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ibirismru: regarding your request to clean up the LC session blueprints - you can use this filter to check what you are assigned to do https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~mansr/+specs?role=assignee16:06
mruI know that16:06
ibirisfrom that I only see 1 session blueprint from Connect :-)16:07
ibirishardly a mess16:07
mrubut it's still a workaround16:07
mrumaybe I want to see BPs I'm subscribed to without being assigned them16:07
ibirisyes it is but it is the only one I can offer in a short time, looking for a better solution but this is a low priority task  in my list16:08
mruI can live with it for now16:08
mrubut it will only get worse after the next connect16:08
mruand the next16:08
mruand the one after that16:08
mruunless something is done to clear them out16:08
mrulol @ origenboard wiki16:30
mrufront page is being replaced by a new spam link *every minute*16:32
mruthat's the official wiki, not the linaro pages16:33

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