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Dr_Whomorning kanh05:31
kanhmorning , Dr_Who05:33
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ronynandyhi biris13:01
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benjiGdoes someone has used skia_bench from linaro ICS branch  ?13:02
ronynandybenjiG: Does 12.01 end on 23.01.12?13:06
benjiGronynandy: you mean the release date is on 23.01.12 ?13:07
birisronynandy: 12.01 component release target date is 19 Jan 201213:07
biris12.01 Platform release date is 26 Jan 201213:07
benjiGronynandy ^^13:08
ronynandybiris benjiG :thx13:08
birisour target is always the component release date13:08
ronynandybiris:thnks :).I was just going to ask that13:09
ronynandybiris:Is it ok if I make the formal release of speex on Android on 15th,Dec?13:10
ronynandyi hope you got my mail13:10
birisronynandy: yes that is the target13:10
birisronynandy:  who's assisting you on the android platfom side?13:11
ronynandyThere is not support required there.I have send the code to christian Perez also.There is Prashath from android team here13:11
birisronynandy: you should also confirm with the android platform. they do previews etc, so give them a heads up on what's coming13:11
birisok as long as they know that is fine13:12
tgall_foorats just missed rony13:41
av500good for rony, bad for the rats13:47
mruibiris: I see you've created some more blueprints for me14:02
ibirismru: just going through the blueprints missing from https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/NeonStatus and adding in the backlog14:02
ibirismru: no need to worry for those immediately14:02
mruI'm not worrying14:03
ibirismru: :-)14:03
ibirismru: I aim to cover the blueprints missing in that wiki page, at least as placeholders in the backlog14:03
mruon a different note, I'm now getting 22-25 fps on 720p realvideo single-core14:05
mruon a panda es14:05
mrujanne grunau is adding multi-threading14:05
av500mru: at 1.2?14:09
mruthe 4430 is naturally a bit slower14:09
tgall_foomru, congrats!14:27
benjiGbiris: hi16:15
JesseBarkerrobclark, ping17:03
robclarkJesseBarker, pong17:03
JesseBarkerrobclark, did we figure out a way to get danvet a pandaboard for FOSDEM?17:03
robclarkyeah.. it should be in the mail17:04
robclarkno camera, those are a bit harder to come by17:04
JesseBarkerthanks.  i'll pull joey off the case (it was looking nightmarish for him).17:04
robclarkbut I guess we should be able to get something other going17:04
JesseBarkerwhat is the general situation with camera support for those boards?  is it really that special a case that it wasn't included, or is it that expensive, or other?17:06
robclarkbit of both..17:06
robclarkthe first pita is that camera connector isn't populated by default17:06
av500it was on the 1.0 board :)17:07
robclarkso some soldering required..  and the way our shipping works, it isn't easy to intercept the boards to add before they leave the warehouse17:07
robclarkav500, yeah, but nobody has those ;-)17:07
av500not that they would be much use :)17:07
robclarksecond pita is that once you buy the camera board from circuitco, then you still need to get a sensor17:08
robclarkthose are hard to get unless your are ordering large quantities (ie. making a phone)17:08
av5003rd you end up with a camera glued in a fragile way to the panda17:09
av500nice for dev work, but not for real world usage17:09
robclarkoh yeah, don't drop the sensor.. they are easy to break17:09
av500so the incentives to put effort into that are not much17:09
robclarkI managed to get agreen some camera sensors and we soldered up a few connectors at last LC17:09
robclarkunfortunately I think they were just the OV5460.. which needs ISP resizer to be enabled.. and sergio is just working on that in his spare time17:10
tgall_fookrtaylor, ping18:31
krtaylortgall_foo, pong19:00
tgall_foojust a sec krtaylor .. gobbleing up lunch!'19:01
krtaylorheh, I just finished19:01
tgall_fookrtaylor, ok19:11
tgall_fooI mean reping :-)19:12
krtaylorhey tgall_foo19:14
tgall_fookrtaylor, hey ya19:15
krtaylorwhat' sup?19:15
tgall_fooso panda board19:15
tgall_foowhich one of these alsa settings should get the sound up ?19:15
krtaylorgood question19:16
mruwhich panda?19:16
tgall_foomru, A119:16
krtaylorbryan-h might have19:16
mruwhich audio?19:16
krtayloror better yet wei_feng19:16
mru3.5mm or hdmi?19:16
tgall_fooI'm guessing it has to be a level issue,  speaker test or even when the graphical desktop is starting up I get a short crackle before what should be sound being played but nothing else out of it19:17
krtaylorbut, I have already tried unmuting all and setting all to 70 or better - nada19:17
krtayloryes, same pop an dnothing19:17
tgall_foogreat .. well matches the graphics side of things, that's busted right now too19:18
krtaylorinterestingly enough, I am having problems getting tinyplay to even work on ubuntu!19:18
mruisn't 3.5 audio broken on some pandas?19:18
tgall_foomight very well be19:20
krtaylormru, news to me, but panda audio worked fine a couple of releases ago, something changed  ;-)19:20
tgall_fookrtaylor, were you going out 3.5 or hdmi ?19:20
krtaylorthat's the last time I touched it, 11.11 doesnt19:20
krtaylortgall_foo, audio jack out19:21
krtaylorhavnt tried hdmi19:21
tgall_fooyeah unfortunately I don't have any devices save the TV in the living room to try hdmi audio with19:21
krtayloryeah, I tried that, wife doesnt much appreciate me setting up in the living room  ;-)19:22
tgall_fooyup I'd get the same feedback19:23
krtaylortgall_foo, what are you using to try to play audio?19:23
tgall_foospeaker test for one and the desktop startup sound .. granted I can't see the desktop since the video drivers are goofed up right now19:24
krtaylorok, yeah, aplay doesnt even work for me19:25
tgall_foohow about the state of sound on the xm ?19:27
krtaylorcan't comment, dont have one19:27
mruxm was fine when I last tried it19:28
tgall_foook  well I guess might as well give that a whirl so I can make some progress with xbmc19:29
tgall_foohey ya bryan-h20:47
tgall_foohmmm not getting any audio outof the xm either21:26
tgall_fookrtaylor, you've got an original beagle right, not an xm ?21:29
krtaylortgall_foo, yes C421:36
tgall_foonot even so much as a pop out of the xm21:36
tgall_foomru, so how long ago was it you had sound out of your xm ?21:39
krtaylorInteresting - http://e2e.ti.com/support/embedded/android/f/509/t/152042.aspx21:41
tgall_fooouch, that's hard to read21:42
mrutgall_foo: a few months21:42
mruI can try it again tomorrow21:43
tgall_fooor if you know of any or have some quick things you'd like to me try, I'm game21:43
tgall_fooor wikis or whatever ?21:44
tgall_foohmm aplay -l least shows omap3beagle21:46

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