzin#action deepti to create blueprints to address publishing CI hwpacks13:11
dzinok pfalcon:13:12
pfalconwell, last few days before holidays13:12
pfalconall jobs were migrated to push build results to snapshots.l.o13:12
pfalconfew other fixes were made to be able to take that we finished cored of eula support migration for android13:13
pfalconfor this week, I'm going to resync with James on that (one big point is to revamp lava integration in build frontend ui)13:14
dzinOk, thanks.13:14
pfalconI also hope to start on preparing new build seed - it should be done early in milestone progress, because next week android people will start saying "please hold on, we're working on RC" ;-)13:14
dzinsalgado: you're next13:15
salgadook, I was on holiday since Dec 17, so not much to report for me13:16
salgadobecause of that I now have tons of email13:16
dzinsalgado: plans for this week?13:16
fabosalgado: for info, I plan to do some l-i-t builds on fedora and check what's the status on this distro - bug 90618913:18
ubot2`Launchpad bug 906189 in linaro-image-tools "Getting error while executing Linaro Image tools in Fedora 14" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90618913:18
dzinsalgado: I'm sure you can find something to get you going this week. Maybe fabo has something for you?13:18
faboI need to sync with lamont and check the status for offspring/armhf13:19
fabomight need salgado for support :)13:19
dzinjamestunnicliffe: you're next13:19
dzinjamestunnicliffe: CHICKENPOX???13:20
jamestunnicliffedzin: yep, met small child who turns out probably has it and I haven't had it yet.13:20
dzinjamestunnicliffe: hopefully you don't get it, I hear it is brutal form adults.13:21
fabo:/ I heard the same13:21
jamestunnicliffedzin: Well, I already have a sore throat and other flu like symptoms, so I am not holding out too much hope :-(13:21
dzinjamestunnicliffe: keep us updated as to how you feel.13:21
jamestunnicliffedzin: of course.13:22
pfalconjamestunnicliffe: so, are you on sick leave?13:22
dzinjamestunnicliffe: ok, good luck.13:22
jamestunnicliffepfalcon: Nope, still going.13:22
pfalconok, hope all will be well13:23
dzinjamestunnicliffe: do what you can13:23
dzinmoving on13:23
dzingesha: last but not least.13:23
rsalvetideepti1: fabo13:24
rsalvetideepti1: fabo: ops, working just fine https://ci.linaro.org/jenkins/view/Ubuntu%20CI%20PKG/13:24
geshadzin, I was on holidays but last week before them I landed fixes for l-i-t13:25
deepti1rsalveti: cool.. thanks for adding the maintainer information as well.13:25
dzingesha: thanks. How are things going? Any issues with communications or process?13:26
geshadzin, thanks, everything is fine :) and I get help from people13:27
geshadzin, danilos asked me to take a look at possible tests for click-through license to package with, I'll start with it13:27
dzingesha: ok.13:27
dzin#topic Planning for this cycle13:27
dzinI'm not sure what Danilo has for your work items, but I assuming that the team will ramp up this week for the cycle.13:28
dzinIs anyone not sure of what they need to do this week?13:28
salgadomy internet is very flaky today, it seems13:29
salgadodzin, I suspect you didn't get my report, right?13:29
dzinsalgado: I see it on the wiki. Are you referring to another?13:29
salgado<dzin> salgado: you're next13:30
salgado<salgado> ok, I was on holiday since Dec 17, so not much to report for me13:30
salgado<salgado> because of that I now have tons of email13:30
salgado<salgado> after I go through all of them I suspect I'll have a better idea about what I'm going to work on next13:30
dzinsalgado: you must have missed my comments and fabo comments13:31
salgadoI did, yes13:31
dzinfabo> salgado: for info, I plan to do some l-i-t builds on fedora and check what's the status on this distro - bug 90618913:31
ubot2`Launchpad bug 906189 in linaro-image-tools "Getting error while executing Linaro Image tools in Fedora 14" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90618913:31
dzin#topic Issues and AOB13:33
dzinis there anything that needs to be brought up?13:34
dzinIs everyone signed up for Linaro Connect with travel arrangements?13:35
dzingesha: any visa issues?13:36
geshadzin, not yet :) I've an appointment at embassy on January 10th13:36
dzingesha: ok13:37
dzindeepti1: can you attend this one?13:37
deepti1dzin: Not sure13:37
dzindeepti1: ok, let us know13:37
deepti1dzin: sure If I come to know anything abt the same13:38
dzinif no other issues or business, closing in 3...13:38
linarobotMeeting ended Tue Jan  3 13:38:38 2012 UTC.13:38
linarobotMinutes:        http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-meeting/2012/linaro-meeting.2012-01-03-13.01.html13:38
linarobotMinutes (text): http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-meeting/2012/linaro-meeting.2012-01-03-13.01.txt13:38
