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doanacjoey: you feeling better - still up for the 1x1 today?18:53
joeydoanac: yes sir, on with kiko and may run a bit18:58
joeydoanac: almost done19:08
joeydoanac: ok I'm off the phone with kiko. what's your poison? Gonna grab a quick snack19:10
joeydoanac: I'm on mumble if that's ok with you19:14
doanacjoey: just got back from lunch. mumble works for me19:25
joeydoanac: yeah sorry turns out I was due to talk to mounir not you.. misread my calendar19:25
joeydoanac: we're still on for the normal time19:25
joeysorry about the noise19:25
doanacjoey: no worries19:25
joeydoanac: just finishing up with mouir... come join me on mumble.20:09
joeydoanac: going to refill my chocolate milk glass20:09
doanacjoey: sure thing20:09
joeydoanac: http://lifehacker.com/5842191/google%252B-hangouts-adds-screen-sharing-google-docs-collaboration-and-more20:25

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