linarobotLog:            http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-meeting/2012/linaro-meeting.2012-01-03-13.01.log.html13:38
linarobotWiki:           http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-meeting/2012/linaro-meeting.2012-01-03-13.01.wiki.txt13:38
dzinthanks everyone.13:38
geshathanks, bye13:38
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* dzin waves16:00
* tgall_foo waves16:00
* amitk waves16:00
dzin#startmeeting Platform <-> WG sync16:02
linarobotMeeting started Tue Jan  3 16:02:16 2012 UTC. The chair is dzin.16:02
linarobotUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic.16:02
* rsalveti waves16:02
dzinthere are still a lot of people on vacation, so let's have a kickoff today and discuss the time and agenda16:03
dzinFirst item: scheduling16:04
rsalvetiguess there's a conflict with the twg16:04
dzinI know that michaelh cannot come at this time as well as JesseBarker and possibly more.16:04
rsalvetibut don't know if we have any other wg that can't be represented by the tl here16:04
tgall_foogiven the timezones it'll be tough regardless16:05
dzinI will try to reschedule later on for tuesdays. Any objections?16:06
ibirisdzin: I usually cannot make it on tuesday evenings16:06
ibirisbut I'm optional to this meeting16:06
dzinibiris: I'll do my best to find a time that is suitable for everyone.16:07
tgall_fooworks for me16:07
ibirisdzin: I can catch up with you on Wednesdays it's ok if I can read the logs and followup with any issues/questions16:07
dzinThis meeting has been set up to facilitate communication between the platform and working groups16:08
dzinplatform has a similar meeting with the landing teams and it is fairly productive.16:08
dzinit will be kept strictly to 1 hour at most and any issues that require more discussion can be broken out.16:08
dzinThe schedule is once a week (time still to be determined) and 1, 2 or 3 standup meetings of 15 minutes max at the end of the cycle to flesh out any last minute issues.16:09
rsalvetidzin: but let's try to always have at least one representing each wg16:09
dzinrsalveti: indeed16:09
rsalvetieven if not the lead, somebody else to cover the topics16:09
amitkshouldn't project managers then be invited to this meeting16:10
tgall_fooyeah I agree, if not the lead, someone to represent is critical16:10
dzinThis meeting should replace the individual meetings that occur with each wg and platform group16:10
dzinamitk: I believe they are.16:10
amitkyes, I see that now16:11
dzinamitk: it will also cover technical issues therefore team leads or developers should really attend16:11
dzinI hope this series of meetings will be more productive and efficient than weekly individual team syncs16:12
rsalvetiyup, and also less meetings for the leads in general16:13
dzinany questions or issues before we begin?16:13
rsalvetiguess not, let's move :-)16:14
dzinok, let's start with bugs. I'll let rsalveti go16:14
rsalvetiI believe the only critical bugs I have for ubuntu are related with the mmwg16:15
rsalvetitgall_foo: ^16:15
rsalvetirelated with audio and such16:15
rsalvetiI know that andy green worked updating both the kernel and the ucm + pa scripts16:16
tgall_fooworking audio is going to be a major theme this month I'm afraid16:16
rsalvetiand we also had some discussions about audio support at imx5316:16
rsalvetitgall_foo: are you planning to work on these issues with both boards this cycle?16:16
rsalvetiwe should really get this sorted out for 12.0116:17
tgall_foorsalveti, from andy's note do you have a thought when to update the hwpack with the newer kernel ?16:17
rsalvetiso we can also demonstrate the support at connect16:17
dzin#chair ibiris16:17
linarobotCurrent chairs: dzin ibiris16:17
tgall_foorsalveti, that's exactly my thought16:17
dzin#chair fabo16:17
linarobotCurrent chairs: dzin fabo ibiris16:17
rsalvetitgall_foo: I got the newer kernel already, and testing it in a few, so should have it probably after the call16:17
rsalvetiso in theory we shouldn't have anything blocking on the kernel side16:17
tgall_foorsalveti, ok great,  I'll have the otherside of it ready to go then16:17
rsalvetiI don't know if we have anything we need to update for imx5316:17
rsalvetibesides userspace16:17
dzinok can we move on?16:18
tgall_foorsalveti, imx53: exactly it might be just the user space16:18
rsalvetidzin: that's all I have related to bugs on my side, other than that I have just bp related discussion16:18
tgall_foodzin, sure16:18
dzinplars: anything for verification?16:18
plarsdzin: not really, I think I saw some discussion about the end-to-end audio testing earlier16:19
rsalvetiplars: anything blocking lava related with the ubuntu images?16:19
plarsrsalveti: not that I know of at the moment, but just getting back to things :)16:19
dzinplars: ok, thanks16:20
tgall_fooplars, for creating testing result views for LAVA, who do we work with ?16:20
rsalvetiplars: guess you're fine even with the click-through16:20
dzin#chair mounirb16:20
linarobotCurrent chairs: dzin fabo ibiris mounirb16:20
plarstgall_foo: this is not just for the audio tests though right? tgall_foo first step is to get all the tests you want running16:20
plarsrsalveti: yeah, that part seems to be working ok before the holiday16:21
rsalvetiplars: great16:21
dzinmansson_: any Android issues?16:21
mansson_Just an observation..16:22
mansson_The interface between PLF and LT is centered around enablement and hence bugs when things doesn't work.16:22
mansson_For PLF and WG it would be more about feature deliveries. Normally not bugs.16:22
tgall_fooplars, well I'd like to get a good view put together,  and interate over time as we add more testcases16:22
mansson_I don't (quickly) find any Android bug that is affected-marked to a WG16:22
dzinok thanks16:22
plarstgall_foo: validation@linaro.org and we can start discussion/planning around it - should include the initial set of tests you want to run16:23
dzinanyone from toolchain here?16:23
tgall_fooplars, groovy, thanks16:23
dzinok, we'll skip toolchain until we can find a slot when mh can come16:24
dzinanyone from Kernel here?16:24
mounirbdzin: I represent the toolchain16:24
mounirbdzin also the kernel16:24
dzingreat. Any high priority bugs or issues?16:24
dzin(for platform discussion)16:25
mounirbdzin: just got back today. I am not aware of any high issue at the moment.16:25
dzinok, good.16:25
mounirbdzin: my issue is the integrity of the status tool16:25
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dzinmounirb: you mean status.l.o?16:27
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tgall_fooyeah I've noticed as well that the counts, blueprints and such are off16:27
* tgall_foo plans to discuss wiht mabac16:28
dzinboth mabac and danilos are out today. Please file a bug for those issues.16:28
mounirbalso the tools does not seem to handle series name other than trunk16:28
dzinthanks mounirb, anything else?16:29
mounirbdzin: no thank you16:29
dzinamitk: anything from PM?16:30
ramanadzin, will be here for another 30 min or so - let me know if there's anything toolchainy that I can help with.16:30
amitkamitk: not really, we're trying to get our patches reviewed by upstream and doing several iterations on some patchsets16:31
amitkerr, dzin ^16:31
dzinramana: ok, thanks16:31
dzinamitk: ok, thanks.16:32
rsalvetiamitk: we're validating the pm with the test suite available at lava16:32
rsalvetiamitk: is that enough for you when validating userspace + kernel?16:32
rsalvetiacross all boards and lt trees16:32
amitkrsalveti: it is a good start. As we push various cpuidle/cpufreq drivers for various SoCs to mainline, it should start becoming more useful16:33
amitkrsalveti: We'll continue to add more tests to lava as we develop new PM functionality16:33
rsalvetiamitk: ok, great then16:33
amitkhowever, is there a single place where I can see the status of various features across all boards?16:33
rsalvetinot anymore, but we run a test case related with PM with every board we have16:34
rsalvetiwe have the links for the spreadsheets, but you can also look for the tag16:34
rsalvetilet me get you the link16:34
amitkideally I'd like something like this: https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/PowerManagement/Matrix110516:34
rsalvetiamitk: https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/QA/TestCases/Ubuntu#Power_Management16:35
amitkwhere the feature column would correspond to the test number in PM-QA in LAVA16:35
rsalvetiamitk: question is, can we have such table?16:35
mansson_No. Must be separate documents per member.16:35
amitkwe're not publishing numbers, just a comparison of whether the feature works or not16:35
amitk(in mainline)16:36
rsalvetistill, would be good to check16:36
rsalvetiamitk: https://bugs.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=linaro-ubuntu+powermanagement&field.tags_combinator=ALL16:36
rsalvetiyou can find all bugs related with PM and the boards we support16:36
amitkI've had this table since 11.05 and keep getting asked by various members (TSC) if there are any updates to it every now and then16:37
rsalvetiamitk: got it, are you only checking upstream?16:37
amitkrsalveti: yes, if it isn't in upstream or obviously on its way there (e.g. in linux-linaro)16:38
rsalvetiamitk: oh, ok16:38
rsalvetiamitk: but I guess we can export our test results better16:38
rsalvetior even break then in more details, easy to do if the test suite is checking all the options16:39
rsalvetiwe just need to parse the output16:39
rsalvetilet's discuss this later on16:39
dzinthanks amitk, anything else?16:39
amitkthat's all from my side16:40
dzinramana: do you have anything you want to bring up with the platform teams?16:40
ramanadzin, not really at this point of time - if platform has anything to bring up about the toolchain then that would be good to hear.16:40
ramananot sure how much I can help because we've had a few changes over the break and most of us are still returning from holiday.16:40
dzinramana: that's ok, we aim to be efficient.16:41
dzinis there someone from graphics here?16:41
ramanadzin, also when you say platform do you also include android here ?16:42
dzinramana: yes16:42
dzinramana: verification and infra too.16:42
ramanadzin, ok.16:42
dzinok, we'll skip graphics16:43
dzintgall_foo: !16:43
tgall_foorsalveti, touched on the audio bugs which are the major focus this cycle,16:43
tgall_foomounirb, touched on the status.linaro.org issues I'm seeing as well ?  so no need to rehas16:43
dzinok. That's the benefit of going later16:44
tgall_fooso I think we can safely move on16:44
dzinThat's it for today then.16:44
dzinI'd like people's opinion publicly or privately on the usefulness of this meeting, but give it a chance first.16:45
mansson_Does it have any wiki page?16:45
dzinI will set one up16:45
rsalvetidzin: I have just one other comment about blueprint planning16:45
rsalvetifor 12.0116:45
dzinrsalveti: go ahead16:45
ramanayes, that would be useful. I had not much idea what we were trying to achieve in this meeting till you explicitly said so.16:45
amitkdzin: it would be useful to have a regularly updated agenda (besides the standing agenda)16:46
rsalvetiamitk: we usually have for the other call with the TL, this was just the first one16:46
dzinamitk: yes, that should happen too.16:46
ramanadzin, Is there a plan to discuss bugs at some point here ?16:46
rsalvetiso, regarding blueprint planning16:46
rsalvetiwe had a problem with the compiz/unity update during the last cycle16:46
rsalvetithat wasn't released as we expected16:46
dzinramana: yes, but only as they concern plat<-->wg16:46
rsalvetiibiris is aware of the issue already16:47
rsalvetiI would just like, if possible, to know which components planned for 12.01 will affect the platform in any way16:47
rsalvetifor both Android and Ubuntu16:47
rsalvetilike a new feature, improvements or such16:47
rsalvetilike we had with libav during 12.01, but it was too late when we decided to push the update at the platform side16:48
rsalvetinot for today, but for the other meetings, please let me know asap if you have something that will affect the platform in any way16:48
rsalvetiso we can also plan the integration better on our side16:48
rsalvetithe milestone for Ubuntu: https://launchpad.net/linaro-dev-platform/+milestone/12.0116:49
rsalvetifor this cycle16:49
rsalvetiif anyone is interested knowing what we'll be working on16:49
tgall_foorsalveti, for MM, we've added a new field to our blueprints so things are documented as far as what the output of a blueprint is, be it updated package, community patches, whatever16:49
rsalvetiI guess mansson_ should have the link for android16:49
rsalvetitgall_foo: yeah, that will help16:50
dzinrsalveti: this should be covered by the blueprints section of the meeting.16:50
dzina discussion of the BP's that affect wg-plat16:50
dzinwe will do this next time.16:50
tgall_fooI agree,  by WG would could have a roll up release additions that the WG will deliver16:50
rsalvetidzin: yeah, but just as a heads up16:50
rsalvetiso next time we know what we should be discussing16:51
tgall_fooas an agenda item16:51
dzinrsalveti: good point16:51
dzin#action dzin to add release additions to agenda16:51
rsalvetithat's all from my side16:51
dzinare there any other issues that need to be discussed?16:52
dzinclosing in 3...16:52
ramanawhat is happening with the android bugs ?16:52
dzinmansson_: ^^16:52
ramanadid the whole thing around ICS vs Gingerbread get resolved ?16:52
ramanaI'm still catching up on email so maybe I'll ask after finishing up on that.16:53
mansson_We do ICS. Not Gingerbread.16:53
ramanaok thanks.16:54
dzinclosing in 2...16:54
linarobotMeeting ended Tue Jan  3 16:54:45 2012 UTC.16:54
linarobotMinutes:        http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-meeting/2012/linaro-meeting.2012-01-03-16.02.html16:54
linarobotMinutes (text): http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-meeting/2012/linaro-meeting.2012-01-03-16.02.txt16:54
linarobotLog:            http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-meeting/2012/linaro-meeting.2012-01-03-16.02.log.html16:54
linarobotWiki:           http://irclogs.linaro.org/meeting-logs/linaro-meeting/2012/linaro-meeting.2012-01-03-16.02.wiki.txt16:54
* mansson_ waves bye-bye.16:54
dzinthanks everyone.16:54
rsalvetidzin: thanks16:55
tgall_foothanks all!16:56
=== ramana is now known as ramana_away

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